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Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement™


We are Barristers and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, whose core areas of practice in the last 20 years have been Social Development and Child Rights and Responsibilities, Care and Protection, Childhood Preservation and Family Strengthening, and working with local and international organizations as researchers, facilitators and consultants like UNICEF, the British Council, UNFPA, SOS Children Villages International, Federal and Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti, Edo, and Delta States Governments, just to mention a few. Law and its social impact on society is critical and foundational to our solutions and our qualification as legal practitioners empowers us to effectively operate in these area?


Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy is registered with CAC with RC Number 999162 with the following leading objectives, ‘to run an academy as a social enterprise, which provides services in the area of empowerment and enlightenment on the protection and safety of children, law and entrepreneurship, general legal enlightenment, personal and corporate social responsibilities to individuals, families, local and international organizations in the private and public sectors through consulting, short-term and long-term certificate and non-certificate training programs, certifications, conferences and legal representation before and outside the courts of law.

3. WHAT IS YOUR OVERALL SOCIAL BACKGROUND AND PROOF OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF YOUR SOLUTIONS?  Taiwo AKINLAMI’s divinely-guided and courageous journey from the seemingly insurmountable impact of truncated CHILDHOOD (marked with untold and bizarre forms of abuses, both from the hands of his primary and secondary caregivers) to transformed adulthood began in February 16, 1997, when he had an unforgettable encounter with God.

It is instructive to note that the principles of our Child Rights and Responsibilities, Care and Protection, Childhood Preservation and Family Strengthening solutions, being disseminated today on the many platforms of our Social Empowerment Advocacy™ (SEA)  flow from Taiwo AKINLAMI’s personal  discoveries as he sought total healing from the seemingly insurmountable impact of his truncated CHILDHOOD.

The efficacy of the Taiwo AKINLAMI’s discovered principles were first established for us by his healing experiences before they became subjects of further research efforts to find solutions, which directly speaks to the Third World, considering the fact that his experiences are situated within the Third World and are borne out of our peculiarities as peoples of a developing African continent.

We recognise that in matters of Child Rights and Responsibilities, Care and Protection, Childhood Preservation and Family Strengthening, principles may be universal by nature, but their effective application must be predicated on the Dominant Value System of the people, which must inform their legal and social frameworks, if the noble goal is to achieve enduring results.

Since 1997, over $500,000(Five Hundred Thousand Dollars) in human and financial investment have been made towards Social Empowerment Research efforts, aimed at further testing the efficacy the principles of Taiwo Akinlami’s personal transformation principles and their relevance to today’s Africans in their quest to provide adequate protection for the precious African Child.


By the combined implication of paragraphs 1-3 above and most importantly that we are the creator and the intellectual property owner of all of our solutions, under an umbrella name, known as iProtect™, under local and international laws, therefore we are empowered by the law to share and certify interested people to train same solutions.

It is important to note that we are the SOURCE and PIONEER of our solutions in law and indeed and therefore, we are empowered under the law to share same with other interested people and empower them to share with others.

It is important to note that same way the international organizations like John C. Maxwell, Microsoft, FranklinCovey are the intellectual Property owners and pioneers of the solutions on which they certify interested people so Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy owns the intellectual property to her solutions and disseminate same to individuals, local and international organizations and governments as we have done since 1997.

Our intellectual rights over our solutions can be likened to that which inventors have over their inventions. In this case, our solutions are SOCIAL INVENTIONS.


First, our certificate programs are to certify that you have received the KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE, being disseminated by us under our solutions and your effectiveness has been enhanced as primary and secondary caregivers and policy makers in the areas of Child Rights and Responsibilities, Care and Protection, Childhood Preservation and Family Strengthening, thereby creating a new Africa, where THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD is primary considerations in all things.

Our certification programs, are available for those who have completed our certificate programs. They are certify our participants to disseminate our programs, which the intellectual property we own under the law.

Our certificates may also be presented when it is requested anywhere as the basis upon which the certified person trained.

Certificate/Certifications of some members of our Academy and personnel trained by us have been accepted by reputable local and international organizations.


Presently, we have trained over 30,000 parents and caregivers and 15,000 young people from all walks of life, we have about 400 people in our iProtect™ Academy and have worked with hundreds of local and international organizations, like ACSI, AISEN, APEN, NAPPS, UNICEF, the British Council, SOS Children’s Villages International, Facebook, Google and others with outstanding results.


