The I’MDSSMARTTEESST™ Principle: Young People, Experimentation and The Challenge of Handlers (1)

It is often a frustrating experience for me, living and operating in the Third World, particularly Africa, where globally celebrated standards and best practices in most fields of human endevour are sacrificed with brazen impunity on the sacrilegious altar of mediocrity, yet with rousing accolades of the majority.

My frustration stems from the fact that those who are mostly without globally acceptable rules of engagement are institution, whose lives should depend on same. These are institutions, which should not be able to define their existence without adherence to best practice and a value system, predicated on freedom, in all of its expressions and inevitable excesses.

The tragedy today is that these institutions, which are without requisite value system, are now saddled with the sacred responsibility of providing direction for young people, particularly as higher institutions of learning.

The greater tragedy is that their abnormality has become normal to their observers and customers, who register their young people with them. In fact, most observers are not aware of global standards. Therefore, they have no benchmark upon which to demand best practices. Even where by virtue of their exposure they are aware of the benchmark, they believe it cannot be insisted upon in the Third World. As far as they are concerned, this is the Third World and anything and everything should be allowed to go.

In the Third World, the hope for change is often dashed on the popular altar of assumptions, as there are no commitment to research and development. Therefore everyone seems to do what seems right in their unproven judgement. As it is with the jungle, where every entity defines their rules, stick to same and promote same as sacrosanct, riding on the ticket of the seemingly insurmountable ignorance and fear of the majority, so it is in the Third World.

There are no regulatory bodies, properly so-called in the jungle Where they seem to exist, they exist for the survival of the operators, who often claim to work for the interest of the people.

I, The Preacher, do not come today as a prophet of doom, but as a keen observer of my clime. Therefore, I shall turn my searchlight on the higher institutions of learning, particularly the private sector.

Having observed the operations of most of them and enjoyed interactions with their products, I have come to the irresistible conclusion that most of these institutions have never been in touch or have lost touch with the historical and pivotal essence behind the existence of a higher education, particularly the university.

It seems to me that the ultimate interest of most institutions of learning in not their products, their students but preserving the name of the institutions, even it means sacrificing the collective destiny of their students.

They run the institutions as gulags, where young people are permitted to be everything but themselves. The commitment to inculcate the right values system in the young people, submitting to professional processes, which options are clearly defined to be in the best interest of their students and the true essence of a university education has been replaced with fear, intimidation and scapegoatism, which are antithetical to everything institutions of learning represent.

Where an institution seeks to exercise dominion over the lives of her students, instead of authority, then there is oppression. Unfortunately this oppression is beautifully wrapped as a gift of discipline. It is only that the recipients of the so-called gifts are not pointed in the direction of correction and better behaviour. They do not by their interactions with the institutions and their disciplinary measures submit to values as none is presented before them. They are only subdued under the weight of oppression, which has become what the institutions of learning do with their authority.

Dominion over a person achieves suppression of the human will while authority achieves the activation of the human will and the dignity therefore to seek and fulfil the best of God-ordained human aspirations by providing quality direction, first by example, then by instruction. God did not give a man dominion over another. Whatever entity, like human, who is endowed by God with a will cannot be dominated, but can only be directed.

Those who manage to cope with oppression in most of our private Universities, embrace adaptation as an inevitable tool of survival, become green snakes under green grass, waiting patiently for the day of emancipation, which the university refers to as the day of graduation. Those who cannot cope break the rules and they are often shown the way out. The dismal outcome of the encounter of most young people with most private higher institutions in Nigeria is everything but genuine transformation predicated life skills.

Permit me to round up today by saying to both private and public universities that a university is created for matured and great minds to study and research. According to Wikipedia, a university is an institution of ‘higher education and research, which grants academic degrees in various academic disciplines. Universities typically provide undergraduate education and post graduate education.’ Besides, the university is the thinking arm of the modern society providing solutions for socio-political and technological challenges of the society. Thus the society is said to ‘benefit from the scholarly expertise generated from these institutions.’

By the foregoing submission, the university is a free community where the individuality and originality of those admitted into it must be allowed to flourish within clearly defined boundaries, which do not in any way negate the purpose for which the institution is established.

What is the definition of freedom and how does it help to shape the culture of a university life in truth and deed? What are the other inevitable ingredients that may help institutions of learning to better help their students and fulfil their mandate? I hope to shed lights on the foregoing as I share along the line of I’MDSSMARTTEESST™ principles.

