Hello dear friends. Sure you are doing well and you enjoyed your week. I brought our discussion on decoding your identity to a close yesterday. I will like to share with you a poem on identity as our parting words. Please enjoy.

Ask God,
He made you,
When you need where to make critical adjustments in accordance to His will;
You can trust His impartial accuracy…

Ask your spouse,
The one before who you are naked but not ashamed,
When you need to know who you are at your freest /most carefree moments;
You can trust his/her no-holding-back commitment (IF you cultivate it and you are willing to listen beyond the boundaries of familiarity…)

Ask a mentor,
He has grace to instruct you,
When you want candid opinion that can pace you for meaningful improvement that comes with a commitment to submit to a higher authority;
You can trust his/her candour…

Ask an intimate friend,
He has the right tools by reason of fellowship,
When you need to take inventory of your attitude during intimate fellowship for self-improvement;
You can trust his/her faithfulness…

Ask a protege,
He learns from you,
When you want to take a test in humility;
You can trust his/her respectful but honest submission…

Ask a protege
He/she honours you,
When you want to know if he/she has the true revelation of who you really are;
You can trust his sincerity…

Ask an old-lost-but-found ‘friend,’
He/she has lost track of you,
When you want to reverse to yesterday and live from there;
You can trust his ‘nuisance value.’

Ask a sycophant,
He/she has not truth in him/her,
When you want your ego massaged unto self-deception;
You can trust empty adulation…

Ask a stranger
He/she knows nothing about you,
When you lack self-esteem and you are desperate for validation of men,
You can trust his/her inaccurate conclusions…

Ask yourself,
You know your inner battles,
When you want to face the brutal fact and be true to yourself in search life-saving changes ,
You can trust the inner voice…the voice of your conscience…

Who have you asked lately?
I have also asked myself too: ‘Who have you asked lately…’


I’m Taiwo Akinlami & I Lead the TeacherFIRE™ Revolution


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