Permit me to add my voice to the outcry on violence against our precious children in schools.

I will like to say very quickly that in solving a social problem of any kind, we must be astute in separating causes from effects. Addressing the effects as the causes only sensationalise the issues and takes the sail off the wind of finding lasting solutions.

That there is violence in our schools both private and public is no more news. The 2018 reports of UNICEF on the drivers of Violence Against Children found that much.

What need to concern ourselves with today is the cause.

Permit me to submit that violence against children in Nigeria is not a CAUSE. It is an EFFECT. It is not a SEED…It is a FRUIT…It is not a ROOT…It is a BRANCH.

The root is this thing we call child discipline. Almost everyone who perpetrate violence against children at home and in schools do it in the name of discipline. The report I refer to about found Nigeria to be one of the top 10 countries in the world where violence is perpetrated against children in the name of discipline.

This practice of equating violence against our precious children with DISCIPLINE has it root in our culture as a people.

It is that culture that is comfortable with perpetrating violence against children and call it discipline that we must focus on through a rigorous orientation and reorientation and training and retraining on alternative forms of disciplinary measures.

Policy is critical but it may not be a primary concern here. For example, the Lagos State Government for some years now has a policy against corporate punishment in her schools. Yet, violence has not reduced against students.

The mistake, I think the Lagos State Government and many of us a making is that we want to change a prevailing cultural practice, backed up and fortified with the Dominant Value System of the people by policy. Such template does not exist anywhere in the world.

The people who perpetrate violence against our precious children were themselves raised through violence in most cases. They do not know other ways of helping children to experience the beauty of discipline, despite the fact that it is not always pleasant. What they do to the children in schools, they do to their own children at home if not worse.

They feel for the precious children under their care, when they are told violence must not be part of the the equation…They believe that without violent discipline the precious children are being spoilt and have no future.

We may fight the foregoing all we want, it is the reality on the ground and it will not change by the fiat of Law, Policy and Signature Gathering.

Taking, Lagos State as example, what is the investment of the Lagos State Government in orientation and reorientation intervention of public schools teachers? What is the budget for training on alternative forms of discipline?

I think I am more at home with the strategy of the SOS Children’s Village, Nigeria, who is investing heavily in the orientation and reorientation and training and retraining of public teachers in the areas where they work on the subject matter of discipline. SOS Children’s Village has also gone ahead to comission the preparation of Right-Based Approach to Discipline In School Manual, which lays the solid foundation for the underlying principles, aimed at helping teachers to embrace the revolution of POSITIVE DISCIPLINARY MEASURES.

I think this is the way we should be thinking. In ENVISIONING DESIGNING PLANNING and PROVIDING CARE, we must be interested in STANDARDS as an inevitable tool and find professional solutions to every social problems, plaguing our precious children today in their legions.

I have been privileged to work with the SOS Children’s Village Nigeria in the last 5 years or so to achieve the foregoing and I can testify firsthand that it works and it is working.

I suggest we can also embrace this challenge in our areas of influence and I am available to help in giving further and clearer perspectives to the foregoing suggestions. As a song writer says, ‘revolution starts with ONE…Don’t be afraid to be the ONE…’ One person at a time, one school at a time, I think we can reduce and ultimately stop violence against our precious children in schools, focusing on the right tools.

Do have an INSPIRED week.



The Preacher

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Check my platforms, I don’t post trending headlines and videos…It is a DELIBERATE practice predicated on principles, which I will attempt to address here to the best of my ability.

As far as I am concerned those things must be posted carefully and caution, lest one becomes unnecessarily sensational.

And if they must be posted, we must do so with the following in mind:

How do we post within the context of proffering workable, professional and contextualised solutions?

What is the source and what are the intentions? For example, the video of the two children kissing, how was it captured? Was it manually captured by a person or by CCTV? If it was captured by a person, was the idea of capturing the video more important to the person capturing it than stopping the children from abusing themselves? If it was a CCTV footage, how how did it leak out to become a sad commodity for public consumption? If it is a CCTV footage, was the purpose of installing a CCTV camera in a school for example not for the school consumption, to be aware, prevent and respond to any act or omission that are inimical to the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD, except such footage is demanded by regulatory bodies for public interest purposes? And if it was demanded by regulatory bodies, what are the processes guiding the release of such to the public?

In the real sense of it, that children abuse themselves sexually today should not be news to any conscious and informed caregiver. How, in actual reality does the posting of the video under review help our understanding of that reality?

If as a society, we are more interested in posting and resposting of materials, are we not likely to be raising an army of insensitive people, who see preventable action or omission of abuse among children or in the society but are more interested in capturing for repost instead of stopping the act or omission?

Which is more beneficial to the children involve, capturing of the act or omission or stopping them from abusing themselves?

It is a volatile world today and that is no more news. The truth is that everyone seems to know the problem but only very few know the solution or even make DELIBERATE efforts to find the solutions…

Posting sensational headlines of abuses of children by adults or child to child abuse like the recent pictures of two children kissing, without a deliberate attempt to find out the causes and proffer professional solutions only heightens people’s fears and drives them to the precipice of PARANOIA, where they become suspicious of everybody, including themselves.

The last time I checked, PARANOIA is NOT a tool of Securing A FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for our precious children. It only worsens the state of minds of caregivers and their precious children and make them susceptible to what they fear most.

I don’t really care what is trending, call it Mobo Challenge, I only care about how must we have prepared our precious children to fare in today’s volatile world. There will never be a time in today’s world, where caregivers will be fully abreast of all the dangers our precious children will be exposed to. Same way as human beings, we can never be fully aware of all the dangers we are exposed to.

The solution therefore is to churn sensationalism and focus on the harder work of creating for our private and public institutions (including the FAMILY) SYSTEMS of Securing A FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE Environment™ according to GLOBAL STANDARDS, codified into POLICIES on which every caregiver is trained. As Olakunle SORIYAN will say, ‘what will come will come; it is who we are that makes a difference.’ I will also add that what will come will come; it is the preparation we make that makes all the difference.