Remember Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement. I charge you to Think the CHILD…Think the FAMILY…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE.

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To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014: What Do You See?

My dear child, I am glad this is another promise kept in our great relationship. I will bring our discussion to an end today. I am sure you are set to make a difference in the midst of the multitude. The multitude is never the challenge my dear child because there will always be multitude. Should I say, the multitude, you will always have with you. The real challenge is that many of us do not have the wisdom to penetrate the multitude and stand out. Hear this, my dear child, you are the light of the world. You are a nation on high, you must not be hidden. You are created for meaningful contributions, for which humanity will give thank to your Creator. Meaningful contribution is a man’s door out of obscurity. I have proven this to be true my dear child.

I should have been through by now with our discussion, having discussed the 12 Commandments, I promised you. But I think I should just once and for all discuss with you the 13th Commandment. I believe it is the foundation of all the other commandments. It is the commandment, which give all the other commandments their life and direction. In fact it is their source and sustainer.

The 13th Commandment is vision. It is very simple. It only seeks to ask you one question: what do you see? I think the most instructive question anyone could ask you is, what do you see? Vision does not only address the far future; it also addresses the very near future. To make a difference in any area of life, now or in the future, you must see it. Many are so blind, all they see is today. What do you see about siblings? What do you see about the phone in your hand? What do you see about the school you attend? What do you see about the subjects you offer in school? What do you see about your growing body? What do you see about your friends? What do you see about the clothes you wear?

Note that I have not asked you what you see about the very far future. It is deliberate my dear child. If you do not see what is near, you will not see what is far? If you do not see the night from morning, it is difficult for you to see tomorrow. Dream far but break it down to very near. As you break it down it becomes easy and achievable. This brings joy into your heart to pursue.

Do not be deceived my dear child, your today determines your future. I have seen people, who are so crazy about the future but have refused to pay attention to the present, which is the vehicle to the future.  Your vision begins today? For example my dear child, when you woke up today, what is your vision for today. What do you see for today? If you see something, how do you plan to achieve it? Life is one day at a time. Yes, you want to be a medical doctor. What is your vision for your school today? What is your vision concerning being approached by a class mate for friendship? What is your vision for learning life skills? What is your vision of the opposite sex and sex itself? What is your vision about higher education?  What is your vision about the money in your hand?

My dear child, I charge you today to dream and see vision. It is a picture of a preferable future impacted by God.  The next minute is the future of this minute. I think you must make a commitment that your next minute will be better than this minute. Choose to be better per minute. Challenge yourself all the time. You do not have a competition. Nobody is your competitor my child, you are unique. You are not created to run same race with another, so why compare yourself to anyone? I must tell you my child, it takes acute foolishness to embark on the unprofitable journey of comparison. I do not do it my dear child. I must not deceive you, I am sometimes tempted to, but I have learnt to speak to my faculties to behave and respect order. Your standard, set according to the universal principles of how God designed this world to function is your benchmark. I always tell people that I do not owe anyone performance. I owe myself performance. I owe my dignity performance. I give my best because the best is what I empowered to give. I will not stoop lower than the investment of my heavenly Father in me. To do that will be to be a waster. It will mean I am not grateful.

I will have to leave you now my dear child. I am confident that if you would live by these things, you will be a marvel and centre of attraction for excellence. I know what I am talking about. I have practiced most of these principles in the last seventeen years and I can assure you they work wonders. Do you know why? They are God-ordained. They do not have side effects. They can only do you good all the days of your life. Here is recipe for living a different life and becoming a role model to your peers, embrace it and make yourself proud. If you make yourself proud, my dear child, be sure that I will be proud of myself and you. With my biggest hug, I send you to make a difference in a crowded world this year and beyond. I pray for you that my God will help you. Always remember the child of who you are…You are God’s child. Do have an INSPIRED year.

