I, The Preacher took time off this series last week to address the #BigBrotherNigeria issue. Today, I shall bring closure to this subject matter…

I, The Preacher, having spent twenty(20) interrupted years preaching the Gospel According to Child Rights/Protection, CHILDHOOD PRESERVATION and Family Strengthening, I dare submit with oracular precision that law is not enough to provide the protection our precious African child.

The 2006 United Nations Report on Violence Against Children found that local and international laws on the protection of our precious children have flatly failed in protecting our precious children, the world over.

The reason for the foregoing is very simple. Laws as they relate to children are confronting a belief system in Africa, which is not necessarily anti-children but not DELIBERATELY pro-children…We are a people, who are yet to come to terms with the fact that children are the pivotal link between our present and our future…We are yet to come to terms with the fact that a society and her people are as strong as her children…We are yet to accept as Abraham Lincoln puts it that the state of humanity is in the hands of the child…

How did I come to the foregoing irresistible conclusions? It is the way we treat our children…Almost all our tools of child upbringing are abusive in their designs and applications…The challenge is that as a people we have not invested in the studying children and understanding what I call ‘the mystery of CHILDHOOD.’ And you cannot understand a person/people, entity or institution that you have not invested into studying. Unfortunately, as Africans when we don’t understand a person/people, entity or institution, instead of us to seek to understand, we embrace mental laziness. We either deify or demonize a person/people, entity or institution that we do not understand or seek to understand.

Again, the real challenge with us is that we mistake the simplicity of the life of a child for simplicity of the entity call CHILDHOOD, which is the spiritual, social and psychological architecture upon which the life and the making of same sits. We are not in anyway aware that CHILDHOOD is far more complicated, an entity than the child it represents. It is against this mammoth ignorance that we think we understand children and CHILDHOOD. Unfortunately, our claims to such understanding is predicated on the faulty foundation of how most of us were raised or erased, as the case may be. We are not even in a mode or consciousness to correct our faulty upbringing as we believe by virtue of our achievements today that we ‘turned out well’ as adults. This is easy to do in a society like ours, which judges the life and significance of man or woman by the abundance of career attainments and possessions. It does not matter to a man or woman therefore the multitude of his inner struggles, as long as the society rewards his/her so-called external exploits. It is important to state that whatever value a society rewards, it enthrones and multiples.

Again, we must understand the disposition of the generality of our Third World society to law and order…We tend more towards jungle justice than the rule of law, believing by our experiences that the state and its functionaries have no proven character to enforce her own laws…Again, our society has more of the characters and trappings of the jungle than that of modern society, therefore we have little or no respect for the dignity of human person. In a society where the dignity, inherent in human person is not recognized, children will remain cheap preys of oppression and abuse…They remain eternally defenseless as the caregivers, who are to protect them have no respect for the dignity of human person…In most cases the existence of the caregivers is abused, therefore they cannot give what they do not have or better put, they will only give what they have…The circle continues if it is not deliberately truncated through a social reconstruct deliberately fuelled by enlightenment.

In a society like ours, the law and its instrumentality cannot be an end for us to obtain unfailing protection for our precious children and preserve their CHILDHOOD. The law therefore must be seen an instrument of social change, a veritable tool of enlightenment, which must be employed to paddle the canoe of value orientation or reorientation. The goal of such orientation or reorientation must be to achieve what I call Social Policing. What is Social Policing? It is the consciousness which emanates from deft enlightenment efforts, which helps every caregiver to take responsibility for the protection of our precious children and defend them from all forms of aggression. Thus we say ENLIGHTENMENT is SUPERIOR to ENFORCEMENT.

The foregoing must have been strong in the mind of UNICEF when the Child Rights Act, 2003. UNICEF embarked on rigorous enlightenment campaign. I, The Preacher, working with UNICEF traversed the length and breath of this great nation enlightening media practitioners, parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, government functionaries and the rest.