Since our solutions on Child Rights and Responsibilities, Care and Protection, Childhood Preservation and Family Strengthening, under the umbrella name of iProtect™, which are globally compliant and locally applicable, are CONSISTENTLY ACCEPTED and APPLAUDED as RELEVANT, EFFECTIVE and APPLICABLE in our field by REFERENCE, REPUTABLE, LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS and ARMS OF GOVERNMENT mentioned in paragraphs 1 & 8 above, it is therefore our ARDENT and JUSTIFIABLE BELIEF that same should be accepted to INDIVIDUALS, GOVERNMENTS and ORGANIZATIONS, who seek the advantage of an home-grown and applicable solutions to an internationally recognized subject matter of Child Rights and Responsibilities, Care and Protection, Childhood Preservation and Family Strengthening, thereby representing THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS AFRICAN CHILD at all times.


Our greatest advantage today is that ‘the taste of the pudding is always in the eating’ and the number one life transformed by our solutions is that of Taiwo AKINLAMI, our principal.

Above all, our greatest testimony is the lives of old and young, who have been transformed by our tested solutions.

Here are some testimonies of some of the reputable individuals and organizations, who have experienced our solutions.

‘Thank you again for all of your hard work in facilitating our 1st ever Child Protection awareness event for school counsellors. IT WAS INDEED A SUCCESS. Thanks to your participation and IMPRESSIVE FACILITATION SKILLS!  COMPLEX AND SENSITIVE CHILD PROTECTION MATERIALS were put forward in a PRACTICAL way that ENABLED PEOPLE to THINK CRITICALLY about their OWN RESPONSIBILITIES TO SAFEGUARD CHILDREN.’ Andrea Watkins, The British Council Interim Regional Child Protection Manager for Middle East & North Africa (MENA) & Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)(2016)

‘I commend your presentation. It was backed up with so much passion. We all found it very inspiring and will definitely recommend you to others.’ Dr. (Mrs.) C.O. Ogunsanya, Managing Director, Oxbridge Tutorial College, G.R.A. Ikeja and Chairman, Association of Private Educators of Nigeria (APEN) Board of Trustees

‘I like your approach to Child Protection; it is highly philosophical.’  Mor Dioum, Director of The Victoria Climbe Foundation, United Kingdom, Legal Practitioner and leading Child Protection Specialist

Taiwo Akinlami, you blew my mind with your speech and knowledge. I salute you for standing up for children. I am in awe!’

‘Taiwo Akinlami is one of the most inspiring speakers of our times. I still remember his speech of three years ago like it was yesterday! Wow Afrika’ Dr. Tererai Trent, Educationist and Founder Tinogona Foundation, Zimbabwe/USA.

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‘So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; MALE and FEMALE he created them.’

Genesis 1: 27

I am glad I am with you dear friends today as we journey on to the promised land of safety.

Most importantly I am happy that I will be sharing with you matters that have to do with gender and the rights we all have concerning same.

We need to consider these tips because gender is today is a touchy issue for young people particularly in Africa. The reason is that we live a society that is male dominated and many still nurse the backward notion that the girl child is inferior to the boy child.

This unfounded belief of the superiority of one gender over the other or inferiority of one gender to the other has passed from one generation to the other. It is sad that this belief is finding its way in the midst of today’s children and young people.

By virtue of what the society teaches, many young people believe today that they are superior just by the fact that they are boys. On the other hand many believe that they are inferior merely by the fact that they are girls.

Having worked with children and young people in the last 20(twenty) years, we see this belief affecting the relationship which exists between the male and female genders, even from your age as young people.

It is sad that despite many achievement of the female gender, the majority of the society still do not believe that the girl child is a complete child.

On October 11, 2012 International Day of the Girl Child was declared by the United Nations to call attention to the many issues that the girl child is faced with all over the world.

The major focus of these series of tips on rights and gender issues is to help children and young people understand and accept that God created us MALE and FEMALE in HIS IMAGE for a reason. He did not make a mistake.

It is important to note that in the story of creation as found in the Holy Writ, the female gender is not an after-thought. It was not after God created man that he now thought of creating woman.

In fact in the story of creation, God placed the order for the creation of man and woman same time and blessed them equally with dominion. In the book of Genesis 1: 26-27, the Bible records as follows: 26 ‘Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground.” 27 So God created MANKIND in his own image, in the image of God he created them; MALE and FEMALE he created them.’

Oh, you may argue that the man was formed before the woman. Yes agree with you, but that does not mean the man is superior. Let consider the example of twins, they are both created and stayed in womb, but one arrives on earth before the other. Does that make the first to arrive superior to the last to arrive? No, not at all…It is not the issue of superiority. If is an issues at all, it is an issue of ‘order of arrival.’

So the big question, should the first to arrive consider himself/herself superior just on the basis of arrival or be compelled by his/her world to think he/she is superior and treat the other as inferior? Now, if he/she could do that, it will also mean that our positions of influence in life and the respect we accord to people should only be determined by their age, the first to arrive on the scene by the purely reckoning of biology. The oldest person in the world should be richest and the youngest the poorest; the oldest person in a country should be the president and the youngest person, the least respected; the oldest person in a company(in age and hiring) should be the Chief Executive officer and the youngest person the office assistant or clerk. If the order of arrival does not carry the significance of superiority, why should the case be different when it comes to gender?

I beg you my dear children/teenagers and young people to allow me to conclude that we must never confuse arrival to creation. Man may be older than woman in arriving on the earth, but they were both created together and granted same permission on earth to excel in all things and do exploits.

Again, our society mistake the role of a woman as person for the role of a woman as wife. We must not get things twisted please. A woman is first a woman before she is a wife and she is not a better woman because she is married or a lesser one because she is not. Again her role as a partner in marriage is not inferior to that of man and the responsibility to make a marriage work, if she decides to get into one is laid on the shoulders of both genders. So, within and outside marriage, God has a plan for the woman as He has for a man within and outside marriage. Therefore, the totality of a woman is not defined by her marital status but by her contributions to life.

I really want to help you, dear precious children and young people to understand and accept that gender is a gift from God and an expression of His diversity and difference in manifestation.

It is been a long discussion today, longer than usual. It is because I just a passionate fellow about gender issues. Please forgive me. I will see you tomorrow by God’s grace. Do have an INSPIRED day.

The THINK Factor

I charge you to this about this: Gender places no limit on any child or young people. Therefore, gender has nothing to do with superiority or inferiority. It has all to do with the role, which God has assigned to each gender and must be understood and accepted that way. Record your thoughts in your Personal Journal, share your thoughts with your parents, friends and trusted and trusted caregivers.

Extracts from my book for Teenagers and Young Adults:  S.A.F.E™ (Securing A Friendly & Protective Environment) forYOU: 120 Daily Tips, due to be presented to the public on Monday, November 20, 2017.

Extract from my book for Teenagers and Young Adults:  S.A.F.E™ (Securing A Friendly & Protective Environment) for YOU: 120 Daily Tips


‘We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.’ Elie Wiesel

Thank you for joining me here today. I hope we are learning and our eyes are being opened to the steps you can take to secure your own protection from all forms of abuse.

Today, I bring you the conclusion our nineteenth foundational principle: BEING YOUNG DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO SPEAK UP AGAINST SUSPICION OR ACTUAL ABUSE.

I will share with you a line of thought that I believe may help us drive home the whole issue of silence and the culture, which promotes it and the feeling of shame upon which it stands.

This is the line of though and I charge you for follow me closely. Now, if my bag, shoes, wristwatch and other valuable are stolen, I am encouraged to speak up. In fact I speak up and I do not get the treatment of shame from anybody in the society. In fact the society feel for me and they want the thief to be caught. In this case the society understands that I should not be the object of shame because I am not in any way responsible for stealing from myself.

Now here is my question, why is the case different when it is my virtue and dignity that is stolen through abuse. These virtue and dignity are so invaluable that once they are lost, it is only by divine intervention that they can be recoverable. So how come the society does not allow me to feel ashamed concerning talking about tangible valuables, which are easily replaceable, but expects me to be ashamed about my irreplaceable virtues and dignity, which abuse of any form take away from me? Who should the society be eager to apprehend, the person, who stole my valuables or the person, who stole my ‘invaluables’? Could it be that our society values tangible materials, which are temporal and perishable above intangible materials of virtue and dignity, which are eternal?

This is my charge and conclusion to you today. It is time to swim against the tide of the culture of silence, which is empowered by the feeling of shame. It is shameful that the society thinks that it is the abused that should feel shame instead of the abuser. It is shameful that the abuser is preserved from shame because the society believes that the abused should also be ashamed. Therefore to save the abused from shame, the abuser goes free, roaming the street, looking for the next possible victims to devour.

My fervent prayer today is that you will never fall victim of any form of abuse. I believe that if you take this 120 days journey with us, you are on your way to being free from all forms of abuse. But if for whatever reason you are abused, you must refuse to be ashamed.

Shame does not belong to you. It belongs to the abuser. He/she must not be allowed to go free because of shame.  Tell every caregiver, who cares to listen that shame does not belong to you but to the abusers and he/she must be made to face the shame.

This is a very important principle that you must hold very dearly. You must take it as the responsibility and mission of your generation to right the wrong of shaming the innocent and releasing the abuser from justice.

You are young, but you are not too young to change things and help our society to think straight and destroy the culture of celebrating abuse on the altar of shame and stigma.

Finally, I will have to rest this case here and give you room to think about it for the rest of the day, week and month and digest the information shared in the last 3 days for your personal use and the use of those around you.

The THINK Factor:

I think it is time to take your personal journal and write down the top 5 lessons you have learnt in the last 3 days addressing this 19th fundamental principle: BEING YOUNG DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO SPEAK UP AGAINST SUSPICION OR ACTUAL ABUSE. To go over it again and again until it sinks in your mind and be ready to practice same from today. Do not forget to share your lessons with your friends and your parents and other trusted caregivers.

I am Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI, Total Childhood Management and Child Development Expert, 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami E:


​Nigeria’s 57th Independence Celebrations: What Does the Nigerian Child Celebrate?

As we celebrate the 57th flag independence of our great nation, Nigeria, I think there is no better determinant of the state of our nation than the state of her precious children. According to Dr. Nelson Mandela, ‘there can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.’

Dr. Nelson Mandela is very rights. And I think taking a careful look at the state of the precious Nigerian Child under this government and successive governments since our flag independence scores our society very low. Permit me to submit that in Nigeria, like many African, we take only take mental notice of children and not actual notice. Mental notice is never deliberate; it is an accidental affair, often authored by circumstances not within our control either by virtues of our ignorance or negligence. Actual notice speaks of conscious efforts of caregivers, aimed at achieving adequate care. What is CARE in the context? It is to anticipate the needs and threats to a child and make adequate preparation to meet the needs and mitigate the threats before they arise.

The report on Violence Against Children in Nigeria of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), National Population Commission of Nigeria and supported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which published the findings from a National Survey in 2014 and launched in 2014 found that ‘there is a high prevalence of violence against children in Nigeria.’

The survey, which provides, for the first time, national estimates that describe the magnitude and nature of sexual, physical and emotional violence experienced by under-18 females and males in Nigeria submits as follows: approximately 6 out of every 10 children experience some form of violence; one in two children experience physical violence; one in four girls and one in ten boys experience sexual violence; one in six girls and one in five boys experience emotional violence. It is also found that children are exposed to multiple forms of abuse, therefore ‘violence against children is rarely an isolated incident.’

The report found that ‘children are not disclosing violence and not seeking or receiving services.’ It is further disclosed that children are not disclosing abuses because they will not be believed. 

The disposition of children is a reflection of our culture of silence when it comes to addressing the issues of abuse, which children are exposed to.

In response to troubling findings of the survey, priority actions were developed to stem the ugly tide of the present situation of the precious Nigerian child. The lead priority action is establishment of system’s approach to the protection of our precious children.

Beyond the report, it is today an open secret that Nigeria holds the world record of the number of children out of school. Nigeria is responsible for fifty percent of the total number of children out of school in the world. The BCC, in July 2017 reported as follows, ‘acknowledging the scale of the problem the education ministry’s permanent secretary Adamu Hussaini said it was “sad to note” that Nigeria had 10.5 million children out of school.’ The other question is that what kind of education are the children in school receiving?

I wonder what the future hold for a nation, which cannot educate her children. I wonder what the future holds for a country, which is not at war on the face of it but beats war-torn countries like Syria, Somalia, Libya, Yeme, Iran and other in the number of children out of school. It seems to me we are immersed in another kind of war, which our handlers are yet to define and the world is yet to take the needed and critical look at
Having being on the field for close to 20 years, pleading the cause of the Nigerian child, it is my conclusion that the foundation of every response must be enlightenment. Thus I say, ‘enlightenment is superior to enforcement,’ noting that both as primary and secondary caregivers, we treat children as we see them and we see them according to our dominant value system as a people.

I think the foregoing must form a critical part of our concern as we spare a thought for our precious children as we celebrate our 57th independence.

While we must hope for the best for the precious Nigerian child and commend present efforts at preserving his/her present and future as we mark our flag independence, I wonder if I can really from my conscience, wish the Nigerian child happy independence.

But I reaching to the deepest level of my heart, I am hopeful for the Nigeria hope. It is in fact hope against hope but resting on the word of Clare Boothe Luce ‘that there are no hopeless situations, only hopeless people.’ In the spirit of this hope, I wish the Nigeria Child, Happy but Sobering Independent day.

I am Taiwo ‘ODINAKACHUWU’ AKINLAMI, Total Childhood Management and Child Development Expert, 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami E: