FROM Rediscovered Citizenship™ WITH ENCOURAGEMENT

The 2nd edition of our Rediscovered Citizenship™ held on Friday, February 26, 2016 at The LEAD™ Haven & Research Crib…

It was a The LEAD™ Dialogue, which  primary aim is to strengthen our IDEOLOGICAL base as socially conscious people working as personnel of NGOs, FBOs, CBOs, Social Enterprises, Governments and international organizations or individual volunteers to a noble causes.

It was great time of fruitful interactions…We discussed the link between Personal Identity and National Identity and established Private and Public SOCIALIZATION as the inevitable FOUNDATION of both.

We made it clear that the study of our SOCIALIZATION without a careful study of our history as a people once colonised will not only be incomplete but misleading…We established the historical truth that the primary agenda of colonisation was simply ECONOMIC INTERESTS of the colonial authorities and GOVERNANCE was just a means of managing the original ECONOMIC interest… This ECONOMIC INTERESTS were expressed in recruiting us as labourers for their companies through slave trade and establishing the colonies as viable and veritable markets for their products and services. We established that to control the ECONOMIC life of a people and fully dictate the direction and ultimate use of their purchasing power, you must program their SOCIAL life to see the possession your products and services in inevitable abundance as the only definition of their MEANING and RELEVANCE in life …Therefore our YEARNINGS, HOPES & ASPIRATIONS were programmed to be in accordance with the ECONOMIC, SOCIAL and POLITICAL interests of the colonial masters. The system and nature of Government established by the colonial forces was also to enforce a SOCIALIZATION that patterned all of our desires after their own desires.

We established that CITIZENSHIP as majority of us see it today is as defined by the colonial masters, who with the active but ignorant collaboration of our ‘founding fathers,’ deceived us that INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM are of same character. Unknown to us INDEPENDENCE only focuses on the colonial masters vacating our lands but FREEDOM begins with the discovery or rediscovery of our personal and national HERITAGE and IDENTIFY as a people and an unalloyed commitment to defend same by all organized and peaceful means necessary. With INDEPENDENCE, the colonial masters only changed location but did not change their ORIGINAL ECONOMIC AGENDA, replacing COLONIALISM with NEO-COLONIALISM and securing same by leaving behind INSTITUTIONS and TOOLS, designed to effectively oil constantly, the fortified engine of COLONIAL MENTALITY.

We opined that as the Third World people, we must make a commitment to invest in our FREEDOM and accept the foregoing as our number one priority as a people.

Finally we established that Citizenship begins with PERSONAL and NATIONAL IDENTITY…We found that Citizenship, when predicated on true PERSONAL and NATIONAL identity is the HIGHEST STATUS and NUMBER ONE Personal Social Responsibility of every member of the state. We concluded that Citizenship when rediscovered in the order enumerated above is the key to PATRIOTISM and PATRIOTISM is the key to MEANINGFUL and ENDURING PRODUCTIVITY in the noble cause of Personal/Public Social Responsibility.

We started at 9.00AM and ended at about 5.30PM and it was as if we shouldn’t round up as the participants testified that there were no dull moments…We took our A Social Conscience CLARITY Exercise and every participant developed a Social Conscience CLARITY STATEMENT (SCCS)…We recommended further readings, including the E-book we promised.

As much as we tried to share here, the taste of the PUDDING is still in the EATING…We look forward to your participation in the next The LEAD™ Dialogue.

In conclusion,  permit me to place on record the following people and organizations, who participated in the program: LEAP Africa, Compassionate Orphanage Home, Chamagne Foundation, Save the Child, Save the Nation Foundation, Revive Afrique, Women & Cross Border Trade, Funfit Ventures, Pastor Yemi AKINSETE of Faith Foundation Church, Pastor Yinka SANNI of RCCG, Mrs. Tola GBOGBOADE, Mr. Oluwaseyi FAKOYA, Mr. Owoyemi DAVID, Ms. Patricia OGAJE, Mr. Oludare MULERO, Teacher with Queensland School, Okota, last but not the least, my dear friend, Tatenda MAKONI, Child Protection Specialist from UNICEF, Abuja.

Finally, I will like to thank our team under the leadership of our able and amiable Executive Director, Oluwafunmilayo AKINLAMI, whose exemplary and sacrificial commitment was the prerequisite ingredient to the success of the outing, Damilola ADEYEMI, whose tenacity, hard and smart work are priceless gift and encouragement, Damilola OTAIKU, whose commitment to the cause is commendable, Uche ADIM, whose meticulousness and innovation made all the difference and Ms. Raymond, whose attention to details, worked wonders and for everyone, who really wanted to be with us but were unavoidably unavailable, we thank you and look forward to receiving you in the next program.