Again, I, The Preacher worked with UNICEF and Nigerian Institute of Journalism, in the company of many other leading professionals in curriculum development, mass communication and education to mainstream Child Rights Education into the curriculum of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism at all levels. I, The Preacher also had the opportunity to lecture the one of the modules.

The goal of the project was to empower media practitioners, who have unusual power to influence the belief system of the members of the public and their government at all levels to acquire knowledge and sense of mission in reporting and initiating Child-Focused or Child-Interest stories.

We have also suggested that such project should be duplicated for the Nigerian Police Force and other critical public organizations.And I am aware that efforts have yielded fruits, particularly for the Nigerian Police Force.

It is the submission of I, The Preacher that it is not yet UHURU for the precious children of Lagos State except the law is mixed with rigorous enlightenment campaign, which uncompromising goal is to achieve Social Policing.

I, The Preacher is persuaded that the Lagos State government will embark on massive enlightenment campaign to give life to the Executive Order of December 16, 2016.

Remember Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement. I charge you to Think the CHILD…Think the FAMILY…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE…

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I, The Preacher have dedicated myself to social causes of different genres in the last twenty-eight years. I have not only participated in popular social struggles like the June 12, I have also dedicated myself reading of the fascinating examples of the best of social causes the world over, both in the years past and this contemporary age.

I, The Preacher bear on my body, the brand marks of such commitment, which including beatings, cooling off in detention, escaping the bullets of the law enforcement agents, expressing acute material deprivation, having the sentence of death passed on me twice in my lifetime so far.

I have metamorphosed from one phase of consciousness to another. I have made so many mistakes giving expressions to the depth of my social consciousness and I think I have scored some victories also. I breathe agitations even from within myself. My life has been a struggle, even internally, having fought constantly the battle of transforming myself from the seemingly insurmountable impact of abused or truncated childhood to experiencing a measure of peace as a transformed adult.

Today, at the age of 46, few days away from 47, the age at which President Barak Obama become the most powerful man in the world, assuming the leadership of the United States of America, I can say with all humility that I have seen the best and the worst of social struggles, agitations or concerns.

Social agitators, who choose criticism as their method, often die frustrated, yet they are very many in number. The world is yet to properly evaluate the colossally unfruitful nature of works of critics. I, The Preacher had my background in criticism. With criticism comes anger, with anger comes bitterness, and with bitterness comes abusive language. With anger, we deny the other person, whose actions or omissions, we consider anti-social his/her humanity and the respect deserved thereof.

I charge us to check history; there is no example of where criticism and anger has led to any meaningful and enduring social change. True social change begins with recognising the rights of all to be, empathising with the infirmities of those whose deeds or misdeeds we do not agree with, understanding that imperfection will forever remain an unpayable debt for all the living and above all, accepting that we are never better than the others, whose actions or omission we may not agree with today, we are only fortunate to see better than they see by the grace and mercies of God.

Promoting a moral standard or being a symbol of a positive moral order in accordance with universal principles, established by God, who I wholly believe is the maker of all flesh and things will require a lot of maturity and this maturity, I have chosen to define as love. This LOVE is a personality and the Holy Writ says, ‘Love does not fail.’

Love does not write off nor condemn. Love has constant expectation of good for the transformation of all, including the worst of the anti-social fellows, on who the whole world has given up on.

Love does not criticise. Love persuades and provides positive alternative to all, predicated on divine moral codes or order established by the Almighty Maker of the UNIVERSE.  Love organises consensus, without compromising or corrupting the quality of the seed of principles, which germinates into the enduring fruit of social change. It was on this immovable fulcrum that the Ghandis, Kings, Mandelas, Mother Teresas of this world, built all of their social interventions of diverse genres and recorded unforgettable results.

Love employs patience and inspirations as inevitable tools for the change he/she seeks. With love in place, through the instrumentality of patience and inspiration, positive alternatives are provided to social observers and same become a rallying point or a formidable movement for an enduring social change.

