Enough of leaving the protection of our precious children to CHANCE…As schools resume, have you asked if your chidren’s school have a Child Protection Policy on which every member of Staff is trained or should I ask you, does your children’s school have a Child Protection Policy?

Protection of our children in schools are only guaranteed by the existence of a Child Protection System, codified into a policy on which every single member of staff is trained, challenging their Dominant Value System to align with THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.
The protection of the most precious entity in our lives, our children must not be left to CHANCE….
If we cannot answer my question in the affirmative, then we may not be able to say in clear terms that our precious children are safe under the custody of the secondary caregivers we have registered them with as schools…
The question to ask as schools resume is not to ask if our precious children are safe in schools…The real question to ask is what professional and globally-tested measure our children’s school deliberately put in place to ensure the protection of our precious children…
The standard is higher in Lagos State where by the Executive Order of the Lagos State government of 2016, it is now MANDATORY for all Child Focused Organizations in Lagos State to adopt a child protection policy and train all members of staff on same….By the way, The Preacher was a consultant to the Lagos State Government as a Subject Matter Expert.
It is important to note that the number one responsibility of a school is not to teach but to protect. This is true because research has shown that any form of abuse to children is a huge threat to learning. 
Therefore the number one threat to all the huge investment we make in the education of our precious children is abuse. If the foregoing is so, it therefore means that the protection of our precious children must be of mutual priority to both schools and parents…
Schools invest in what they consider important and inevitable to the well-being of the children under their care and that is highly commendable but alas, as important as Child Protection is,  it attracts little or no budget from schools.
While we make preparations and assign budgets for everything like renovations, school uniform, etc, our 20 years field experiences, working with schools of all grades and classes both at the private and public sectors reveal that most schools leave the most important  matter, which is child protection to total chance and blind hope…
The tide must change, thus I, The Preacher decided to share this brief intervention with you all this day.
You may inbox me on this platform if you believe we should take this discussion further either as parents or school leaders…
May God grant us all wisdoms to provide Protection for our precious children in accordance with the requirements of the day, knowing that Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement… Enlightenment is the tested key to protection the through  prevention…Prevention is said to be better than cure. Why? The impact of any form of abuse on our precious children is eternal, except there is divine intervention.
I hereby request to wrap up this discussion here, having declared what I genuinely believe to be the eternal counsel of the mist high God, who gave us our precious children as gifts to humanity and gave us the Glorious Gospel according to IPROTECT to ensure their protection and preservation for the reason for which they are created. 
Do have an INSPIRED week.
Think the FAMILY…Thin the CHILD…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE™

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  1. Dear Madam: Thank you for your interest in developing a Child Protection System for your highly esteemed institution of learning, codified into a policy. Kindly furnish us with your details, including email address and phone number and we will send you details of the processes. Thank you.

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