Today, May 27, 2018 is Children’s Day and in celebrating the precious Nigerian Child and their distinguished primary and secondary handlers, I, The Preacher remind myself of the irresistible conclusion we came to while researching into the writing of our instructional manuals, S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU, which are designed to help our precious young people to effectively participate in their own protection. What is this irresistible conclusion? It is this: SEX IS VERY BIG in today’s world and in the lives of our precious children.

Therefore in marking the Children’s Day today, I, The Preacher feel that there is no better time to call attention to this BIG SEX ISSUES and its huge attendant consequences than this day when all eyes are on the precious Nigerian Children. Therefore for the next 16 days, I will be sharing excerpts from our S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU instructional manuals nuggets on the subject matter of SEX and how our precious young people can regain and maintain their sanity in the face of the insanity we are today faced with.

But before we delve into the excerpts, we will dedicate today to a very long introduction, aimed at convincing our precious young people and us the distinguished handlers.

SEX is actually BIGGER than most of the things we fear and give the energy of our private and national debate to…

SEX is so BIG before GOD…It is so BIG and so sacred that by the injunction of the Holy Writ, it is designed by the Creator of all things to be celebrated between a man and a woman, who are joined together in holy matrimony…

SEX is still very BIG even when it is perveted…

SEX is BIG in GROOMING peodophiles and abusers. Research has now found that 80% of those who sexually abuse children and others today were themselves abused, but never spoke up and never found help…

SEX is BIG as a WANTON EXPRESSION of intimate feeling towards the opposite and same sex…Looking around us, particularly among our young people, SEX has become so BIG a pleasurable practice, which results are evident as formidable distractions to their glorious present and future…

SEX is BIG as being an OVERRATED, UNDERRATTED and MISUNDERSTOOD ENTITY…The entertainment world has deliberately packaged SEX as a DO-OR-DIE affair, which urge man or woman do not have control over…To it’s urge, many of our young people has been convinced are too weak to subject their instinct to their reasoning capacity… Unknown to many of our young people decisions about SEX are not to be taking on the basis of their feeling alone but more on their reasoning. The grave, immediate and future danger inherent in indiscriminate engagement in SEXUAL and related activities are also often deliberately UNDERRATED to the peril of young people and adults…SEX and it’s purpose, the pleasure and pains it brings are often designed to MISUNDERSTOOD by most of our young people…In fact it is seems to me that the new media today deliberately positions SEX to be MISUNDERSTOOD by our precious young people…

SEX is BIG as an OVER-DEMOCRATISED venture or adventure…The knowledge and it’s practice of SEX is now available to all, whether they are ready to receive such knowledge or not. In this Post-truth era, which enjoy the multi-facetted platforms of Populism, the knowledge or information about any subject matter does not need to be right or have any character reference or moral premise for it to be accepted as the SOCIAL NORM…With the unfettered accessibility to social media, many of us have lost our sense of self-censorship, often throwing restraint into the whirlwind of instant feeling and posting same on our Social Media Accounts… Therefore available on sex today, like any other pressing social issues are unprocessed and  unverified thoughts and prejudices, which often represents nothing but the confusion of the person expressing same. Every Tom, Dick and Harry  today wears the toga of an erudite scholar, without conducting any research and the claim to thought leadership is as cheap, erratic and subjective as having access to digital devices (Smartphones laptop and tablet computers)…Therefore most of the information available on SEX today have not gone through the necessary filters of what I call POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM and COMMON-SENSE MORALITY and they are available anyway, looking for who to mislead…Since many now feed on the ejaculations of others people’s mind wastes, presented as thoughts, empty are our minds…

SEX is BIG as a HOME BREAKER…Many homes have are broken today because married couples do not know how to handle SEX in their marriages…The challenge is either, couples are not able to satisfy themselves SEXUALLY in the marriage or both or one of the parties are not able to keep their oath of SEXUAL fidelity…

SEX is BIG as a TRANSMITTER…Apart from the fact that it transmits Sexually Transmitter Diseases, it has been found that SEX is the BIGGEST transmitter of HIV/AIDS globally.

SEX is BIG as a KILLER…When you consider many who have been accused and convicted for crimes of passion, many who have been killed as a result of contacting HIV/AIDS and other STDs, you will agree that SEX is BIG as a KILLER.

SEX is BIG as COMMERCE…The SEX INDUSTRY is one of the BIGGEST in the world today. a huge one for that matter…The global illegal earning from SEX trafficking is put at  $99 billion as at 2017. In a study conducted by a company known as TopTen Reviews, ‘revenues for the world pornography industry hit an estimated $97 billion in 2006, overshadowing the revenues of the top technology companies — the likes of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! and Apple — combined.’ According to Business Insider, there are 42 million prostitutes in the world today. ‘Three quarters of them are between the ages of 13 and 25, and 80% of them are female.’ Here in Nigeria, a show, known as Big Brother Nigeria, which recklessly promotes SEX and its many obscene accompaniments was reported to have earned 5.1 Billion Naira at its recently concluded outing.