If we spend as much time and data we spend on sensationalism on asking the right questions and seeking professional solutions, our children will be better of. Sensationalism, I must conclude by saying, it very inimical to the BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS AFRICAN and it must be stopped now!

As caregivers in the sophisticated 21st Century, grappling with the reality of The Fourth Industrial Revolution, we must DELIBERATELY change our game of ENVISIONING, DESIGNING, PLANNING and PROVIDING CARE to comply with the strange realities of today. We must drop the torn and dirty toga of surface thinking and sporadic response to matter of S.A.F.E™ and put on the full armour of VALUE and SYSTEM BASED APPROACH.

The 21st century caregivers must today DELIBERATELY transform from just being a DUTY BEARERS to becoming a STANDARDS BEARERS and VALUE and SYSTEM are the eternal language of STANDARDS as VIGILANCE is the price of LIBERTY.

Do have an INSPIRED week.



The Preacher

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Excuse Me Please, I want to Raise Spoilt Children (2)

Welcome to my page today and I am glad you are back with us in our journey to bring this unusual conversations to an end or close to an end.

Look at all I said about authority in the first part of this piece. They may be new to us but I bet that was not the first time we will read about the concept of authority. In fact we saw authority exercised when we were growing up and we are even an authority today either as a primary or secondary caregiver. You see, we are not ignorant about authority. But, if we are not able to analyse authority the way we did in our last piece we may just have been misinformed.

As I explained in my last piece, Ignorance comes with a form of humility but misinformation comes with a huge deposit of arrogance. Why? The premise of misinformation is an assumption that one knows what to do and therefore does not need any direction in the identified areas of engagement.

The challenge today is not that we are ignorant about our precious children and how to disciple them. The real challenge is that we are dealing with Misinformed Social Norm about who children are and how to relate with them. This Misinformed Social Norm is both deliberately or mistakenly perpetrated, depending on who is the author is.

Permit me to submit that our culture in Africa is not NECESSARILY anti-children, but it is not DELIBERATELY pro-children. Our disposition towards children gives more room to chance than being deliberate and submitting to a credible and verifiable plan of action, aimed at regulating our relationship with our precious children. There are hardly any established code of conducts in relating with our precious children and we do not consider developing same as a project to prioritise to be worthy of our resources of time, energy (mental and physical) and money. As far as we are concerned, as long as we have our say and our way, the children are fine. They are beings to be led by the nose, no more no less.

Unfortunately, this way of thinking about our precious children and the world around them has become very obsolete and useless. The question we must ask today is that where are the dividends of the culture, which puts her precious children down? I will shed light on this when I get into the very meat of this discussion?

The depth of the challenge we are dealing with in respect of our perception about children is further corroborated by Professor Sameer Hinduja of Florida Atlantic University, who I met in 2017, at the Europe, Middle East and Africa Child Safety Summit, organised by Google and Facebook, who said about our project, aimed at Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment for our precious children, which was one of the project showcased at the summit,   ‘I applaud what you are doing and I agree with your perspective on African children…It is probably going to be hard to change such ensconced mentalities – just like in my home country of India, it’s very hard to change belief patterns because they are embedded in culture and also in religion.’ He concluded his observation with an encouragement, ‘BUT – someone has to try.  Someone will make progress.  It is time… So our efforts are never wasted – not even a bit.’

As I see it, I think the real challenge before us today is to deconstruct what we have hitherto believed about our precious children. This deconstruction must begin with how we see our precious children. Permit me to submit unequivocally, we treat children the way we see them and we see them the way we were seen growing up.

First in Africa, we hardly see children as reasoning being, with whom we can reason and communicate and teach how to reason and communicate by how we reason and communicate with them. We are yet to come to terms with the fact that a reasoning being learns and imbibe everything by reasoning and nothing by force.

When a reasoning being is approached with force, fear takes over and once fear takes over, the reasoning being withdraws any reasonable participation and becomes a passive participant. He/she withdraws but appear to carry out the instruction communicated by force. He/she becomes subdued while, the one applying force interpret that as submission.

Unknown to the one applying force, the child is only waiting for the day of emancipation. The child earnestly looks forward to the day when the balance of forces become mutual and the threats, which make the force being applied real are now fully or partially neutralised. For example, the child is now grown and can largely be in control of what the primary and secondary caregivers can know about him/her except he/she divulges same to them.  It is important to note that the human spirit is not created to bow to any form of oppression. The truth is that once the human spirit senses oppression of any form, its number one mission becomes looking and working towards the day of emancipation. The foregoing is not different when it comes to our precious children.

It is this belief system that dictates the way we raise and claim to discipline our precious children today and we seems to draw our comfort from the fact that our counterparts in the developed world are paying dearly for how they raise/discipline their precious children.

From next week, I will examine our claim carefully and try to establish the efficacy or otherwise of same. I hope, I will be able to bring this treatise to an end next week and let you see the real definition of spoilt children.

Thank you for reading and do have an INSPIRED week.

I am Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUKWU’ AKINLAMI, The Preacher and I Speak for the Precious African Child.

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Excuse Me Please, I want to Raise Spoilt Children (1)

There is a humility that comes with ignorance. You may want to ask, what is ignorance? Well, the English dictionary defines ignorance as, ‘lack of knowledge or information.’ It is my well-considered opinion that those, who are truly aware of their ignorance about a subject matter, approach it with a high dose of humility.  Imagine how we obey every instruction when we travel by air. The passengers are educated on how to fly an aeroplane so we follow every instruction with humility and we are never ashamed of our ignorance.

Ignorance is an instigator of a hunger seeking information. However, the challenge is that those who pass information also pass error or misinformation. It is therefore the responsibility of those who receive information to filter and process it before accepting it. So how does one process information? It is by engaging the force of curiosity to keep asking question and pass our findings through the acid test of the universal principles, which God created to govern the affairs of this world.