To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014: Live by Values

It has been a while, I joined you here my dear child. I never knew it would be this long before I return to you and our discussion. Please bear with me. I was confronted with certain situations, which demanded all of me.  I think we have one commandment to go. But I have decided to add the 13th commandment. I want to assure you that this discussion will surely end tomorrow. I think I should go on with the next commandment

12. Live by Values: my dear child, I have told you to put God first when we began this discussion. It is for me my number one value. Your values represent what you stand for. It is the definition of your essence and beliefs. It is not your views on a matter it is your beliefs, for which you are ready to pay. I listened to a teenage girl recently sharing about her values. She lives in a community, where it is considered fun to begin to have sex at a very early. It is the norm to announce that you are sexually active. She says to a large crowd of people, ‘I am a virgin. I have decided to put books before boys because boys bring babies.’ I was encouraged by her solemn declaration about her commitment to the value of purity and order. The other day, a young man told me of his commitment not to embrace examination malpractices. He tells me, he would rather fail than to cheat. He says to me there is no shortcut in life and that you can only cheat in an examination hall, but you cannot cheat nature. He also said something very sound that when you cheat in an examination and you rejoice that you are not caught by men, nature has caught you and very soon, he will make an open show of shame of you. I also read about the story of Adeife Akin-Deko, who rallied her friends to rebuild a school, exhibiting the values of selflessness and service to humanity.

My dear child, permit me to tell you that all that I have referred to as commandments are values. The question is, what exactly do you stand for my dear child? If you do not stand for anything, you become an easy prey in the hands of predators; you will be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine until you are tossed into the deep, where drowning takes place. It is time to declare what you stand for and stand by it come rain, come shine. You are not too young to takes a stand. Dr. Myles Monroe took a stand as a teenager. He chose to be different. Today the story is different. The whole world is celebrating him for his values.

Permit me to say to you my dear child that if we cannot be identified with our values, we cannot be identified at ll. We are not what our physical body says we are, ugly, handsome, charming, beautiful and all. We are what our values says we are. Values is everything my dear child. You do not make friends, my child, values do; you do not talk, values do; you do not fight, values do. I can go on and on. I guess, the point, I am trying to make is that you produces after your values because, you make your choices according to your values.

I will not say much to you today. I believe you have learnt what values mean, how they work and how you can use it to drive personal and societal change. You are the change your world is waiting for, show up with your values and make a mark the world will not forget …This is your difference…Pursue it my dear child.

I am out of here my dear child. I promise to be with you tomorrow unfailingly, to bring this discussion to a glorious close. Do have an INSPIRED day.

To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014: Keep Life Notes

My dear child, sure you are doing well today. It has been one of my greatest pleasures doing this conversation with you, knowing that it is adding exceptional value to you, your present and future as a child of destiny.

My dear child, I hear things in our world of today, which makes my ears tingle. That is why I am always telling you to remember the child of whom you are and that you are God’s child. I trust God for you that you are destined to reign in life by His grace.

I will share with you today another commandment, which I believe is very important for your difference in this beautiful year.

11. Keep Life Notes: my dear child, I charge you keep Life Notes. Some people call it journal. It is to help you keep record of your own progress. There you will record your ideas, your dreams, lessons from victories and defeats. I have kept a journal for over 20 years of my life and it has been very interesting.

My dear child, I do not keep record of peoples’ wrong against me. That is excess luggage; I do not need that for my destiny. I made up my mind many years ago to travel the journey of life very light. To travel light is to only take the things that I need. Keeping record of wrongs, doesn’t only shrink the size of a person’s mind but also thickened it. If people have wronged me, I believe I have wronged people too. I may have wronged more people than people may have wronged me and I may have wronged people more than I have been wronged, I do not know. This tells me, I am not perfect and I must not expect perfection from the best of men. I have my issues as others have theirs. Every man, who knows he is not perfect, must always desire to be forgiven. If you desire to be forgiven, you must desire to forgive others. If you desire, to be shown mercy, you must show others mercy too.

Keeping Life Notes has helped me to call to remembrance important things to this interesting journey of life. There are things I would have forgotten forever, if I had not written them down. There was a time I was keeping record of every new word I come across with their meanings. If I read the story of an interesting personality, I would write down his/her name and what he/she stood for and the lessons, I have learnt from his/her life. I write down my own thoughts as a teenager. I write down in prose and in poetry. I didn’t know, I could write poems until I began to try my hands on writing down my thoughts in lines. I also write down interesting quotes when I read a book or other publications. When I also listen to interviews of great people on radio and television, I write down their quotes, which speak to me and teach life principles and refer to them when I need them. On June 10, 1988, one of my articles was published in The Punch newspaper. I was eighteen, my dear child when I wrote that piece. It was unbelievable for me. I did not know that the thoughts, I was scribbling in my Life Notes at the private corner of our face-me-I-face-you apartment, number 1, Okedasa Street Ondo could become something the public would read. Since then, I have not stopped writing. It was said of our own Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that she began to write since she was young. Today, the stories, she was telling to herself in her journals have become the delights of the whole world.