SEX is BIG a SALESPERSON…Have you noticed that SEX is the BIGGEST salesperson in the world today and therefore enjoys the highest earnings from sales…It is seems every product must contain a bit SEX or its innuendo in its presentation to the members of the public…It seems that the accepted marketing axiom is ‘For it to make sense to the majority, it must SEX.’ It’s seems marketers plays on the sensuality of the majority to draw their attention to their products and services…

SEX is BIG as an ENTERTAINER…SEX is very BIG as an entertainer…In jokes by comedians, in songs by musicians and in music videos, television series and  movies etc. I make bold to say that in the whole spectrum of art and entertainment globally, SEX seems to enjoy the audacious monopoly of being the central theme…

SEX is BIG as COMPENSATION…Many are out there who pitch and demand SEX as COMPENSATION for granting rights and privileges…There are people, who believe that with SEX as the COMPENSATION they have to offer, they can climb any mountain and attain any dream…To these ones, the end justifies the means…

SEX is BIG as NEMESIS…Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Donald Trump, Larry Nassar, Morgan Freeman, just to mention a few on the international scene were  embarrassed or cut short in the prime of their careers as a result of allegations of mishandling SEX. Still fresh in our memory is the story of the Nigerian University lecturer, demading five rounds of sexual intercourse with his student for what is popularly known within the Nigerian higher institutions of learning as ‘Let My People Go’ Mark(40%). The video also went viral of another Nigerian University lecturer, lured by his lust to the hostel of a famale student. How are the mighty fallen…And we must accept, without controversy that it takes the might to bring down the might…

SEX is BIG as a PENETRATOR…There is no institution too sacred, too fortified or too great for SEX to penetrate…Few years back the news broke of how SEX has penetrated the Catholic Church, particularly the priesthood and innocent and precious children were mostly the victims…Priests like Paul Stanley, John Geoghan, Brendan Smyth, Marcial Maciel, Roger Vangheluwe were one way or the other indicted for bringing SEX in its abused form into the temple… As if that was not bad enough, the Vatican is not left out as it was penetrated by  SEX  The third-highest-ranking officer in the Vatican, Cardinal George Pell is today standing trail for cases of sexual abuse though he has maintained his innocence. SEX found its way
it’s way BIG into the activities of  the Nobel Foundation, with a commitment to threaten the impecable reputation of the long-standing awards. So it was reported, ‘the Swedish Academy has postponed the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature in the wake of a scandal over sexual assault allegations.’ Wow! That is a BIG score for BIG SEX…

SEX is BIG as a LEGACY OF SHAME…Jimmy Savile died celebrated a respected DJ, television and radio personality, dance hall manager and charity fund raiser…Today all that represent his legacy are in ruins…SEX showed after he was dead and burried to the SHAME of his LEGACY…SEX did not only deal with his LEGACY, it opened a pandora box of SEXUAL ABUSES indicting Savile and his cronies…

Now that I believe I have your attention that SEX is BIG, do you not think we should talk more about this almighty sex than we are doing today, particularly in empowering our precious young people to rise about its crafty lures…

You see, SEX is BIG but there are principles of handling it and putting it under control…As someone, who began to experience SEX through abuse at age 6 and practiced all kinds of unimaginable SEXUAL pervertions till age 27 and who today at the age of 48 have a humble testimony of dealing with SEX as it is designed to be from the beginning, I set to share some working principles with our precious young people.

For 16 days from today, Children’s Day, I, The Preacher will be sharing excerpts on my blog from our Instructional materials, S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU: 125 Daily Tips for Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment…We will touch on issues like ‘Consensual Sex’ among young people, handling the SEX Revolution, dealing with masturbations and pornography, understanding the balance between LOVE and Sex…

I charge you not to miss one day as we have the talk discussing SEX as a BIG issue that it is for our precious young people today. I await your comments as we share.
Do have an INSPIRED week as we celebrate the 2018 Children’s Day with our precious children.

I am The Preacher, I SPEAK for the Precious AFRICAN CHILDREN & Young PEOPLE
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It is my 48th Birthday on March 24, 2018. While I do not plan to roll out the usual drums, I intend to roll out the drums of gratitude to God and men and women, who He has raised to believe in me and the cause he committed into my hands. It is one thing for people to believe in you. It is another for them to believe in you and stand by your cause, it is another to do so consistently over the years. Yet it is another thing to believe and invest in you and your message consistently.

Today, I celebrate key individuals and organizations we have worked with, particularly within the school system and educational sector.

It is was my 7th Missionary Journey to Supreme Education Foundation on Saturday, March 3, 2018. This is apart from the fact that the highly esteemed institution of learning sends participants for our programs from time to time…We have also worked with them under The iProtect™ Institutionalization Project(TiP), out project, which aim is to work with Child Focused Organizations to establish Child Protection System, codified into a policy.

There is something elating and fulfilling about being invited back again and again to a place after experiencing you once. As I mentiojed to them on Saturday and I mean it, SEF is home and I was back home to have a family discussion, having related with the Mama Adamalekun, with whose daughter I shared same birthday and successive leaders. It was in SEF a leader testified, ‘Mr. Akinlami, you both CREDIBLE and INCREDIBLE.’

You see, I don’t want to count reputable local and international organizations, which keep calling me back. I am tempted to think it would sound like blowing my own trumpet but at a second thought, I am thinking to myself that there is no trumpet to blow, there is only GRATITUDE to give to GOD, whose favour surrounds like a shield and who inscribe the love for what we do in the hearts of men.

In 2005, I was graciously initiated into the UNICEF Nigeria family by Mr Geoffrey Njoku, who followed my column in Daily Independent for one year. The first time he listened to the iProtect™ Gospel, he said, ‘Taiwo, we will invite you and invite you again.’ That has been the story till date…I have since worked with wonderful men and women like Mrs. Caroline AKOSILE, Mrs Roseleen Akinroye, Ms. Maryam ENYINAZU, Ms. Blessing, Ms. Sharon Oladiji and many others on different and countless projects.

Mr.Bosun Adedokun is an unusual gentleman, who linked us with many private schools in Lagos State and beyond when we organised our first iProtect™ program for private schools in 2010. It was at that program Mrs Atoyebi heard me for time and became a believer.

