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  1. Mr Akinlami, sir, I just listenened to you on STARFM this morning and I’m thrilled by your passion for child protection and, especially, your depth of knowledge about child psychology. God bless you
    immensely for what you are doing. Sir, I would like to be a part of what you are doing because it strikes my appeal. I have been doing something similar at a micro level. I am going to deliver a speech on a related topic at a valedictory service of the sec. school I teach on July 24 and I think I your articles that I find here will be of great value to me. Thank you. Moreover, Sir, I will like to mail a soft copy of the book I wrote that bother on child welfare to you for perusal and advice if you will find the time to do so, sir.

    • Wonderful time with you sir, ever since i met you @ LEARN & LTC, its been great, keep the good works.

  2. I listened to you today on Star FM and I am greatly thrilled as God used you to shift my Paradigm from daily complaints to daily value addition. I am a young Minster and an Engineer as well with a passion to see young persons succeed in their God guided endeavor. i just hope that the good Lord continue to strengthen and inspire you and with people like you, I can comfortably say Nigeria has a Gideon, a Jephthah and other time changing leaders…SHALOM!

    • Dear Brother thank you for your comment. Your kind words of encouragement are well appreciated. They are not taken for granted at all. We thank God for His mercies. Do have an INSPIRED week. Shalom!

  3. Another Fountaineer doing great works…….just stumbled on your blog and recognized the face- I worshiped at the fountain of life church , up until 2004 when I relocated from Lagos.. Keep up the good work sir..

  4. I Have passion for child education most especially girl child education. Pls how can i join your team?

  5. Sir, if you see this. I think there is a child that needs help around my neighborhood.

    He apparently stays with the step mum, but this woman uses every opportunity to molest and dehumanize the little child, all in the name of discipline. My heart bleeds everytime this happens. I can’t take it anymore.

    Please reach out if you can and save this poor child.

    • You can advocate for him…..take a bold step involve th police .there is always human right aadvocate Round them.they ll help.i have tried it n it worked

  6. Mr. Akinlami, good day. Can I have your phone number and e mail for invitation to a seminar on child protection and allied matters in Nigeria, the story so far. Send to trustfield @yahoo.com

    • Greetings,pls l will love to come Nigeria personally and attend the Bayelsa State August program. my contacts +256758068189, +2348939319607.

  7. Sir Taiwo greetings,please l am very grateful for the activities with regards to child protection network,meanwhile,l am in Republic of Uganda,but l want you to forward my name for the forthcoming yenagoa program by August,because l will love to attend. Frank Funkeye Sapele(Lecturer)

  8. Good morning sir, I listened to you on sunrise daily on channels. Am pleased. Bashir.

  9. Dear Sir,I would have love to be able to express myself better than this but don’t know how. I follow most of your comment on Facebook and mostly when you re being invited to speak on Wakeup Nigeria by TVC.Anytime I hear u speak on Child protection,child education,exposure,sexuality etc something rise up inside of me. In short,I want to be part of this, I want to learn,I want to be equipped,I want to also help spread this kind of “gospel” if I can put it that way.
    I am Rhoda

      • Dear Taiwo,
        Thank you for all you are doing, not only for the children and people of Nigeria, but the entire humankind. I sincerely appreciate your tireless effort through Taiwo Akinlami Academy, your wonderful institution.

        I am Alfred in Uganda, British Council Facilitator. You’ll recall that we attended many British Council training of trainers’ programs in the last decade !

        I may visit Lagos in August 2020, but of course I will let you know when confirmed.

        My kindest regards to you family and dad Alfred (whom you always told me about).

        Best wishes.

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