Love is power and an unconquerable power for that matter and by her, noble men and woman of old received good reports of successfully unforgettable social intervention. And by love shall noble men and women of this age shall also build a laudable consensus for meaningful social change.

This is the mind set with which I have observed the Big Brother Nigeria reality show and the seemingly disaffection of many, who believe and submit on multiple social media platforms that the show, which has grown rapidly in its acceptance among our youths erode in a most corrosive manner our moral standards as a people.

I think I profoundly share the views expressed in the immediate paragraph above about the reality show. But most importantly, I am most interested in how the show becomes acceptable to our younger generation. It is important to note that whatever is socially acceptable among a people (young or old) is a reflection of their dominant value system. Their dominant value system is built over time, with tacit acceptance or naivety of those who should know better. A dominant value system is often entrenched by a lavish reward system. It is a common saying that what a society rewards, it must automatically possess in torrential abundance, always far beyond its wildest imagination.

Big Brother Nigeria is a fruit of a pop culture, intentionally designed and deployed to achieve certain articulated results, which is often inspired by its commercial value, among many other motivations. Pop culture has been defined as ‘modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.’ It is sad today that we attack Big Brother Nigeria, the FRUIT without paying a carefully designed agenda to tackle the ROOT.

We attack Big Brother Nigeria without addressing the immorality promoted by today’s entertainment world, which is the breeding ground for manifestations likes Big Brother Nigeria.

The question is what positive alternative have we created for the natural energy of today’s young people. Those of us, who claim to have better, superior or even spiritual moral code, are today cut unawares because we did not seize today’s power of the air, known as pop culture when it was near.

I do not envy today’s young people, who are victims, either as participants or viewers of deft pop culture projects like Big Brother Nigeria. Most of our young people are raised as social orphans, lacking moral direction and guidance in the face of an over democratised new media, with the loose temptation of being just a burton away.  Even societal private and public institutions, like families, schools and religious bodies, who are supposed to empower our young people with positive value system often promote the lead protagonists of today’s pop culture as role models for them.

Or what do you think we are doing when we play as music, at children and young people’s parties and programs, adult contents, with lewd, sexual and violent contents, expressed covertly or overtly, but clear enough for feed the curiosity of our young people? What they hear regularly, particularly when authority figures in their lives become the sources and ‘validators’ must as a matter of necessity become their insatiable fantasies and lead them to seek by all means, social and anti-social to give expressions to same, feeling helplessly helpless and reeling under the dire consequences like drug addiction, sexual immorality, cultism, bullying and so many other vices too numerous to mention here.

I have nothing against today’s young people and they must not be criticised by us for their seemingly insatiable addiction to immorality and its entire gamut of wild expressions. To criticise them will be to fail in our immediate responsibility as primary and secondary caregivers to repent before God and apologise to our young people for failing to provide moral guidance, when it was most necessary.

Sadly, the acceptance of pop culture projects like Big Brother Nigeria cuts across religious lines. It is important to note that those who are opposed to Big Brother Nigeria today are best referred to as voices from the fringe. Even many, who may not accept the values of the show, may not want to rock the boat by making their views known. They have chosen silence as golden in this time of moral crisis. For me silence is never an alternative. It is ever inferior to an informed response to a moral crisis, which is the duty of every man and woman of conscience.

Therefore, it is time to work out a short and long term commitment to build another pop culture, which must provide positive and attractive alternatives for our yawning and impressionable young people. The proof of true change is deliberate efforts aimed at providing positive and attractive alternative to the energy of our today’s young people.

At our own end, since 1997, we have embarked on journey of orientation and reorientation of our precious young people through our I’M D-SSMARTTEESSTT™ Academy. The academy is a value revolution effort, aimed at helping our young people discover who they are and defend same by defending their dignity of human person from all internal and external attacks. In the last two decades, we have trained thousands of young people and their highly esteemed caregivers on local and international platforms.

We intend to do more this year and the years ahead. We are primarily motivated by our core ideology that that CHANGE IS AN EVER-PRESENT POSSIBILITY FOR ANY ONE, WHO IS READY TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. We hold the words of Clare Boothe Luce to be true that ‘there are no hopeless situations; there are only men who have grown hopeless about them.’ It is also our firm belief as expressed by Edmund Burke that ‘all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’

Permit me to conclude with this soul searching question: if we do not accept what the present pop culture order is achieving with our young people, what positive and attractive alternatives are we offering them? I guess if we do not sincerely and meaningfully answer this question and deliberately do something about same, we lose our right to complain and must get ready for wilder expressions of the fruits of today’s lose pop culture, fully aided by an over democratized new media. May God help us.

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I have followed the story closely…Though the DSS has another version of the story, the preponderance of evidence shows that the school was invaded by DSS operatives to protest the flogging of a child…

If this story is finally fully established to be as the school has told it. I must say it is a violation of the sacredness of the educational sector…It is purely JUNGLE JUSTICE…It is a scary gravitation back to the STATE OF NATURE, where LIFE was BRUTISH, NASTY and SHORT…It is worse when the alleged attack is carried out by security operatives, charged by law to maintain LAW and ORDER in the society…Again when did DSS become the police, saddled with constitutional responsibility to protect life and property of the people?

You don’t invade a school with children there, shot over 15 times, hit teachers heads with the head of the gun, cart away their phones and monies, shoot your way out of the school!! Children are not even save in this kind of environment…How would the teachers allegedly thoroughly disgraced in the presence of the students ever command respect requisite for their effective dissemination of knowledge to the children?

Haba you don’t…Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, says Martin Luther King Jnr. Every one who is interested in the sanctity and sanity of the educational sector in Nigeria must call for a full scale investigation of this bizarre case, establish the truth and bring all culprits to book…

While as a Subject Matter Expert in Child Protection, I do not subscribe to any form of corporal punishment because it has been found to be often abused within the school system and it is found by research not to be effective and there are policies in most states and federal government schools against corporal punishment, except it is guided by the Head of School or Principal, I believe this alleged invasion is not still justifiable on any civilized ground…

Law and Order must not be sacrificed on the altar of JUNGLE JUSTICE…As matter of fact history has established that JUNGLE JUSTICE doesn’t achieve any remedy but only compound injustice and often punish the innocent..JUNGLE JUSTICE is what I call the JUSTICE of the MOB…And the MOB is said to be without conscience…

Great damage has been done by this alleged invasion and remedy and justice must be pursued by all…I rest my case, yet very disturbed! May God help our dearly beloved country Nigeria…Amen!!!

Remember Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement. I charge you to Think the CHILD…Think the FAMILY…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE…

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Today, I continue from where I stopped last week.

Rounding off last week, after commending unequivocally the promulgation of the Dec. 16 Executive Order, I asked, ‘does the promulgation of the Executive Order signal uhuru in matters relating to the protection of our precious children in Lagos State?’

Let me set to do justice to the task I imposed upon myself.

You see, I still celebrate and commend the innovativeness of the Lagos State Government in providing leadership in matters of Child Protection. This move is first of its kind in Nigeria and it must be saluted by all well-meaning Lagosians, who stand for the best interest of our precious children.

Going forward, frankness and field experience, which has spanned a period of 20 years tells me that the Executive Order is not envisaged by His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi AMBODE to be an END in itself.

Since I know that the noble intention of the Lagos State Government is to protect every precious child in Lagos State, the Executive Order is therefore a MEANS to an END. I believe the noble END is the protection of all the precious children of Lagos State from all forms of abuse, thereby preserving their childhood. While the MEANS has been provided, it remains ineffectual except it is deliberately EXPLORED or ACTIVATED to achieve the declared END.