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya is a passionate educationist and compassionate life coach. Most importantly she is my mother in the Lord. She heard me first in 2015, at a women’s meeting in our church, The Fountain of Life Church, where I was doing a short presentations on tips to protect children from sexual abuse, having been introduced to the fellowship by an ardent, long-standing and sacrificial believer in the cause of iProtect™, Mrs. Tiwalade Benson Olakunle-Soriyan. Pastor Nomthi later invited me to review her book, ‘No Don’t Touch Me There’ at the book launch. From there I was in the 2 Sunday services of our highly esteemed local assembly preaching the iProtect™ Gospel. I have made close to 10 Missionary Journeys on the platform of her great NGO, Fundawazi Foundation, reaching children and teachers, particularly from the public school sector, which provides an opportunity to give back to the society.

Dr. Mrs. Femi OGUNSANYA, who I today call Mum and Mentor, heard me for the first time in 2011, when I was in her highly esteemed institution of learning, Oxbridge Tutorial College to deliver The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution, our program for helping teachers to be Child-Centred. From that day she became a committed believer in the iProtect™ Gospel and she invited me to the APEN platform. I have been on that platform doing plenary and breakout sessions at APEN Conferences, APEN Teachers Conferences and Parents Forum. I was still there on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Not only that, I have been back to Oxbridge Tutorial College again and again…I was introduced to Dr. Mrs. Ogunsanya by Ms. Chizoba Imoka, an awesome lady, young, dynamic and public spirited.

It is at APEN I met Ms. Folawe OMIKUNLE, when she served as the Executive Secretary. She is today of Teach4Nigeria doing exploits and raising the bar of Public Education in Nigeria, practically showing what can be done instead of complaining about what cannot be done. She is an ardent believer in the cause of the iProtect™ Gospel. She is my friend and sister, a close one for that matter.

Ms. Bukky Orenuga took over from Ms. Folawe OMIKUNLE. She is simply wonderful human being, committed to the cause of the iProtect™ Gospel. She has her own personal story from where she draws inspiration and persuasions. She keeps mentioning us to schools that we are the option when it comes to developing Child Protection System, codifying same into policy and training their workforce. She has become a sister.

Mrs. Ibironke Olatokunbo ADEYEMI, Managing Director of Chirsland Schools and her amiable sister, Mrs. Oye, heard me for the first time in 2012. I have since then been invited to all their schools to train again and again, training teachers, leaders and parents. I have worked with them under our TiP to establish for their highly esteemed institution of learning Child Protection System, codified into Child Protection Policy. Apart from that we have done a review of the policy again. I tell you in a most unequivocal manner, I have met few schools, who are as committed to Child Protection like Chirsland. Trust me.

Mrs. Bola KALEJAIYE heard me for the first time in 2012 and today she is my friend and sister. My missionary journey to her highly esteemed institution of learning are today countless subscribing to our TiP and more and sending teachers, leaders and caregivers for our programs. She often says, ‘I have met only few people, who are as passionate about the rights of children like Mr. AKINLAMI.’

Mrs. Kehinde NWANI heard me first in 2012. I have been introduced to her highly esteemed institution of learning by my friend, Ola OPESAN, who we shared platform together at the 2011 APEN Conference. On that glorious day, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™, I received a cheque 25% above the agreed fee. I have been invited back again and again and the invitation has extended to Meadow Hall Consult. Mr. OPESAN had also introduced me to James Hope College Agbor, establishing TiP for them.

Mrs. Lai KOIKI heard me for the first time at APEN Conference 2011, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution. I have today made at least 5 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning, particularly speaking to their students, apart from the fact that they have invested in our in-house programs and subscribed to our TiP, working with the entire workforce, leaders, teaching, non-teaching and support staff.

I met Mama Adun Akinyemiju through my friend and sister, Mrs. Febisola Oladimeji Okonkwo, who listened to me for the first time in Ibadan, Oyo State where I have gone to inaugurate Child Protection Network for UNICEF in 2011. Mrs. OKONKWO insisted that I must meet her elder sister. I was later in Dansol College to disseminate The TeacherFIRE Revolution and today I have been to Dansol again and again, working with teachers, leaders, parents and students.

Pastor Mrs. Olubukoya OLADIYUN, a greatly blessed school leader heard me for the first time at the State Conference of the Association of Christian Schools International, which held on the premises of CLAM, Ojodu. She later invited me as a guest speaker at the graduation ceremony of her highly esteemed institution of learning, J-NISSI School. I have made total of 5 Missionary Journeys to her educational and religious platforms.

Mrs. Olubunmi EGBEYEMI of The Foreshore School, Ikoyi listened to me at APEN Conference in 2013. She later invited me to speak to parents and guests at the re-branding program of the school. I have since then made other 5 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning…They have subscribed to TiP and The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution. Her highly esteemed institution of learning is the only one, as at today, which has exposed the entire workforce to Case Management She is the only school as at todayI am glad today to call her a friend and sister.

I met Alhaji Abdulsalam Sani while facilitating School Leadership Program for the British Council in Lagos in 2015. He came all the way from Zamani College, Kaduna with another colleague. Immediately, Alhaji Sani became a strong and vociferous believer in the iProtect™ Gospel and introduced us to his school. I ended up making a Missionary Journey to the highly esteemed institution of learning, establishing our Tip, training the entire workforce, spending 4 days in the city, including a having a session with their distinguished parents. Mrs. Josephine Mohammed, the Director and Principal of the school stood out as an usual believer as she stayed through all the sessions of the TiP program.