Life Notes helps you to tell your own story of victories over your struggles as a child and young adult. And when defeat stares you in the face, you will call to remembrance by the use of your notes, how many times and how many things you have conquered in the past, which appeared as if it was impossible. You will encourage yourself in the Lord and your confidence will receive a boost to dare a seemingly insurmountable situation.

Another thing I keep in my life notes is the record of the promises God makes to me and how He keeps them. I keep records of the testimony of the faithfulness of God to me and my family. I think this has been a good practice dear child. It shuts the door against murmuring and complaints, when things sometimes do not go as planned or expected. Keeping a Life Notes is good, please buy into it. Human’s memory can be limited in how many things it can call to remembrance, please help it with your Life Notes.

My dear child, I beg to end our discussion here today. We shall continue tomorrow by the special grace of God. I charge you to remember the child of whom you are, you are God’s child. Do have an INSPIRED day.

To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014: Always ask the question, WHY?

My dear child, it gives me great pleasure that I am here again today. I am sure glad that we are making progress. It has been so long a discussion. It reminds me of a book we read in school, ‘So Long a Letter.’ I wouldn’t know if such books are still being read in the schools today.

I think we should get on this commandment right away. As I have said to you many times, February must not meet on this discussion and from the look of things January is not about to slow down. Of a truth, time waits for no one. In fact it does not only fly, it soars. It therefore means there is no time to waste; no time to gaze endlessly into space, living on the island called fantasy. Let us proceed to the commandment of today:

10. Always ask the question, WHY? My dear child let me begin our discussion today by telling you that you are a reasoning being. You are created to ask questions. I tried to shed light on this when we were discussing respect for priority, but now, permit me to instruct you on this critical matter that is able to help you make a difference. The most priceless question you will ever ask is WHY? It puts you and anybody you are relating with on check immediately, I must tell you. It takes the pressure away from you and put it on the other person, who seeks to convince you on a matter. Do you know what I have found my dear child? This is sad but it is true. Many people do not know why they do the things they do. They are not informed as to why. The unfortunate thing is that they have many followers, who have never asked why. They just follow blindly. So many of the people you follow always have easy ride on your mind and character because they are not asked the question, why. I must tell you that many of the vices many young people are involved in today is because they cannot ask the question, why from the one, who lured them in.

Why did you choose to discuss this with me? Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this now? Why do you think you are right? Why do you think this will benefit you in the immediate and in the future? Why are you doing this in secret? You see, my dear child, the why question is infinite and elastic. There are many queries you can put in front of why and it will carry it well. I charge you today to use the most powerful three-letter word that I know, why?

You must also learn to ask yourself why. Why do I do the things that I do? Why am I thinking the way I am thinking? Why am I close to the people I am closed to? Why do I attract the people I attract in my life? The question, why removes you from living by instinct to living by reasoning. It is the most effective tool of self evaluation, which leads to self improvement. It introduces you to sound mind and brings caution into your life. It separate you among your friends and people are careful what they bring to your table because they know it must pass the almighty formula, called, why before you approve or disapprove. Asking the question why also helps you to the fair to all before you take a decision. Since you do not only seek to ask why but you are genuinely interested to know why, you are patient to sieve out the truth of the matter.

Permit me to say my dear child that you must not only ask the question why? You must be interested in finding the answer or answers to your why. You must not only be interested in finding the answer, you must make up your mind to be bold enough to follow same even when it may be a tough call for you to make. Know this my dear child that those who find it hard to make tough calls, will always find it easy to make regret calls, mark my word. What I have found is that for many people, asking the question why has become more of a reference point of regrets than it has been of help in preventing unnecessary pain. It occurs to them to ask the question why. They do ask and they are not patient enough to find the answer. So they go ahead with whatever they want to do with a lot of questions in their minds. When they finally crash land, they begin to say things like, ‘it occurred to me to ask why o and I did but I was not diligent or bold enough to find the answer.’ For some people, they ask the question why and found the answer but they are not bold enough to implement. They think they have gone too far to retrace their steps. They forget that it is never too late to reverse an error once you detect it.