Thank dear believes for taking time to read this treatise. Do have an INSPIRED week.
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Welcome to The LEAD™ Dialogue

oOne of the highlights of The Rediscovered Citizenship™ LEAD™ Dialogue, holding on Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 is The Social Conscience CLARITY Exercise (SCCE), which aim is to help participants achieve unique Social Conscience CLARITY STATEMENTS (SCCS)…Below, The Preacher shares a sample:

YOU: I am Taiwo Akinlami, a family and public spirited fellow, Public Interest Lawyer; my CORE IDEOLOGY STATEMENT (CIS) is: Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement™

Your WORLD: I live in the Third World but I am not of the Third World, for I DEAL ONLY in WORLD CLASS Matters, with the CREATOR-ENERGISED SPIRIT for TRUTH, FREEDOM. LOYALTY & ORIGINALITY IN all, WITH all and FOR all

Your SOCIAL CAUSE: Legal Enlightenment and Social Development (LEAD™); I believe in the DEMOCRATISATION of the KNOWLEDGE of THE LAW as an INSTRUMENT of SOCIAL CHANGE as the INEVITABLE KEY to SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, knowing that THE LAW RULES ALL THINGS

Your CROSS: I. Constant PERSONAL STRUGGLES with the willingness to err on the side of voicing THE TRUTH OF MY CONSCIENCE as it is clear to me at all times; II: The GROSS IGNORANCE and SELF-DELUSION of an average THIRD WORLDER (particularly, young people), who seems to have replaced the LIMITLESS CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES of the HUMAN MIND when exerted under GOD with vain and emotional conjectures, wishful thinking and acceptance of the Third World status as a fait accompli


A Social Conscience CLARITY STATEMENT (SCCS) is the inevitable key to fulfilling, effective and enduring social engagements as NGOs, FBOs CBOs, Social Workers, Volunteers, CSR department of companies, Government Functionaries etc. SCCS also makes leadership, which duty is to teach vision and keep inspiration alive easy and legacy a FORESEEABLE REALITY.

Other deliverables include: I. E-Book: My Social Conscience CLARITY Diary (1988-2016) by Taiwo Akinlami; II. Rich Seminar Materials; III. Certificate of Participation; IV. Quality Facilitation V. Tea Break & Lunch VI. Networking Opportunities VII. Post-Seminar Support Services

For registration details, please call or text 08188273490; 08186830275 or email

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI, sober on my knees today and looking forward to receiving you and your representatives on Friday, February 26, 2016. Do have an INSPIRED week
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First, I will like to dedicate this piece to the LOVE of my life, the wife of my youth, Oluwafunmilayo Afolashade Elisabeth AKINLAMI, who I love dearly and in whom I am well pleased.

I wish you all, distinguished readers and duty bearers a great Valentine’s Day celebration with your loved ones.

Today, I will like to talk about LOVE but not in the general regard…My focus is LOVE for our precious children. Though, I believe that LOVE for our precious children is a daily affair, I beg to use the opportunity of Valentine’s Day celebration to nudge our conscience about the CRITICAL subject of LOVE as our precious children perceive it.

LOVE surely means many things to many people, depending on their state in life…The greatest lovers are those who know how to show it, thereby touching the core of the heart of the loved…Many are self-acclaimed lovers, who have frustrated the ones, they love because they lack the skill to touch the heart of the loved. In turn, many lovers are frustrated that they are not able to reach the core of the ones they love.

It is important to note that LOVE is not an end in itself…It is a means to an end…The end of LOVE is to successfully invest in the DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON of the LOVED…Helping the LOVED to see his/her invaluable worth under GOD.

It seems anyone or everyone, who seeks to LOVE genuinely knows that LOVE GIVES of itself and substances…But, I think the greatest challenge for even genuine lovers is WHAT to GIVE, WHEN to GIVE and HOW to GIVE it…WHAT to GIVE, WHEN to GIVE and HOW to GIVE it will depend on the lover’s accurate understanding of the person of the loved and his/her core needs thereof…

The foregoing separates the impulsive lovers from skillful and calculated lovers. This is the difference between God, the greatest and perfect LOVER, who HIMSELF is also LOVE and man.

LOVE, to our precious children means just two things: ATTENTION and APPRECIATION. ATTENTION and APPRECIATION is an INVALUABLE investment in the DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON of our precious children. It is also a SACRIFICIAL commitment to helping our precious children to DISCOVER and DEFEND the eternal truth that they are made in very IMAGE and LIKENESS of GOD.

The meat of today’s admonition is that as primary and secondary caregivers, until LOVE for our precious children becomes one number one PRIORITY, we will only pay lip service to same. The beginning of making LOVING our precious children a conscious PRIORITY is our clear understanding of what LOVE means to children.

How do we measure PRIORITY? I think I will dedicate the whole of next week to sharing on this very important part of our discussion.

Do have an INSPIRED Valentine Celebration with your LOVED ones.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I am Sober on my KNEES on this LORD’S Day
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RediscoveredCITIZENSHIP: Key to Meaningful and Enduring Social Contributions and Interventions

Today, I really caught between two opinions, whether to do this piece or not. I suddenly began to feel that maybe I bother my readers with too much of my ideology week in week out…Again, I thought to myself that I have always received commendation and encouragement for the thoughts I share on the platforms God has magnanimously given me. Though, I have received useful and priceless suggestions and constructive criticism, I am yet to be told I constitute a nuisance to the precious people, whose space I post my thoughts.