Mrs. Felecia Olawore runs two highly esteemed institution of learning in Ikorodu, Lagos, Perfecter International School and Yetville Nursery and Primary School. She signed up for our academy in 2013 and instantly became an ardent believer in the iProtect™ Gospel, registering participants in their multiples for our program, including The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution.

Mrs. Bolajoke FALORE of MindBuilders School listened to me at the 2013 APEN Conference and I have since made 5 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning since then, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and TiP and S.A.F.E™ for Me for children and teenagers of the institution.

Mama Clementina Abeke DOREGOS, founder, Saint Bernadette Educational Services heard me for the first time at the APEN Conference 2013 and few weeks after invited me on my first Missionary Journey to the highly esteemed institution of learning. Apart from the fact that they are subscribers to TiP, I have made at least 3 Missionary Journeys to their schools.

Mrs. Olaleye of Taqwa Private Schools introduced us to the school and we have made 2 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and establishing the TiP. In the course of our Missionary Journeys, I met Alhaja M.M. Alimi, the Director of the schools, who became an instant believer in the iProtect™ and signed up personally for our iProtect™ Academy.

Mrs. Oluwayomi ONABANJO runs one of the most effective preschool and after school educational institute in Magodo GRA Phase 2, Lagos. In fact she pioneered after school program in that area and arguably in Lagos State. I visited the school the first time to do a session with parents. I have been there again and again. They have also subscribed to our TiP.

Oluwayomi ONABANJO introduced us to Mrs. Dayo ONABOWALE of Treasure House, Ilupeju. We have made 3 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and also establishing TiP. The school also continues to send participants for our programs.

Mr. Olakunle Soriyan, brother, friend and mentor, whose contribution to our work has been prodigiously invaluable and unparalleled linked with Temple School under the leadership of Mrs Shirley Okharedia in 2010. I have made 3 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution, speaking to parents and being a guest speaker at their graduation ceremony in a particular year.

Mrs Mary IYAYI of Carley College Ikeja was introduced to our programs by Mrs. Debola ATOYEBI of Heritage House School, who attended our in-house program in Child Rights and Protection in 2010.

Mrs. ATOYEBI became a very strong believer in our cause and I made 3 Missionary Journeys to the school and 1 to her Church. Besides, she introduced us to school leaders, who ended up subscribing to our programs. One of them is Mrs. Iyayi…She stands out…I have made 1 Missionary Journey to her school…But one striking thing is that she granted one of the Students, we are supporting under our Scholarship Program, a scholarship till the end of her secondary school…She is generous soul.

Mrs. Debola ATOYEBI also linked us with Mrs. Ifueko Omowunmi THOMAS when she was Head of School, Corona Trust Council School, Victoria Island. Mrs. THOMAS embraced us immediately and became a believer in the iProtect™ Gospel. I made 2 Missionary Journeys to Corona School, Victoria Island, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and having a session with the parents. Mrs. Funto IGUN later became a believer in our cause when she was the Executive Director of Corona Trust Council, exposing teachers from all the Corona Schools to The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution. I have also made a Missionary Journey to Corona School, Lekki Ajah, preaching the Gospel parents.

Mrs. Folasade ADEFISAYO, an astute educationist and one of the most down-to-heart persons I have ever met and Mrs. Olayinka ROTIMI-PAUL, a very progressive minded school leader facilitated the establishment of TiP with SEF and the participation of the school in our S.A.F.E™ program for Boarding Schools. Mrs. Folashade ADEFISAYO had introduced me to Mrs. ROTIMI-PAUL.

Pastor Olubola and Mrs. Omobola Olubola are such a great couple and a blessing to the educational sector and the cause of the Gospel according to iProtect™. Pastor Olubola listened to me at the LEARN program, organized by the former first lady of Lagos State, Her Excellency, Mrs. Fashola. He is one of the most humble human beings I seen on the face of the earth. Apart from the fact that they have continued to subscribe to our in-house programs, I have made 3 Missionary Journeys to WINSMART, their highly esteemed institution of learning. I have also led my team to disseminate our TiP.

My brother and friend, Praise Oladimeji Fowowe
committed believer in the iProtect™ Gospel introduced me to Master Care International School, Asaba under the leadership of Her Excellency Roli UDUAGHAN. The School subscribed to our TiP. I have made 2 Missionary Journeys to the school and made a friend in Engineer Adeleke.

Mrs Simbo Banjo, very progressive leader received The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution proposal and invited us for a discussion. From that discussion, the highly esteemed institution of learning signed up for 3 of our programs, The TeacherFIRE Revolution, iProtect™ for School Leaders and parents. I did 3 Missionary Journeys to the institution of learning.

I made my first Missionary Journey to Rainbow College, a member of Pampers Group of Schools in the year 2000 or thereabouts, when my long-time sister and friend, Mrs. Biola Lediju-Efuwape introduced our program, which is now known as S.A.F.E™ 4 ME to the teenagers of the college. I think 11 years after, our return to the highly esteemed institution of learning was facilitated by her Human Resources Manager, Mrs. Banke Odejayi, who upon receiving our proposal invited us to disseminate to the entire workforce The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution. Very humble and open-minded she is. I have since then met Mrs. Philomena Obajimi, Director of Studies, an ardent believer in the iProtect™ Gospel and my brother, Mr. Ayokunle Adejumo, who headed the Lekki School and they became facilitators of more Missionary Journeys to the institutions. As at today I have made 4 Missionary Journeys to the institution.

