I met a lady yesterday at a speaking engagement, who couldn’t be encouraged and  inspired by the consistent  VICTORIES of my present Life and GLOWINGLY GLORIOUS future in CHRIST JESUS, but angry with me for the impact of my CHILDHOOD abuses on me, saying my CHILDHOOD abuses had no impact on my CHILDHOOD and early ADULTHOOD misbehaviors and malfunctioning and trying to rally believers around her belief…

I guess, it was a failed attempt as my story of ABUSED CHILDHOOD and TRANSFORMED ADULTHOOD was received with LOUD and STANDING OVATION…
I was not shocked… Few years ago I met a lady, who after listening to my story of ABUSED CHILDHOOD but TRANSFORMED ADULTHOOD in CHRIST JESUS, decided to take a permanent seat in my past life and would not move with me into my present glorious REALITY of VICTORIOUS LIVING…
It was question and answer time and she had only one questions to ask: with this your life story, how on earth  did your wife agree to marry a man like you? My response was simple, ‘thank God you were not my wife…She didn’t leave herself in discouraging part of my STORY, she sees like God sees, she was INSPIRED by the CHANGE, which God has achieved in my life when we met and the evident promises of a much-more  glorious future…’
I think my wife is right…My greatest tool today is my story of the victory that Christ can wrought in a rotten life He arrested by HIMSELF…
You see, Africa is a place where the culture of silence is celebrated and the stories of past and present struggles are considered an abomination… Thus may of our compatriots struggle and die in silence…We believe in cosmetic lifestyle and in some instances it is dangerous to be real…Life must be picture perfect, an El Dorado, where ALICE lives and dies in WONDERLAND…Who this kin deception help?
It is in this society that parents will not report cases of Child Sexual Abuse because, they reckoned that their girl child will not find a husband in the future…We are so much concerned about a future the child has been effectively robbed of by virtue of the nasty experience of Child Sexual Abuse that we sacrifice her today physical and psychological pains for same…I wonder the thinking of those who destroy the TODAY of the CHILD to save her TOMORROW …And yet, you cannot blame them, it is a function of their socialization….
It is the same culture that makes spouses, particularly women to endure Domestic Violence until death did them apart…
I think as long as I live and as I appropriate the GRACE of GOD, who does not make me a JUDGE but a GOSPELLER, I make a solemn commitment to proclaim the denied but potent TRUTH that the greatest problems of the AFRICAN continent remains our collective THINKING as a people, which must be CHALLENGED by all PEACEFUL and LOVING means possible…
And I have come to accept as an IRRESISTIBLE and IRREFUTABLE truth, clear to my conscience, under God that my most invaluable and effective tool of remaining true to the foregoing assignment and achieving enduring impact is my seemingly impossible story of ABUSED CHILDHOOD but TRANSFORMED ADULTHOOD in CHRIST JESUS, which began with Jesus coming into my life to begin to change my THINKING, my MINDSET(an ongoing and a lifetime exercise (Romans 12: 1-2)
In this divine posting, I may meet more YESTERDAY people, who will not see me beyond my past and the mountain of errors therein and TODAY people, who will love me so much and will encourage me to be satisfied with where I am today and close the chapter of telling my story because of the embarrassments they think same brings to the family, who spent their sweat and blood to raise me. I know also I will meet only few TOMORROW people, who will stand by me to tell my story in obedience to God and as an INVALUABLE BLESSING to His HUMANITY for whom He gave His SON, Jesus Christ. 
The conclusion today is that in changing the THINKING settings of Africans, there must be Guinea Pigs and I guess I am an UNREPENTANT ONE under GOD. 
Do have an INSPIRED week people and I remain sober on my knees, The Preacher.

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