For example, God does not give any human being dominion over another human being, including the children under him/her as primary and secondary caregivers. Therefore any information, which encourages a person to dominate another is against the creation intention of God. It is from this idea of domination that dehumanization proceeds. This dehumanization include physical, emotional and sexual. What God gives us over a fellow human being, particularly as primary and secondary caregivers is authority. What is authority? According to Wikipedia, ‘authority derives from the Latin word auctoritas’ and according to the English Dictionary, ‘it is the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.’

Now, it is important to share with you seventeen fundamental principles I have learnt about authority:

The first is that authority, particularly when it comes to the relationship between our precious children and the primary and secondary handlers is a very transient commodity. It only exists in its best quantity for 18 years, noting that a child is anybody below 18 years old.

Second, authority only makes an enduring difference when it is employed to communicate POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM first by example and second by instructions.

Third, it is the responsibility of authority to communicate to the people under them, particularly children, the identity of the authority, where they derive their authority from, their roles in the lives of the people under them, the code of engagement guiding how the authority should be seen, how the identified roles will be played, how long the engagement will last and the expected outcomes. In this regard, authority must by very enthusiastic, open and unashamed in communicating his/her vulnerability and encourage the constant and consistent contributions in terms of observations and suggestions of the people under them to which they must be very open.

Fourth, flowing from the immediate principle, authority understands that ignorance of the law is not an excuse, but a law that does not exist cannot draw any form of sanction against anyone under it.

Fifth, authority is for the purpose of establishing order in a sphere of influence and it has nothing to do with superiority. Therefore a primary or secondary caregivers is not superior to the precious children under his/her care and must deliberately give rooms for him/her to be reasoned with.

Sixth, authority must always learn to tamper justice with mercy, in ensuring that the focus it to address what is wrong and not who is wrong, particularly when it comes to relating with our precious children. Therefore in this regard, authority must be firm but not high-handed, must be assertive and yet gentle, tender and kind, must be consistent, yet over some wrongs. Children may hate correction, but they do not have the person in authority, who is able to embrace empathy as a tool of engagement.  Perfect love casts out fear and love conquers all, says the Holy Writ.

Seventh, authority must understand the principle of measure, relating to the wrong he/she wishes to correct and the status of the person in question to be corrected in terms of age and track record of behaviour, good or bad.

Eighth, authority must not have any pre-conceived notion in dealing with a child. Authority, therefore must always move from the place of assumption of innocence of the party or parties before it.

Ninth, authority cannot be bias in its engagement with people within his/her areas of influence. To be bias is to destroy the very fabric of the credibility of the authority itself. Therefore, authority does not have favourites and his/her favour is always in accordance with the code of engagement known to all parties.

Tenth, authority does not act in anger or omit to act as a result of pleasure. He/she brings her emotion under subjection and when he/she betrays same, he/she is open to correction.

Eleventh, authority does not sit in judgement over the precious children under him/her. The goal of authority is not to judge but to correct, give room for improvement and facilitate same. Therefore an authority in the life of a precious child hardly gives up on a precious child.

Twelfth, authority, when relating with our precious children, must first take responsibility for their behaviour, being the one that sets the tone for same. While authority must and love to take credit for excellent outcomes in the behaviour of the precious children under his/her, he/she must be ready to take responsibilities for the poor behaviour of the precious children under him/her. Therefore, authority must not distance himself/herself from the failures of our precious children. The approach, come rain, come shine must be ‘we are in it together.’

Thirteenth, authority must learn how to exercise authority positively. An untrained authority will make a shipwreck of the lives of those under it. Therefore, there must be a commitment of the authority to learning and unlearning of knowledge, skill and most importantly attitude (value system) relating to how to effectively and positively exercise authority.

Fourteenth, authority must employ the principle for mutual respect. The person over who we have authority deserves to be respected and treated with respect as the person in authority. In fact the person, whom you have authority over will never respect you above the respect you show to him/her.

Fifteenth, communication is key to exercising authority as it is the characteristic of human beings to reason and communicate. Therefore the person in authority must recognise the status of the person he/she has authority over as a reasoning, who must be reasoned and communicated with in the best language he/she can understand and has been trained to understand. Force does not achieve any result with a human being. Force only subdues and does not extract submission at any level.

Sixteenth, authority only succeeds when the precious children, who are passing through him/her become practitioners of the principles taught by the authority, even in his/her absence.

Seventeenth, authority the foundation to establishing the culture of child discipline in any human society.

Wow, The Preacher seems to have derailed into another discussion entirely, you may think. This is an exercise in digression, you have opined. You may even have asked, am I reading the right article? You are even beginning to think, what is the connection between the topic of discussion and this very long preambles?

I understand perfectly, this is part of the introduction to the dicey topic I have chosen. Next week, I will build on this copious foundation and hopefully, I will bring you to the promised conclusion.

Thank you for reading and do have an INSPIRED week.

I am Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUKWU’ AKINLAMI, The Preacher and I Speak for the Precious African Child.

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Today, May 27, 2018 is Children’s Day and in celebrating the precious Nigerian Child and their distinguished primary and secondary handlers, I, The Preacher remind myself of the irresistible conclusion we came to while researching into the writing of our instructional manuals, S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU, which are designed to help our precious young people to effectively participate in their own protection. What is this irresistible conclusion? It is this: SEX IS VERY BIG in today’s world and in the lives of our precious children.

Therefore in marking the Children’s Day today, I, The Preacher feel that there is no better time to call attention to this BIG SEX ISSUES and its huge attendant consequences than this day when all eyes are on the precious Nigerian Children. Therefore for the next 16 days, I will be sharing excerpts from our S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU instructional manuals nuggets on the subject matter of SEX and how our precious young people can regain and maintain their sanity in the face of the insanity we are today faced with.

But before we delve into the excerpts, we will dedicate today to a very long introduction, aimed at convincing our precious young people and us the distinguished handlers.