Pastor Mrs. Becky Attah heard me for the first time at the Church of God Mission Women’s Conference in 2016 and became a dedicated believer in the iProtect™ That same year she invited me to her highly institution of learning, Mandate Schools to preach the Gospel to her distinguished parents. There I met her dearly beloved husband Rev. Attah, who immediately signed up for our iProtect™ Academy and enrolled the school for our TiP. We have made 2 Missionary Journeys to the schools and have also received their teachers in our programs.

I met Mr. and Mrs, Seye AYOADE at the Association of Christian Schools International Conference, where they listened to me for the first time in 2013. Thereafter these greatly blessed and exemplary couple invited me to their Parenting Seminar I think that same year. has invited me to her school twice and I have also made a Missionary Journey to Apata Memorial School, Isolo and they have participated in our in-house programs.

Mrs. Kikelomo David met me at Mrs. Enitan AYOADE 40th Birthday. Before then her association, Association of Christian Schools International had invited me to Uyo for their annual conference and we could not agree on the modalities of the engagement. This unusually gracious woman, having listened to me speak briefly at the birthday program went back to Uyo and put herself on the line. It was a divine encounter and I made that Missionary Journey, won many disciples and have since returned to the city on her ticket for two other Missionary Journeys. Today, she is my friend and sister.

Mrs.Yinka Ogunde is a rare gem and a major player within the educational system in Nigeria. I met her for the first time at the rebranding program of The Foreshore School, Ikoyi, where she listened to me few years ago. She has come to become a believer in our cause, providing platforms for the dissemination of same. She today a family. At short notice she was on ground to unveil our S.A.F.E™ Instructional Materials at our Public Presentation on November 20, 2017.

Mrs. Bisi Awoyomi is today a dear sister and friend. I met her as the Project Manager of LEARN, the NGO established by Her Excellency, former first lady of Lagos State, Mrs Fashola. I ended up working with LEARN for close to a decade…LEARN has continued to vibrantly exist after her tenure as the first lady. I made nothing less than 15 Missionary Journeys on the LEARN platforms on a mission to many institutions of learning and their precious children, particularly within the public school sector, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution, S.A.F.E™ 4 Me and other programs, including doing the Votes of Thanks at the Time Out With Youth when Dr. Myles Monroe was the guest speaker. It was on the platform of LEARN that I met Her Excellency, Mrs. Sarah Adebisi SOSAN, the former deputy governor of Lagos State, who invited me to her constituency in Ojo LGA to speak to the youths in the 2017 edition of her yearly Youth Empowerment program.

EduAID is a mission of Covenant Christian Center. It is led by Dr. Femi Orawusi. I spoke at their Teacher Conference, addressing nothing less than 5,000 teachers.The organization has participated in our in our Boot Camp and Dr. Orawusi was present at the Public Presentation of our S.A.F.E™ Instructional Materials, ordering copies for the personal and organizational use. Today, I can call him a friend and brother.

What can I say about Mr. Pope (formerly of Grange Schools) and Mrs. Morenike Olaosebikan, believers in the iProtect™ Gospel under whose leadership we were invited to Grange Schools to disseminate The TeacherFIRE™ and trained the entire workforce on Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment for Children. I have since made 4 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning.

As I bring this long epistle to an end, the longest I think I have ever written, I must mention Dr. Mrs. Maggie Ibru, who to her school I have made 3 Missionary Journeys, disseminating TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and spending a whole day with her students sharing the IMDSMARTTESSTT™ principles to the applause and admiration of the youngsters. I had met Dr. Mrs. Maggie Ibru at a program and later requested for a meeting and without much ado, I was before her and right at that meeting she became sold to the iProtect™ Gospel and engaged us immediately.

Space betrays me to talk about my fruitful and consistent interactions with ardent believers like Mrs. RonkePosh Adeniyi Le Poshe, who heard me first at the 2014 Conference of the International Schools Educators of Nigeria, signed up for our academy, invited me to her school and subscribed to The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and gave us her school hall to host our monthly iProtect™ Forum in response to the clamour of our members to come to the Island; the British Council, Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, under the able leadership of my friend and sister, Lola Vivor Adeniyi; Office of Public Defenders, where my friend and sister, Mrs. Salami holds effective sway; Child to Child Network, under able leadership of my very personal person, Ngozi Ekwerike Okoro; Mirabel Centre, under the able and exceptional leadership of Mrs. Itoro Eze-Anaba; Osun, Oyo and Lagos State Governments.

I will not fail to mention Rotimi Eyitayo, an exceptionally intelligent man, holding sway over TeamMaster and a committed believer in the iProtect™ Gospel, who makes himself available for brainstorming sessions and does not fail to check on me from time to time as we cross-fertilize idea on school matters. He was the one who linked us with The dynamic and beautiful SafetyChic, Ms. Ugochi Obidiegwu the organizer of School Safety Summit, The SafetyChic was on ground as a volunteer as our S.A.F.E™ Conference held on World Children’s Day, November 20, 2017; Mrs Oluwakemi OLUWAGUNNA, who I met at the meeting of Zonal Leaders of Association of Christian Schools International called by Pastor Mrs. Bukola Oladiyun and has been of great support for our cause, registering for our programs and to her highly esteemed institution of learning, Elias International School, I have made 2 Missionary Journeys; Dr. Mrs. Pauline Johnson, who to her highly esteemed institution of learning we have made 3 Missionary Journeys, Mrs. Yinka Somoye, who to her institution of learning we have made
3 Missionary Journeys; Mrs. Temitope Ogunniyi who is a member of our academy and has at a personal level invested in our programs, including The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution, having found us on Social Media and searchd us out. Mr. Okere Ucheci, who met me in the school, where he teaches, became an instant ardent believer, signing up for our iProtect™ Academy and who has today invested in almost all of our programs, bought our products for others and promotes our works everywhere he goes; Mrs. Morenike OBOT, who met me at her church and became an ardent and unflinching believer in the iProtect™ Gospel, becoming a member of the iProtect™ Academy, investing in many of our programs and has made countless pilgrimage to our LEAD™ Haven to attend our programs; Mrs. Ayo Ayeni, who heard me at Apata Montessori School and has since followed fully, subscribing to our iProtect™ Academy, give priceless advice on creating media presence for our programs and has also made many pilgrimage to our LEAD™ Haven, the last being the S.A.F.E™ Boot CAMP in 2017; Mr. Femi ABIOYE, a school leader and a member of our iProtect™ Academy and has made at least 3 pilgrimages to our LEAD™ Haven in solidarity with the iProtect™ Gospel; Ms. Queenette Itsemhe Enilama a teacher indeed, who heard me for the first time in 2016, became a member of our iProtect Academy and invested in our other programs like our S.A.F.E™ Boot CAMP at a time when I knew it was not convenient.