To put this feeling to rest however, I have decided to bring it to the public domain for a Public Declaratory Order(PDO)…I desire your sincere response to this self-instigated PDO: Do I have your permission, great people to continue to post to your space, my thoughts on Legal Enlightenment and Social Development, which covers Childhood Preservation and Protection Culture, The LAWPRENEURSHIP Academy, ProjectSEA, Public Interest Career Development Initiative? I earnestly await your sincere responses.

On Friday, February 26, 2016, I will take the stand again at The LEAD Haven & Research Crib to lead discussion at our LEAD Talk event. The focus of discussion is the RediscoveredCITIZENSHIP. We believe that the key to any meaningful social intervention is the discovery of your true identity as a citizen in a Third World Country in the historical definition of a State and its purpose of existence.

Almost all of my adult life has prepared me as an authority you may not want to ignore on this matter. I have been around the Organized Social Work Sector from my teen years, learning under the Gamaliels of the sector one-on-one…I picked up the gauntlet to lead a Social Intervention in the area of Legal Enlightenment and Social Development(LEAD) 19 years ago and we have measurable results to show for it, validated by local and international ‘POWER CENTERS,’ to use the words of @olakunlesoriyan. Lives have been transformed in their thousands through our works and our influence keeps expanding within and outside the sectors.

If you desire to challenge the STATUE QUO and you want to do it with abundance of results, we can help in no small way. At the RediscovredCITIZENSHIP LEAD Talk, we will help you to discover and accept as an undeniable truth that the first STATUS QUO you must challenge and subdue is your personal worldview of social engagements in the Third World. Once you are able to Challenge and subdue your own STATUS QUO, you are on your path to enviable and unprecedented results in all of your social concerns.

For who is this program? It is for the leaders and workforce of NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, Social Enterprises, Government Agencies and their Functionaries functionaries at all levels, social workers, Students Union Leaders and other youth leaders etc.

To register, kindly follow the instructions on our handbill or reach us through the details below.

Next week, I will be sharing with you verbatim the experience of those who attended the last edition from very reputable organizations.

Do have an INSPIRED week.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I am Sober on my knees on this LORD’S Day
C) 2016 by Taiwo AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved
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My friend and sister, Ronke Adeniyi ‘poshpartypacks’ shared a video of a child being battered on Facebook…It is unimaginable what was being done to the very small child, who couldn’t have been more than 4 years old…The woman perpetrating the abuse is obviously very sick…I do not think she’s mentally balanced…She and and the child, being physically and emotionally abused need serious help…This is VERY PATHETIC…Yet VERY COMMON…There are countless other children suffering worst kinds of abuse both at LOWEST and the UPPERMOST CRUST of our society and far removed from the lenses of the camera…We are a people already ROBBED of our DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON and FREEDOM…Our children are mostly at the receiving of our SOCIAL MENTAL DISORDER or DAMAGE(SMD)…I think that is why those who film children being abused these days are more interested in filming the abuse and broadcasting same than rescuing the child from being abused? What society does that? To extol SENSATIONALISATION of abuse over the  PROTECTION of the CHILD and his/her CHILDHOOD?

It is being advocated that the woman must be arrested…I agree WHOLLY…But you see, her arrest does not help the child she already abused…His/her CHILDHOOD is already truncated, except there is divine intervention…
For others, who are yet to be abused, her arrest  may make sense but to the child, who is already abused, it is medicine after death…

You see, I don’t want us to miss the point I am laboriously trying to make…The real POINT in ISSUE is that our PRECIOUS CHILDREN are being abused and ROBBED of their CHILDHOOD by the very people, who are to protect them. I also submit that the abuser are not necessarily WICKED, they only lack a CULTURE of CHILDHOOD PROTECTION and PRESERVATION because they were raised and living in a continent that has no CULTURE of RESPECT for DIGNITY of HUMAN PERSON…
What shall we do when a PROTECTOR becomes a PREDATORS because they do not know better?
I think I have an idea…This is my EUREKA MOMENT…Yes finally, I have found it,after 19 years of toiling in the wilderness of finding last PUBLIC INTEREST SOLUTIONS for an ENDURING PROTECTION and PRESERVATION of the CHILDHOOD of PRECIOUS CHILDRENR…
We must strengthen the cord of ENLIGHTENMENT, which is SUPERIOR to ENFORCEMENT…
Those who are enlightened must make a commitment to empower others…We want to disseminate the findings of this EUREKA MOMENT in a series of program we have slated to begin on Saturday, February 13, 2016…It is FRESH and DIVINELY INSPIRED and we shall share NEW and RADICAL THOUGHTS on Building an ENDURING CHILDHOOD PROTECTION and PRESERVATION CULTURE in AFRICA…Mind Your language…As a dear mentor, @olakunlesoriyan will say, this is strictly for the BIG MINDS…Follow the details on the handbill and REGISTER now…Do have an INSPIRED day.