I believe, it is the dream of the Lagos State Government that the protection of our precious children must be the number one responsibility of every primary and secondary caregivers. To demonstrate that the protection of our precious children is our number one priority, we must insist that all Child-Focused Organizations(CFO) to which we entrust our precious children are SAFE for them…

Therefore, we do not ask a Child -Focused Organization the cheap question, are children safe in your custody? But we ask a more purposeful and critical question, what measures have you professionally put in place for the protection of the precious children under your care?

So how do we EXPLORE or ACTIVATE this laudable Executive Order? I beg to share the UNICEF template after the Child’s Rights Act(CRA) was promulgated.

When the CRA was promulgated, UNICEF, which commendably played a major role as the rallying force for its promulgation understood that enlightenment is the key to enforcement. UNICEF also understood that enlightenment is also the key to prevention and that in matters of Child Rights/Protection, particularly, prevention is better than cure. The reasoning is very simple, once a child is abused, the impact is eternal except there is divine intervention.

UNICEF identified all the stakeholders in the protection of our precious children and embarked on an enlightenment campaign. UNICEF knew the best of laws gather dusts in hands of the promulgator if it is not backed with the force of enlightenment. Enlightenment helps people to understand their roles and inevitability of same in giving a life to the letters of a law.

The real issue is that until people know that a law exists and they have a role to play in its implementation or enforcement, they will not seek to know their roles; until they know their roles, they cannot understand them; until they understand them they cannot play them; until they play them the law remains a paper tiger or toothless bulldog, which has every potential to bring a celebrated change but lack the strength thereof. If the law becomes a paper tiger or toothless bulldog, then our children remain unprotected to the delight of abusers and nonchalant caregivers.

I think my self-assigned space is almost up. Therefore I crave your indulgence, dear duty bearer reading this piece to take a bow till next week.

As someone, who worked extensively with UNICEF on the series of enlightenment campaigns, which followed the promulgation of the Child Rights Act, 2003, I will return next week to offer concrete recommendations concerning the inevitable collaboration that must exist between the members of the general public, Child-Focused Organizations(CRO) and the State Government to give this laudable Executive Order the blossoming force of life in the very BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS AFRICAN CHILD.

For this exercise to work there must be a very strong tripartite partnership of the General Public, Child-Focused Organization and the Government.

Remember Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement. I charge you to Think the CHILD…Think the FAMILY…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE…

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I come from Ondo town, Ondo State. One of the priceless blessings of growing up in the village, particularly under the guardianship of both my paternal and maternal grandmothers is the in-depth understanding of the Yoruba philosophy as it relates to day to day life and I tell you the Yoruba Philosophy as revealed in its many adages and folklores have unusual impact on my personal philosophy today, particularly where it agrees with the Holy Bible.

My people liken an ingrate to a robber. My people say ‘the invincibility of a General in a battle lies in the impenetrable loyalty and deftness of his men.’ I borrow from that Yoruba Philosophy today to say the invincibility of a Legal Enlightenment and Social Development (LEAD™) organization like The Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy lies in the unalloyed loyalty of our clients and friends, who have consistently found our Legal Enlightenment and Social Development (LEAD™) Solutions acceptable and helpful in the fulfilment of part or whole of their objectives.

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, we held our annual Appreciation Seminar. The purpose of our Appreciation Seminar, which does not cost us little to put together in terms of financial and human resources is to celebrate our precious clients in the preceding year (2016) for granting us the rare privilege of working with them, particularly in the areas of providing cutting-edge and African-Sensitive but globally-relevant solutions in the areas of Child Rights/Protection, CHILDHOOD PRESERVATION and Family Strengthening.

The 2017 Appreciation Seminar, which held at our LEAD™ Haven and Research Crib, Lagos in two sessions, hosted representatives from most of the organizations we worked with in 2016.

At the Appreciation Seminar, I, The Preacher shared with our precious clients and friends, Child Rights/Protection, CHILDHOOD PRESERVATION and Family Strengthening

The Taiwo AKINLAMI Way

CUTTING-EDGE Solutions for Africans by Africans

The delivery was fresh from the oven of our Legal Enlightenment and Social Development Research Laboratory and our clients and friends savoured and attested eloquently to same in personal discussions and in the Evaluation Forms completed. I think we achieved our lead objectives:

To show appreciation to our clients and friends with our most precious possession, our tested contents;
Supplying our clients and friends with critical and current Subject Matter Information, which puts them ahead in the New Year in matters of Child Rights/Protection, CHILDHOOD PRESERVATION and Family Strengthening as it relates to their day-to-day operations.
Our Appreciation Seminar done and dusted, I decided to again declare this first Sunday of the month of February, our Gratitude Sunday to clients and friends, who made 2016 a glorious and memorable year for us. And what we have just done today on our Gratitude Sunday is to celebrate by doing The Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy Roll Call of Honour of our 2016 Clients:

Access Bank Plc
Advocacy Against Negligence In Schools (AANIS)
Anni’s Place Child Development Initiative
Amville School
Apata Memorial Schools
Beneve School
British Council (BC)
Caleb International College
Cayley College
Chamagne Foundation
Christian Women Fellowship of Nigeria
Church of God Mission
Chrisland Schools
Compassionate Ministries
Corona Schools
Dansol High School
Davidhall International College
Dayspring Chapel
Daystar Christian Centre
Dele Farotimi & Co.
De Oliveland Schools
Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT)
Dufil Prima FoodsPlc(makers of Indomie Instant Noodles)
Ejigbo Community Development Projects
Elevation Church
Etisalat Nigeria
Faculty of Law, OSU
Faithgane Schools
Foursquare Gospel Church
Funda Wazi Foundation
Global Rights
Greensprings Schools
Hallmark School, Ondo
Irede Foundation
House On The Rock(HOTR)
Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB)
LEAP Africa
Leadership Empowerment and Research Network(LEARN)
Lead-Forte Gate Schools
Lord’s Golden Kids Foundation
Mandate Schools
Master’s Mark
Mex International
Meadowhall Schools
Meadowhall Consult
Mirabel Centre
Ministry Of Women Affairs And Poverty Alleviation(WAPA)
Ministry Of Youth And Social Development(MYSD)
New Life Church
O5 Centre for Children and Women
Office of The Public Defender(OPD), Lagos State
Olayinka Sanni & Co
Oxbridge Tutorial College
Pampers Schools
Pasture Gate Montessori School
Perfecter Schools
Platform Schools
Posh Babies and Kiddies School
Rotary Club
RCCG: House Of David
RCCG: Joseph’s Palace
RCCG: Promised Land
RCCG: Throne of Grace
Redeemer’s International School
Saint Saviour School, Ikoyi
Save a Child, Save a Nation Foundation
Bernadette Educational Services
School Affairs Consult
Simeon’s Pivot
Smart Singles Hub
Society for Family Health(SFH)
SOS Children Villages
Soul Makeover
Soteria Schools
Sterling Bank Plc
Supreme Education Foundation
The Arms of Comfort Foundation
The Olakunle Soriyan Company Ltd.
TheReal Woman Foundation(Love Home Orphanage)
The Father’s House, Akute
The Fathers House, Rehoboth International
The Fountain Of Life Church(TFOLC)
The Trinity School, Ojodu
Threeteez Hall School
Total Parenting International
Tower Gates Private School
Treasure House School
Trinity International College, Ofada
Vivian Fowler Memorial College for Girls
Wahab Folawiyo Senior High School
Winsmart Schools
Yetville School
Thank you for counting us worthy to work with in 2016. We say without mincing words, ‘without YOU there is no US.’

We look forward to an enduring relationship with your distinguished selves in 2017.

Thank you most profoundly and do have an INSPIRED 2017.

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