Finally, I hereby succumb to space and time and say a big thank you to other distinguished individuals, who have one way or the other facilitated our Missionary Journeys to too-numerous-to-mention institutions of learning to count. May God bless you all.

I keep asking, why these quality and established individuals and institutions keep desiring our message. I believe, it is God’s GRACE and FAVOUR. And to GOD, I am most profoundly grateful and to these great persons and blessed organizations, I am not less grateful. The Lord, WHOSE I am and WHOM I serve is your exceeding rewards as you partner with us to Secure A Friendly and Protective Environment for our precious children within the private and public school sectors.

The rolling of drums continues as I count down to the day as I trust God for time to pen down more gratitude to individuals and other organisations.

Do have an INSPIRED day.
Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUKWU’ AKINLAMI (The Preacher) T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami


Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister, British middle-distance athlete, doctor and academic, who ran the first sub-four-minute mile dies at 88…CNN reported ‘Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister died today surrounded by his family members.’ So it was reported of Nelson Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew, Mohammed Ali and Billy Graham…This again shows that the most critical time of our lives, where we prepare to bid the world goodbye, the most important people in our lives are the ones that will be with us and they are family…There is not better goodbye than the one said by the closest people to us, family…

That is why a person’s greatest investment in life must be his/her family…I think our first aspiration in life should be to serve our families and be the hero of our family, knowing that any heroism that does not begin from home is an hypocritical fluke…

I guess that is why the father of Bill Gates, Bill Gates Snr, a successful civil rights lawyer and social interventionist submits in his book, Showing Up For Life as follows “I believe that being parent is one of the most important jobs any of us will ever undertake…I have often said that the most rewarding part of my life by far has been raising children and being part of a family.’ I, The Preacher has since edited my epitaph to read, ‘He lies the remains of Taiwo OLUWAWEMIMO Peter ODINAKACHUKWU AKINLAMI, who put his family first and serve same under GOD as an example for his world to emulate and be a better place…’

This is just a food for thought from The Preacher as we approach a new week. Do have an INSPIRED week. I am yours IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS AFRICAN CHILDREN, The Preacher

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25 February 2018


I have been out of the country since January 27…By the implication of my trip, I have not been to my office for some days now…

Here is my challenge, I am now aware that rodents, particularly rats have no respect for the highest office of the land…Information had it that these rude and lack-of-respect rats became the interim presidents of this noble and great nation, by power of invasion. I mean it was a coup by invasion when our Commander-in-Chief went on medical tourism to somewhere in Europe…

These rats are called ofon in Yoruba…Yoruba calls them agba ofon, a je lo ju oni le (the rats who do not in any way fear the presence or the owner or the house). They are known for their boldness and affront in dispossessing man of his/ her belongings by their power of invasion…

Therefore, I was not one of the Nigerians that was surprised that these daring of ofon found their ways into the office of the president of the country and would not even leave when our healed president returned to this country. I think for the fear of lassa fever a newly healed president could not risk being infected again…So he chose not enter his office, having received the intelligence/security report that rats have taken over…I think in his Patriotism he felt that in a country when many die of ordinary maleria and over 10 million children are out of school, it would not be fair to take ill again and put the bill of treatment on the nation, particularly when the nation has not recovered from the one spent and it was during recession. Thus I think the president in his wisdom and transparency, for which we must be gratefuinformed the nation of the invasion by the rats and we are grateful for his candid honestly…

At least but for his unprecedented honesty for which he was voted to bring change, I would I now have known that these rats have become more daring and adventurous in their hunger for power…I had thought all they wanted was food but now I know that rats also want power…I should known anyway that by the rat race, which has become a norm in the most populous African nation, rats have heard their names so load and so often in our country than not to take over power…

Now this is my issue, if rats can remove the whole president of this country from the office for a season, what is the hope of a small citizen like me? If they do not respect all the fortifications in Aso Rock, what is the hope of my own office? As I head back to my office, I don’t know what to expect…That is why I need your help to advise me…If anyone knows the contractor, sorry the head of the battalion that dislodged the rats in the president’s please give me his contact…But tell him upfront that I am not a government who plans to spend 1 billion Naira daily to fight Boko Haram or spends billions on daily food. I am private citizen…And again, I don’t think there will be as many rats in my office as they were in the president office…So they should take all of that into consideration if I will engage them…

The Preacher, why are you thinking like this? Well I am just living conscious…My philosophy of life is to hope for the best and prepare for the worst…And when you live in a country where a snake or band of snakes stole 37 million Naira and we are yet to find neither the snakes nor the money( I mean the suspect and the stolen fortune of JAMB) and a monkey stole 70 million from the vaults of our lawmakers, you must develop the capacity to expect the unexpected as survival and guerrilla strategy…Anything can happen in our nation…Gbabeski…

I earnestly await your support on this very serious dilemma I face dear compatriots…Do have an INSPIRED weekend…Eku Ile o…
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I have followed with keen interest since its inception the accusations levied against the above-named teacher and I think I owe my conscience, the precious African Child and the society at large a very urgent duty to share my professional view on same.