Let me say this to you my dear child, the answer to your why is not always with you. That is why you must learn to seek counsel. Seek counsel from others, who share your values. Seek counsel from your parents. Feel free to discuss with me your whys and be sure we can arrive at an answer together under God. In the multitude of counsel, there is safety, says the Holy Writ.

I think I am through for today. It has been an interesting discussion for me but it sounds a bit technical. I charge you my dear child, please feel free to call my attention to areas, which may be too technical. Thank you for listening. I do not take your listening and interest in this discussion for granted. I love and appreciate you my dear child. Always remember the child of who you are; you are God’s child. Do have an INSPIRED day.

To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014: Go for Meaningful Relationships:

It is a beautiful day my dear child. It is the day that the Lord has made and it comes with this inscription of good news, ‘we WILL rejoice and be glad in it.’ I am very glad to be here with you my dear child. I have come to know that being glad is a decision. It does not depend on circumstances. That is why you see, with me there is no dull moment.

Let me proceed to continue to discuss the commandments, I believe will stand you out among your many peers this year:

9. Go for meaningful relationships: my dear child, it is a common saying that a tree does not make a forest. That it is common does not make the wisdom it promotes common. In fact the earlier you come to terms with this wisdom, the better for you my dear child. What does this wisdom really say? It says we are created for relationships. It says we will never advance above the relationships we are committed to. It says the most profitable venture in the world today is what I call the business of people. Let me break it down, Zig Ziglar says you get what you want by helping enough people to get what they want. You see, my dear child, everything you want in life in the hand of someone. You may be wondering that I always say everything is in the hand of God. Yes, that is true my dear child. It is God, who empowers men and women to give to us. But if we fail to relate with anybody or learn how to keep meaningful relationships with people, how do we intend to receive what belongs to us.

The question now is what is meaningful relationship? A meaningful relationship is the one, which add value to you and the one you add value to. It is a relationship, which counts as important what, is important to you. And when your friend does not agree with you, he/she does not pull you down or make you an object of ridicule.

Do you know what I have discovered in my interactions with many of the people in your age group? Many of you do not understand the real meaning of relationships or friendship and this is very sad. You relate with people, who brings nothing to your face but tears and nothing to your emotion but sadness and nothing to your heart but sorrow. Yet you call them friends. I remember the story of a thirteen year old child, who I counseled at the instance of her parents. She said to me that her friends have a way of saying unpleasant things about her to the point that she now believes them that she is a mistake. She told me she believes that God can make a mistake and she is a perfect example of God’s mistake. The first question I ask her is that if the people you call your friend make you feel this way, how would your enemies make you feel? I told her that with friends like these you do not need enemies. I was able to show her that friends come into your life to make you happy and not to make you sad and give you a name God has not given you. Friends come to add value and colour to your life. I was able to convince her that she should disengage from those friends and believe God for meaningful friends. I told her she does not need to go and meet her so-called friends to tell them she will not relate with them again. She should just take her decision and stick to it in action. I also told her as I told you before that she must not allow hatred and prejudice to set in. She should consider her experience as a lesson in life, take responsibility that she was the one who either chose or allow those people to be her friends and keep the lessons as instructions in choosing or allowing people to be her friends in the future.

I told a group of young people that there are no permanent friends but permanent interests. One of them asked that if I was saying they should get into every relationship with interest and I said yes. I further said that the interest must not be selfish but it must be mutual. You may get close to a friend because you want to help him/her in a subject he/she is struggling with. That is an interest. You may see certain habits in a person, which you want to imbibe. That is an interest. It may not be the best idea to get into a relationship without knowing why. Myles Monroe says when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Do you understand my dear child? Mutuality means parties in the relationship are also fully aware of the reason why are there and are not ashamed of it.

Well, let me say my last few words about friendship. I believe that the foundation of any friendship is compatibility of values. You attract the kind of people you are. I guess that is why a popular adage says, ‘show me your friend and I will show you who you are.’ I will show you in another of our discussion how to be a person of value. I believe the discussion on values will help you to be the kind of person who desire to see in others.

I think I should round up this discussion by talking about relationship with the opposite sex. I think the same principles apply. I do not suggest you run away from the opposite sex. I suggest you learn to build healthy relationships with them. Having a healthy relationship with the opposite sex will help you to relate well with all. By the time you flip back to our discussions on respect for priority and live to love, you will have better understanding in this area and how to create the necessary boundaries. May the Lord, who gave you to me and assigned me a custodian, continue to grant you wisdom in all these things.

One last thing my dear child, do not hide your friends of both sexes from me. Please feel free to introduce them to me and allow them to come to visit. Be sure that I will observe them and tell you my candid opinion about them.

I think I should end our discussion here today.  Do have a beautiful and INSPIRED day. I am very proud of you.

To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(8)

My dear child, sure you are doing great today. I have missed our discussion for so long. I am grateful to God that I am able to make it here today. I must apologize deeply for my absence. Thank you for all the reminders you sent to me about this discussion. I am glad that you have really learnt a lot from this whole parent/child chat.

I am desirous that we finish this discussion this January so that you will have the rest of the year to put them into practice. I think without taking too much of your precious time, I will proceed to continue to discuss the commandments:

8. Live to Love: love must be our motivation for all we do. Love and respect go together. When we love we respect. Love here talks about loving every man or woman you come across for who they are. Love them because they are made in the image and likeness of God and respect their dignity of human person. Martin Luther King Junior instructs, ‘I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.’

You may not accept what a person is saying, but I think you will have to respect their right to say it as long as it does not infringe on other people’s rights. The truth is that even when it infringes on other people’s rights that does not give you the right to hate. Hatred is toxic. So is prejudice. I think prejudice breeds hatred. With the twin plague of prejudice and hatred, a young boy or girl has not future. He/she will be shortsighted and he will never seek or have the full picture of life enough to have sound judgment of the affairs of life. And once a person lacks sound judgment, his/her opportunities are limited. The English dictionary defines prejudice as ‘preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.’ I charge you my dear child, relate with everyone you meet with a free mind. Do not have preconceive opinion about people because of their race, colour, ethnicity, sex, background, physical disability (which I like to call THISABILITY) etc.

Give every person you come across in school, places of worship and other places, the opportunity to show who they are before you form your opinion about them. When you form your opinion about them, even if it is not the best of opinion, do not hate them for it and do not go to town with it. It takes a person, who has no sin to cast the first stones. In my years of living, my dear child, I am yet to meet one. We must be careful and even if we must correct a person, it must be in love. What does it mean to correct in love? It means we must never attack the dignity of human person of the one we seek to correct in the process. Correction must make its object a better person and not a bitter person. To correct in love is to avoid labeling, to address the issues and express confidence in the person we are correcting to turn a new leave. It is also important that before we correct, we must seek the consent of the one we seek to correct because nobody made us a judge over the other person, no matter how right we think we are.

My dear child, I am not saying, you should be close to everyone you come across or even anyone, who seeks to be your friend. All I am saying is that do not habour ill-feeling against anyone. The truth is that you cannot be close to everybody. You can and should only be close to those who share same values with you. I will share about meaningful relationship later.

My dear child, please note that when I talk about love, I am not talking about lust after the opposite sex. The love I talk about here gives and preserves your present and future. The lust between children or teenage opposite sex, which is today erroneously defined as love only destroys. It takes lust, inability to delay sexual pleasure until when it is due for you to be engaged in sexual relationship at your tender age. That is not love, my dear child. Love does not empower you to submit yourself to be violated, to give your body cheaply to the opposite sex, to abuse your sexuality and dignity of human person. That is what happens when you engage in youthful lust. Your sexuality is your physiological signs of difference. Your organs are given to you by God for a glorious purpose. They are not given to you to truncate your future and set you up for shame and reproach. My dear child, understand this, whatever is misused comes with dire consequences. You cannot wash your face with pepper and go free. It will not matter that you thought you were washing your face with water.   Therefore, beware my child. Love does not lust and lust does not love. Open your eyes very well and refuse to be deceived.  It does not pay to awaken love before it pleases your destiny. Remember the child of who you are my dear child, you are God’s child, made in His image and likeness.

I am proposing that we should hang it here today, my dear child. What do you think? I am glad, you agree. I will do my best to be here tomorrow. Do have an INSPIRED day.