SEX is actually BIGGER than most of the things we fear and give the energy of our private and national debate to…

SEX is so BIG before GOD…It is so BIG and so sacred that by the injunction of the Holy Writ, it is designed by the Creator of all things to be celebrated between a man and a woman, who are joined together in holy matrimony…

SEX is still very BIG even when it is perveted…

SEX is BIG in GROOMING peodophiles and abusers. Research has now found that 80% of those who sexually abuse children and others today were themselves abused, but never spoke up and never found help…

SEX is BIG as a WANTON EXPRESSION of intimate feeling towards the opposite and same sex…Looking around us, particularly among our young people, SEX has become so BIG a pleasurable practice, which results are evident as formidable distractions to their glorious present and future…

SEX is BIG as being an OVERRATED, UNDERRATTED and MISUNDERSTOOD ENTITY…The entertainment world has deliberately packaged SEX as a DO-OR-DIE affair, which urge man or woman do not have control over…To it’s urge, many of our young people has been convinced are too weak to subject their instinct to their reasoning capacity… Unknown to many of our young people decisions about SEX are not to be taking on the basis of their feeling alone but more on their reasoning. The grave, immediate and future danger inherent in indiscriminate engagement in SEXUAL and related activities are also often deliberately UNDERRATED to the peril of young people and adults…SEX and it’s purpose, the pleasure and pains it brings are often designed to MISUNDERSTOOD by most of our young people…In fact it is seems to me that the new media today deliberately positions SEX to be MISUNDERSTOOD by our precious young people…

SEX is BIG as an OVER-DEMOCRATISED venture or adventure…The knowledge and it’s practice of SEX is now available to all, whether they are ready to receive such knowledge or not. In this Post-truth era, which enjoy the multi-facetted platforms of Populism, the knowledge or information about any subject matter does not need to be right or have any character reference or moral premise for it to be accepted as the SOCIAL NORM…With the unfettered accessibility to social media, many of us have lost our sense of self-censorship, often throwing restraint into the whirlwind of instant feeling and posting same on our Social Media Accounts… Therefore available on sex today, like any other pressing social issues are unprocessed and  unverified thoughts and prejudices, which often represents nothing but the confusion of the person expressing same. Every Tom, Dick and Harry  today wears the toga of an erudite scholar, without conducting any research and the claim to thought leadership is as cheap, erratic and subjective as having access to digital devices (Smartphones laptop and tablet computers)…Therefore most of the information available on SEX today have not gone through the necessary filters of what I call POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM and COMMON-SENSE MORALITY and they are available anyway, looking for who to mislead…Since many now feed on the ejaculations of others people’s mind wastes, presented as thoughts, empty are our minds…

SEX is BIG as a HOME BREAKER…Many homes have are broken today because married couples do not know how to handle SEX in their marriages…The challenge is either, couples are not able to satisfy themselves SEXUALLY in the marriage or both or one of the parties are not able to keep their oath of SEXUAL fidelity…

SEX is BIG as a TRANSMITTER…Apart from the fact that it transmits Sexually Transmitter Diseases, it has been found that SEX is the BIGGEST transmitter of HIV/AIDS globally.

SEX is BIG as a KILLER…When you consider many who have been accused and convicted for crimes of passion, many who have been killed as a result of contacting HIV/AIDS and other STDs, you will agree that SEX is BIG as a KILLER.

SEX is BIG as COMMERCE…The SEX INDUSTRY is one of the BIGGEST in the world today. a huge one for that matter…The global illegal earning from SEX trafficking is put at  $99 billion as at 2017. In a study conducted by a company known as TopTen Reviews, ‘revenues for the world pornography industry hit an estimated $97 billion in 2006, overshadowing the revenues of the top technology companies — the likes of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! and Apple — combined.’ According to Business Insider, there are 42 million prostitutes in the world today. ‘Three quarters of them are between the ages of 13 and 25, and 80% of them are female.’ Here in Nigeria, a show, known as Big Brother Nigeria, which recklessly promotes SEX and its many obscene accompaniments was reported to have earned 5.1 Billion Naira at its recently concluded outing.

SEX is BIG a SALESPERSON…Have you noticed that SEX is the BIGGEST salesperson in the world today and therefore enjoys the highest earnings from sales…It is seems every product must contain a bit SEX or its innuendo in its presentation to the members of the public…It seems that the accepted marketing axiom is ‘For it to make sense to the majority, it must SEX.’ It’s seems marketers plays on the sensuality of the majority to draw their attention to their products and services…

SEX is BIG as an ENTERTAINER…SEX is very BIG as an entertainer…In jokes by comedians, in songs by musicians and in music videos, television series and  movies etc. I make bold to say that in the whole spectrum of art and entertainment globally, SEX seems to enjoy the audacious monopoly of being the central theme…

SEX is BIG as COMPENSATION…Many are out there who pitch and demand SEX as COMPENSATION for granting rights and privileges…There are people, who believe that with SEX as the COMPENSATION they have to offer, they can climb any mountain and attain any dream…To these ones, the end justifies the means…

SEX is BIG as NEMESIS…Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Donald Trump, Larry Nassar, Morgan Freeman, just to mention a few on the international scene were  embarrassed or cut short in the prime of their careers as a result of allegations of mishandling SEX. Still fresh in our memory is the story of the Nigerian University lecturer, demading five rounds of sexual intercourse with his student for what is popularly known within the Nigerian higher institutions of learning as ‘Let My People Go’ Mark(40%). The video also went viral of another Nigerian University lecturer, lured by his lust to the hostel of a famale student. How are the mighty fallen…And we must accept, without controversy that it takes the might to bring down the might…

SEX is BIG as a PENETRATOR…There is no institution too sacred, too fortified or too great for SEX to penetrate…Few years back the news broke of how SEX has penetrated the Catholic Church, particularly the priesthood and innocent and precious children were mostly the victims…Priests like Paul Stanley, John Geoghan, Brendan Smyth, Marcial Maciel, Roger Vangheluwe were one way or the other indicted for bringing SEX in its abused form into the temple… As if that was not bad enough, the Vatican is not left out as it was penetrated by  SEX  The third-highest-ranking officer in the Vatican, Cardinal George Pell is today standing trail for cases of sexual abuse though he has maintained his innocence. SEX found its way
it’s way BIG into the activities of  the Nobel Foundation, with a commitment to threaten the impecable reputation of the long-standing awards. So it was reported, ‘the Swedish Academy has postponed the 2018 Nobel Prize in Literature in the wake of a scandal over sexual assault allegations.’ Wow! That is a BIG score for BIG SEX…

SEX is BIG as a LEGACY OF SHAME…Jimmy Savile died celebrated a respected DJ, television and radio personality, dance hall manager and charity fund raiser…Today all that represent his legacy are in ruins…SEX showed after he was dead and burried to the SHAME of his LEGACY…SEX did not only deal with his LEGACY, it opened a pandora box of SEXUAL ABUSES indicting Savile and his cronies…

Now that I believe I have your attention that SEX is BIG, do you not think we should talk more about this almighty sex than we are doing today, particularly in empowering our precious young people to rise about its crafty lures…

You see, SEX is BIG but there are principles of handling it and putting it under control…As someone, who began to experience SEX through abuse at age 6 and practiced all kinds of unimaginable SEXUAL pervertions till age 27 and who today at the age of 48 have a humble testimony of dealing with SEX as it is designed to be from the beginning, I set to share some working principles with our precious young people.

For 16 days from today, Children’s Day, I, The Preacher will be sharing excerpts on my blog from our Instructional materials, S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU: 125 Daily Tips for Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment…We will touch on issues like ‘Consensual Sex’ among young people, handling the SEX Revolution, dealing with masturbations and pornography, understanding the balance between LOVE and Sex…

I charge you not to miss one day as we have the talk discussing SEX as a BIG issue that it is for our precious young people today. I await your comments as we share.
Do have an INSPIRED week as we celebrate the 2018 Children’s Day with our precious children.

I am The Preacher, I SPEAK for the Precious AFRICAN CHILDREN & Young PEOPLE
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It is my 48th Birthday on March 24, 2018. While I do not plan to roll out the usual drums, I intend to roll out the drums of gratitude to God and men and women, who He has raised to believe in me and the cause he committed into my hands. It is one thing for people to believe in you. It is another for them to believe in you and stand by your cause, it is another to do so consistently over the years. Yet it is another thing to believe and invest in you and your message consistently.

Today, I celebrate key individuals and organizations we have worked with, particularly within the school system and educational sector.

It is was my 7th Missionary Journey to Supreme Education Foundation on Saturday, March 3, 2018. This is apart from the fact that the highly esteemed institution of learning sends participants for our programs from time to time…We have also worked with them under The iProtect™ Institutionalization Project(TiP), out project, which aim is to work with Child Focused Organizations to establish Child Protection System, codified into a policy.

There is something elating and fulfilling about being invited back again and again to a place after experiencing you once. As I mentiojed to them on Saturday and I mean it, SEF is home and I was back home to have a family discussion, having related with the Mama Adamalekun, with whose daughter I shared same birthday and successive leaders. It was in SEF a leader testified, ‘Mr. Akinlami, you both CREDIBLE and INCREDIBLE.’

You see, I don’t want to count reputable local and international organizations, which keep calling me back. I am tempted to think it would sound like blowing my own trumpet but at a second thought, I am thinking to myself that there is no trumpet to blow, there is only GRATITUDE to give to GOD, whose favour surrounds like a shield and who inscribe the love for what we do in the hearts of men.

In 2005, I was graciously initiated into the UNICEF Nigeria family by Mr Geoffrey Njoku, who followed my column in Daily Independent for one year. The first time he listened to the iProtect™ Gospel, he said, ‘Taiwo, we will invite you and invite you again.’ That has been the story till date…I have since worked with wonderful men and women like Mrs. Caroline AKOSILE, Mrs Roseleen Akinroye, Ms. Maryam ENYINAZU, Ms. Blessing, Ms. Sharon Oladiji and many others on different and countless projects.

Mr.Bosun Adedokun is an unusual gentleman, who linked us with many private schools in Lagos State and beyond when we organised our first iProtect™ program for private schools in 2010. It was at that program Mrs Atoyebi heard me for time and became a believer.

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya is a passionate educationist and compassionate life coach. Most importantly she is my mother in the Lord. She heard me first in 2015, at a women’s meeting in our church, The Fountain of Life Church, where I was doing a short presentations on tips to protect children from sexual abuse, having been introduced to the fellowship by an ardent, long-standing and sacrificial believer in the cause of iProtect™, Mrs. Tiwalade Benson Olakunle-Soriyan. Pastor Nomthi later invited me to review her book, ‘No Don’t Touch Me There’ at the book launch. From there I was in the 2 Sunday services of our highly esteemed local assembly preaching the iProtect™ Gospel. I have made close to 10 Missionary Journeys on the platform of her great NGO, Fundawazi Foundation, reaching children and teachers, particularly from the public school sector, which provides an opportunity to give back to the society.

Dr. Mrs. Femi OGUNSANYA, who I today call Mum and Mentor, heard me for the first time in 2011, when I was in her highly esteemed institution of learning, Oxbridge Tutorial College to deliver The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution, our program for helping teachers to be Child-Centred. From that day she became a committed believer in the iProtect™ Gospel and she invited me to the APEN platform. I have been on that platform doing plenary and breakout sessions at APEN Conferences, APEN Teachers Conferences and Parents Forum. I was still there on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Not only that, I have been back to Oxbridge Tutorial College again and again…I was introduced to Dr. Mrs. Ogunsanya by Ms. Chizoba Imoka, an awesome lady, young, dynamic and public spirited.

It is at APEN I met Ms. Folawe OMIKUNLE, when she served as the Executive Secretary. She is today of Teach4Nigeria doing exploits and raising the bar of Public Education in Nigeria, practically showing what can be done instead of complaining about what cannot be done. She is an ardent believer in the cause of the iProtect™ Gospel. She is my friend and sister, a close one for that matter.

Ms. Bukky Orenuga took over from Ms. Folawe OMIKUNLE. She is simply wonderful human being, committed to the cause of the iProtect™ Gospel. She has her own personal story from where she draws inspiration and persuasions. She keeps mentioning us to schools that we are the option when it comes to developing Child Protection System, codifying same into policy and training their workforce. She has become a sister.

Mrs. Ibironke Olatokunbo ADEYEMI, Managing Director of Chirsland Schools and her amiable sister, Mrs. Oye, heard me for the first time in 2012. I have since then been invited to all their schools to train again and again, training teachers, leaders and parents. I have worked with them under our TiP to establish for their highly esteemed institution of learning Child Protection System, codified into Child Protection Policy. Apart from that we have done a review of the policy again. I tell you in a most unequivocal manner, I have met few schools, who are as committed to Child Protection like Chirsland. Trust me.

Mrs. Bola KALEJAIYE heard me for the first time in 2012 and today she is my friend and sister. My missionary journey to her highly esteemed institution of learning are today countless subscribing to our TiP and more and sending teachers, leaders and caregivers for our programs. She often says, ‘I have met only few people, who are as passionate about the rights of children like Mr. AKINLAMI.’

Mrs. Kehinde NWANI heard me first in 2012. I have been introduced to her highly esteemed institution of learning by my friend, Ola OPESAN, who we shared platform together at the 2011 APEN Conference. On that glorious day, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™, I received a cheque 25% above the agreed fee. I have been invited back again and again and the invitation has extended to Meadow Hall Consult. Mr. OPESAN had also introduced me to James Hope College Agbor, establishing TiP for them.

Mrs. Lai KOIKI heard me for the first time at APEN Conference 2011, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution. I have today made at least 5 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning, particularly speaking to their students, apart from the fact that they have invested in our in-house programs and subscribed to our TiP, working with the entire workforce, leaders, teaching, non-teaching and support staff.

I met Mama Adun Akinyemiju through my friend and sister, Mrs. Febisola Oladimeji Okonkwo, who listened to me for the first time in Ibadan, Oyo State where I have gone to inaugurate Child Protection Network for UNICEF in 2011. Mrs. OKONKWO insisted that I must meet her elder sister. I was later in Dansol College to disseminate The TeacherFIRE Revolution and today I have been to Dansol again and again, working with teachers, leaders, parents and students.

Pastor Mrs. Olubukoya OLADIYUN, a greatly blessed school leader heard me for the first time at the State Conference of the Association of Christian Schools International, which held on the premises of CLAM, Ojodu. She later invited me as a guest speaker at the graduation ceremony of her highly esteemed institution of learning, J-NISSI School. I have made total of 5 Missionary Journeys to her educational and religious platforms.

Mrs. Olubunmi EGBEYEMI of The Foreshore School, Ikoyi listened to me at APEN Conference in 2013. She later invited me to speak to parents and guests at the re-branding program of the school. I have since then made other 5 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning…They have subscribed to TiP and The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution. Her highly esteemed institution of learning is the only one, as at today, which has exposed the entire workforce to Case Management She is the only school as at todayI am glad today to call her a friend and sister.

I met Alhaji Abdulsalam Sani while facilitating School Leadership Program for the British Council in Lagos in 2015. He came all the way from Zamani College, Kaduna with another colleague. Immediately, Alhaji Sani became a strong and vociferous believer in the iProtect™ Gospel and introduced us to his school. I ended up making a Missionary Journey to the highly esteemed institution of learning, establishing our Tip, training the entire workforce, spending 4 days in the city, including a having a session with their distinguished parents. Mrs. Josephine Mohammed, the Director and Principal of the school stood out as an usual believer as she stayed through all the sessions of the TiP program.

Mrs. Felecia Olawore runs two highly esteemed institution of learning in Ikorodu, Lagos, Perfecter International School and Yetville Nursery and Primary School. She signed up for our academy in 2013 and instantly became an ardent believer in the iProtect™ Gospel, registering participants in their multiples for our program, including The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution.

Mrs. Bolajoke FALORE of MindBuilders School listened to me at the 2013 APEN Conference and I have since made 5 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning since then, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and TiP and S.A.F.E™ for Me for children and teenagers of the institution.

Mama Clementina Abeke DOREGOS, founder, Saint Bernadette Educational Services heard me for the first time at the APEN Conference 2013 and few weeks after invited me on my first Missionary Journey to the highly esteemed institution of learning. Apart from the fact that they are subscribers to TiP, I have made at least 3 Missionary Journeys to their schools.

Mrs. Olaleye of Taqwa Private Schools introduced us to the school and we have made 2 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and establishing the TiP. In the course of our Missionary Journeys, I met Alhaja M.M. Alimi, the Director of the schools, who became an instant believer in the iProtect™ and signed up personally for our iProtect™ Academy.

Mrs. Oluwayomi ONABANJO runs one of the most effective preschool and after school educational institute in Magodo GRA Phase 2, Lagos. In fact she pioneered after school program in that area and arguably in Lagos State. I visited the school the first time to do a session with parents. I have been there again and again. They have also subscribed to our TiP.

Oluwayomi ONABANJO introduced us to Mrs. Dayo ONABOWALE of Treasure House, Ilupeju. We have made 3 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and also establishing TiP. The school also continues to send participants for our programs.

Mr. Olakunle Soriyan, brother, friend and mentor, whose contribution to our work has been prodigiously invaluable and unparalleled linked with Temple School under the leadership of Mrs Shirley Okharedia in 2010. I have made 3 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution, speaking to parents and being a guest speaker at their graduation ceremony in a particular year.

Mrs Mary IYAYI of Carley College Ikeja was introduced to our programs by Mrs. Debola ATOYEBI of Heritage House School, who attended our in-house program in Child Rights and Protection in 2010.

Mrs. ATOYEBI became a very strong believer in our cause and I made 3 Missionary Journeys to the school and 1 to her Church. Besides, she introduced us to school leaders, who ended up subscribing to our programs. One of them is Mrs. Iyayi…She stands out…I have made 1 Missionary Journey to her school…But one striking thing is that she granted one of the Students, we are supporting under our Scholarship Program, a scholarship till the end of her secondary school…She is generous soul.

Mrs. Debola ATOYEBI also linked us with Mrs. Ifueko Omowunmi THOMAS when she was Head of School, Corona Trust Council School, Victoria Island. Mrs. THOMAS embraced us immediately and became a believer in the iProtect™ Gospel. I made 2 Missionary Journeys to Corona School, Victoria Island, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and having a session with the parents. Mrs. Funto IGUN later became a believer in our cause when she was the Executive Director of Corona Trust Council, exposing teachers from all the Corona Schools to The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution. I have also made a Missionary Journey to Corona School, Lekki Ajah, preaching the Gospel parents.

Mrs. Folasade ADEFISAYO, an astute educationist and one of the most down-to-heart persons I have ever met and Mrs. Olayinka ROTIMI-PAUL, a very progressive minded school leader facilitated the establishment of TiP with SEF and the participation of the school in our S.A.F.E™ program for Boarding Schools. Mrs. Folashade ADEFISAYO had introduced me to Mrs. ROTIMI-PAUL.

Pastor Olubola and Mrs. Omobola Olubola are such a great couple and a blessing to the educational sector and the cause of the Gospel according to iProtect™. Pastor Olubola listened to me at the LEARN program, organized by the former first lady of Lagos State, Her Excellency, Mrs. Fashola. He is one of the most humble human beings I seen on the face of the earth. Apart from the fact that they have continued to subscribe to our in-house programs, I have made 3 Missionary Journeys to WINSMART, their highly esteemed institution of learning. I have also led my team to disseminate our TiP.

My brother and friend, Praise Oladimeji Fowowe
committed believer in the iProtect™ Gospel introduced me to Master Care International School, Asaba under the leadership of Her Excellency Roli UDUAGHAN. The School subscribed to our TiP. I have made 2 Missionary Journeys to the school and made a friend in Engineer Adeleke.

Mrs Simbo Banjo, very progressive leader received The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution proposal and invited us for a discussion. From that discussion, the highly esteemed institution of learning signed up for 3 of our programs, The TeacherFIRE Revolution, iProtect™ for School Leaders and parents. I did 3 Missionary Journeys to the institution of learning.

I made my first Missionary Journey to Rainbow College, a member of Pampers Group of Schools in the year 2000 or thereabouts, when my long-time sister and friend, Mrs. Biola Lediju-Efuwape introduced our program, which is now known as S.A.F.E™ 4 ME to the teenagers of the college. I think 11 years after, our return to the highly esteemed institution of learning was facilitated by her Human Resources Manager, Mrs. Banke Odejayi, who upon receiving our proposal invited us to disseminate to the entire workforce The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution. Very humble and open-minded she is. I have since then met Mrs. Philomena Obajimi, Director of Studies, an ardent believer in the iProtect™ Gospel and my brother, Mr. Ayokunle Adejumo, who headed the Lekki School and they became facilitators of more Missionary Journeys to the institutions. As at today I have made 4 Missionary Journeys to the institution.

Pastor Mrs. Becky Attah heard me for the first time at the Church of God Mission Women’s Conference in 2016 and became a dedicated believer in the iProtect™ That same year she invited me to her highly institution of learning, Mandate Schools to preach the Gospel to her distinguished parents. There I met her dearly beloved husband Rev. Attah, who immediately signed up for our iProtect™ Academy and enrolled the school for our TiP. We have made 2 Missionary Journeys to the schools and have also received their teachers in our programs.

I met Mr. and Mrs, Seye AYOADE at the Association of Christian Schools International Conference, where they listened to me for the first time in 2013. Thereafter these greatly blessed and exemplary couple invited me to their Parenting Seminar I think that same year. has invited me to her school twice and I have also made a Missionary Journey to Apata Memorial School, Isolo and they have participated in our in-house programs.

Mrs. Kikelomo David met me at Mrs. Enitan AYOADE 40th Birthday. Before then her association, Association of Christian Schools International had invited me to Uyo for their annual conference and we could not agree on the modalities of the engagement. This unusually gracious woman, having listened to me speak briefly at the birthday program went back to Uyo and put herself on the line. It was a divine encounter and I made that Missionary Journey, won many disciples and have since returned to the city on her ticket for two other Missionary Journeys. Today, she is my friend and sister.

Mrs.Yinka Ogunde is a rare gem and a major player within the educational system in Nigeria. I met her for the first time at the rebranding program of The Foreshore School, Ikoyi, where she listened to me few years ago. She has come to become a believer in our cause, providing platforms for the dissemination of same. She today a family. At short notice she was on ground to unveil our S.A.F.E™ Instructional Materials at our Public Presentation on November 20, 2017.

Mrs. Bisi Awoyomi is today a dear sister and friend. I met her as the Project Manager of LEARN, the NGO established by Her Excellency, former first lady of Lagos State, Mrs Fashola. I ended up working with LEARN for close to a decade…LEARN has continued to vibrantly exist after her tenure as the first lady. I made nothing less than 15 Missionary Journeys on the LEARN platforms on a mission to many institutions of learning and their precious children, particularly within the public school sector, disseminating The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution, S.A.F.E™ 4 Me and other programs, including doing the Votes of Thanks at the Time Out With Youth when Dr. Myles Monroe was the guest speaker. It was on the platform of LEARN that I met Her Excellency, Mrs. Sarah Adebisi SOSAN, the former deputy governor of Lagos State, who invited me to her constituency in Ojo LGA to speak to the youths in the 2017 edition of her yearly Youth Empowerment program.

EduAID is a mission of Covenant Christian Center. It is led by Dr. Femi Orawusi. I spoke at their Teacher Conference, addressing nothing less than 5,000 teachers.The organization has participated in our in our Boot Camp and Dr. Orawusi was present at the Public Presentation of our S.A.F.E™ Instructional Materials, ordering copies for the personal and organizational use. Today, I can call him a friend and brother.

What can I say about Mr. Pope (formerly of Grange Schools) and Mrs. Morenike Olaosebikan, believers in the iProtect™ Gospel under whose leadership we were invited to Grange Schools to disseminate The TeacherFIRE™ and trained the entire workforce on Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment for Children. I have since made 4 Missionary Journeys to the highly esteemed institution of learning.

As I bring this long epistle to an end, the longest I think I have ever written, I must mention Dr. Mrs. Maggie Ibru, who to her school I have made 3 Missionary Journeys, disseminating TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and spending a whole day with her students sharing the IMDSMARTTESSTT™ principles to the applause and admiration of the youngsters. I had met Dr. Mrs. Maggie Ibru at a program and later requested for a meeting and without much ado, I was before her and right at that meeting she became sold to the iProtect™ Gospel and engaged us immediately.

Space betrays me to talk about my fruitful and consistent interactions with ardent believers like Mrs. RonkePosh Adeniyi Le Poshe, who heard me first at the 2014 Conference of the International Schools Educators of Nigeria, signed up for our academy, invited me to her school and subscribed to The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution and gave us her school hall to host our monthly iProtect™ Forum in response to the clamour of our members to come to the Island; the British Council, Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, under the able leadership of my friend and sister, Lola Vivor Adeniyi; Office of Public Defenders, where my friend and sister, Mrs. Salami holds effective sway; Child to Child Network, under able leadership of my very personal person, Ngozi Ekwerike Okoro; Mirabel Centre, under the able and exceptional leadership of Mrs. Itoro Eze-Anaba; Osun, Oyo and Lagos State Governments.

I will not fail to mention Rotimi Eyitayo, an exceptionally intelligent man, holding sway over TeamMaster and a committed believer in the iProtect™ Gospel, who makes himself available for brainstorming sessions and does not fail to check on me from time to time as we cross-fertilize idea on school matters. He was the one who linked us with The dynamic and beautiful SafetyChic, Ms. Ugochi Obidiegwu the organizer of School Safety Summit, The SafetyChic was on ground as a volunteer as our S.A.F.E™ Conference held on World Children’s Day, November 20, 2017; Mrs Oluwakemi OLUWAGUNNA, who I met at the meeting of Zonal Leaders of Association of Christian Schools International called by Pastor Mrs. Bukola Oladiyun and has been of great support for our cause, registering for our programs and to her highly esteemed institution of learning, Elias International School, I have made 2 Missionary Journeys; Dr. Mrs. Pauline Johnson, who to her highly esteemed institution of learning we have made 3 Missionary Journeys, Mrs. Yinka Somoye, who to her institution of learning we have made
3 Missionary Journeys; Mrs. Temitope Ogunniyi who is a member of our academy and has at a personal level invested in our programs, including The TeacherFIRE™ Revolution, having found us on Social Media and searchd us out. Mr. Okere Ucheci, who met me in the school, where he teaches, became an instant ardent believer, signing up for our iProtect™ Academy and who has today invested in almost all of our programs, bought our products for others and promotes our works everywhere he goes; Mrs. Morenike OBOT, who met me at her church and became an ardent and unflinching believer in the iProtect™ Gospel, becoming a member of the iProtect™ Academy, investing in many of our programs and has made countless pilgrimage to our LEAD™ Haven to attend our programs; Mrs. Ayo Ayeni, who heard me at Apata Montessori School and has since followed fully, subscribing to our iProtect™ Academy, give priceless advice on creating media presence for our programs and has also made many pilgrimage to our LEAD™ Haven, the last being the S.A.F.E™ Boot CAMP in 2017; Mr. Femi ABIOYE, a school leader and a member of our iProtect™ Academy and has made at least 3 pilgrimages to our LEAD™ Haven in solidarity with the iProtect™ Gospel; Ms. Queenette Itsemhe Enilama a teacher indeed, who heard me for the first time in 2016, became a member of our iProtect Academy and invested in our other programs like our S.A.F.E™ Boot CAMP at a time when I knew it was not convenient.

Finally, I hereby succumb to space and time and say a big thank you to other distinguished individuals, who have one way or the other facilitated our Missionary Journeys to too-numerous-to-mention institutions of learning to count. May God bless you all.

I keep asking, why these quality and established individuals and institutions keep desiring our message. I believe, it is God’s GRACE and FAVOUR. And to GOD, I am most profoundly grateful and to these great persons and blessed organizations, I am not less grateful. The Lord, WHOSE I am and WHOM I serve is your exceeding rewards as you partner with us to Secure A Friendly and Protective Environment for our precious children within the private and public school sectors.

The rolling of drums continues as I count down to the day as I trust God for time to pen down more gratitude to individuals and other organisations.

Do have an INSPIRED day.
Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUKWU’ AKINLAMI (The Preacher) T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami


Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister, British middle-distance athlete, doctor and academic, who ran the first sub-four-minute mile dies at 88…CNN reported ‘Sir Roger Gilbert Bannister died today surrounded by his family members.’ So it was reported of Nelson Mandela, Lee Kuan Yew, Mohammed Ali and Billy Graham…This again shows that the most critical time of our lives, where we prepare to bid the world goodbye, the most important people in our lives are the ones that will be with us and they are family…There is not better goodbye than the one said by the closest people to us, family…

That is why a person’s greatest investment in life must be his/her family…I think our first aspiration in life should be to serve our families and be the hero of our family, knowing that any heroism that does not begin from home is an hypocritical fluke…

I guess that is why the father of Bill Gates, Bill Gates Snr, a successful civil rights lawyer and social interventionist submits in his book, Showing Up For Life as follows “I believe that being parent is one of the most important jobs any of us will ever undertake…I have often said that the most rewarding part of my life by far has been raising children and being part of a family.’ I, The Preacher has since edited my epitaph to read, ‘He lies the remains of Taiwo OLUWAWEMIMO Peter ODINAKACHUKWU AKINLAMI, who put his family first and serve same under GOD as an example for his world to emulate and be a better place…’

This is just a food for thought from The Preacher as we approach a new week. Do have an INSPIRED week. I am yours IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS AFRICAN CHILDREN, The Preacher

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