That our precious children are under the siege of child sexual abuse today like never before is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

That I have spent the last 2 decades of my life defending the rights and protection of our precious children, even when it was not popular to do so speaks for itself for those who have followed my work.

That all hands of every men and women of conscience must tirelessly be at work to prevent and protect our precious children, must become a noble anthem in our daily existence must not be ignored for another second.

I am for the precious African child till the end of my day, but more importantly, I am for JUSTICE…The purpose of Justice is to create a just society for all…It is my honest opinion that it is only in a just society that the rights of our precious children can find expression. It is therefore my submission that anyone who is for the interest of the child must first be for justice…

I have read reports that have been circulating the picture of the accused as a rapist. I do not think it is right. Under our criminal justice system, an accused before the court is considered innocent until proven guilty and convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction…I think hastily going ahead to convict a man, who is still standing trial before a court of Justice in the court of Social Media is to say that least unjust, unprofessional and sensational.

I do not think this helps the cause of the child for protection in any way… While I believe in Naming and Shaming, I do not believe or accept a kangaroo approach to same. Since we have not been constituted as a court, we can only name and shame a person, who has been convicted by the court.

This approach of taking the laws into our hands because we have access to the Social  Media destroys the fabrics of our society and fan the dangerous ember of disorder and chaos…It is not in anyway a good example to our precious children.

Though, I lost my virginity and the essence of my sexuality and innocence at the tender age of 6 and was thereafter thoroughly messed up, God has helped me not to harbour anger and hatred against my abuser and my caregivers, who created the loophole. They were also victims, who need help.

While I agree that abusers must face the full wrath of the law and salute the noble efforts of the Lagos State Government in leading a revolution in this area, it is my well considered opinion that the ultimate solution to the protection of our precious children from all forms of abuse does not ONLY lie in the hand of the justice system.

By the time we are approaching the justice system, a child is already abused. I do not think there is any punishment meted to a convicted abuser that can bring spiritual, physical, emotional and medical remedy to the child…Why? A child is not created for any form of abuse… Therefore he/she must be protected by every means necessary from all forms of abuse.

That is why I have been interested in the principle that ENLIGHTENMENT is Superior to ENFORCEMENT™. Enlightenment requires an holistic approach to solving the problem of child abuse like every other social problem…I have taken time to share my views on the foregoing and I will skip it as discussion for another day.

I think I should rest my case here as I call for a higher level of activism and maturity in our representation of the best interest of the child. We don’t need SENSATIONALISM to make the case for the protection of our precious children. We only need GOOD CONSCIENCE, CONSISTENCY, the RIGHT NARRATIVE and STRATEGY and BEST and GLOBALLY COMPLIANT PRACTICES.

Please, if you believe in this message I urge you to share. Thank you and do have an INSPIRED day.



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Take it from me, in many ways that I have come to understand and accept, that may even be beyond what I understand; in ways that I may never understand and may never be able to explain, I am a dysfunctional adult, who found God’s grace to fight and win my many battles of life.

What I lose to my dysfunctionality or dysfunctional state is unquantifiable…Take if from me, I am not a normal human being and it is not a cliche…Daily, I carry the cross of my truncated childhood…As I advance in age and understand how this life works, I continue to discover that the foundation of my dysfunctional adulthood was laid and solidify in childhood…My fate, having been sealed in childhood in the hands of unschooled, but sincere caregivers, who were themselves victims of their own childhood, I arrived at adulthood totally unprepared for the enormous responsibilities thereof…

20 years ago, I encountered Christ and began to learn on the job of being an adult… I hope we know that any time someone tells you he/she is learning on the job, someone is paying the school fees. I, with the help of Christ have been paying the school fees of learning on the job of life and I tell you my dear friends, no school fees can be more expensive anywhere in this whole wide world than this…The curriculum is also a very difficult one, if not seemingly impossible…It is mainly to unlean the programs installed by truncated childhood and reinstall the serenity of spirit,
sanity of mind and innocence of intent, which were gratuitously bestowed on me by my perfect Maker…

I have been in the laboratory of change in the last 20 years, a sacrificial and self-inducted guinea pig, trying to cooperate with God to undo the impact of wrong upbringing… It has been a great work and walk with the Lord and these days, I hear Him whisper to me that MY STRENGTH IS MADE PERFECT IN YOUR WEAKNESS…

Why does He say this to me? It is because He recognises that the impact of an abused childhood is eternal. His intervention only helps the one who carries the cross of abused childhood to be all that He created him/her to be despite the cross he/she carries…The one who carries the cross of abused childhood must first find Him and accept the albatross laid on him/her by his/her childhood before he/she can access this help…Many are today, who never find my Lord and many are, who find Him but never bring themselves to acknowledge the damage done to their humanity from childhood and therefore remains in Him and with Him but never seek His help in the dimension, I explained above.

What is the basis of my reasoning in the foregoing paragraph? Well, I think from my personal experience and careful study of God’s value system, He did not create any man or woman to experience childhood abuse or any form of abuse at all…Imagine that when by injury a mark is made on the body of a person that such mark can never disappear, irrespective of the expertise of the one who treated it…As it is with the physical body, so it is with the soul of man, the seat of his mind, will and emotion… Once it is tampered with negatively, the scars are forever…The best of therapy is not designed to return an abused man or woman to status quo ante…It is designed to help man to make the best of his/her existence despite the impact of his/her childhood abuses… There is no emotional intelligence promptings that can replace damaged emotions from childhood…There are no spare parts to replace damaged emotions, truncated self esteemed and lost personal identity…It is only in God that there help and it is gradual…As it takes time for physical wounds to heal, it takes more time for inner wounds to first be properly diagnosed and begin to heal… Matters of the heart are often deep matter whether unto joy or unto sorrow…I guess that is why the Holy Writ says, ‘each heart knows its own bitterness, and no one else can share its joy.’ Proverbs 14: 10

It is my irresistible conclusion that any solution to human problem, irrespective of its category, which doesn’t take into cognisance his/her childhood experiences will never be complete…We are today a sum total of all that our childhood offered us…That is why I say, ‘childhood is forever.’
Who we are today is our psychology and the author and the finisher of our psychology is our socialization. Thus I often say ‘socialization is superior to psychology.’ Yet we have so much respect and concern for what people do and how they bless or hurt us but we have little or no concern for how they were raised or erased…What a classical case of a world burried in its own self-inflicted illusions, demanding from itself what it did not invest in and seeking rigorously to reap where it has not sown or the futility of hoping not to reap what it has sown…

This is the world in which the dysfunctional Preacher lives and tries to make sense of the mess created by his truncated childhood. As The Preacher, looking face to face at age 50 and embarks on another pilgrimage of seeking meaning and bringing the impact of a troubled childhood under yet more control, attending yet another destiny fixing meeting in the mountains of Colorado Springs, United States of America, he remain sober and resolute that no child shall be abused under his watch…

He remains resolute that the greatest gift our world can give to a child is to preserve his/her childhood…In fact, it is the greatest gift we can give to humanity, now and yet unborn…His story remains his greatest motivation…

Do have an INSPIRED day…

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI, The Preacher, sober and reporting from the place of pilgrimage and spiritual retreat. Do have an INSPIRED week.

C) 2017 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUKWU’ AKINLAMI (The Preacher) All Rights Reserved T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami


The news is making the rounds that Davido visited a night club with her 2 year old daughter.
The question being asked is whether it is morally right or not.
Well, I will not speak to the morality or otherwise of taking a 2 year old to a club. But I will like to ask the following simple question: is a club meant for children? What exactly in a club is a child supposed to or designed for a child to engage in or be engaged or excited with? Dancing adult musical contents with all the lewdness we have come to know them with today?   Smoking pot, tobacco or cigarettes? Second-hand or Third-hand smoking? Drinking alcohol? Strip dancing? Indecent exposure to softcore or hardcore pornography?
Now, considering, the absorbent mind of the child, according to Maria Montessori, can the social and psychological impact of such exposure be quantified on the child’s mind and childhood?
Now, which club doesn’t have age restriction? Or is age restriction not relevant for a club and it is relevant for film houses as to what films children can be exposed or not exposed to?
The issue here is not with Davido. The issue is with the system available at the PUBLIC level to protect the precious African child. Davido’s action is a sad index of the bigger picture of a STATE and her society that do not know the child and the globally celebrated requirements for his/her healthy development, spirit, soul and body, do not respect the child, his/her individuality and pay attention to his/her dignity of human person.
Davido’s action is not in a anyway peculiar. The standard of morality we demand from him is same we must demand from parents, who play adult content and lewd music for innocent children at their parties or at parties where children are present. It is the same standard of morality we must demand from schools, who do not only play adults and lewd music for their pupils and students but also invite the singer to their schools, presenting them to the children as role models. It is the same standard of morality, we must demand from parents, who expose their children to age restricted materials on print, electronic and new media(internet and social media). It is these same standard we must demand from corporate organizations, who organize children programs and invite singers of lewd lyrics as entertainer for children and the parents, who take their children to such events.
Davido, probably doesn’t even know better. If we must hold Davido accountable, we must hold those who are supposed to know better accountable first. I mean educated parents/guardians, institutions of learning, who are supposed to provide intellectual and moral compass to the precious under their care? What about Government, who should play the role of regulations? I have attended government programs for children, countless times, where the case of exposure of children to lewd musical contents was the arrogant practice.
You see until, we recognize that children do not belong to the parents but the STATE and we begin to hold the STATE accountable to play her roles of REGULATION through ENLIGHTENMENT and ENFORCEMENT in the protection of children, things we continue this chaotic and reactivate way.
Yes, the parents/guardians are primary caregivers but their care is to be regulated by the STATE…Where the STATE fails to provide or adhere to REGULATIONS, through ENLIGHTENMENT and ENFORCEMENT, we will continue to a pitiable situation, where parents/caregivers provide care according to their children according to their uninformed whims and caprices and that is VOLATILE and that may not always be in THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD.
In the climes where primary and secondary caregivers provide the best of care for their children, it is largely a product of REGULATION, through ENLIGHTENMENT and ENFORCEMENT. Not right thinking STATE leaves the CARE of children solely to the SANITY or otherwise of the primary and secondary caregivers. It is subject to REGULATION, except we are advocating that primary and caregivers should create their own colonies, where they are LORDS OF ALL.
I hope we will begin to hold the STATE accountable in most creative and peaceful ways this NEW YEAR.
Do have an INSPIRED day.
Think the CHILD…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE™

(C) 2018 by Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUKWU’ AKINLAMI (The Preacher) All Rights Reserved T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami