15 Facts to Consider Before You Register Your Child in a School (9)

It is an exciting day for me as I had a wonderful time being ministered to this morning by the Maker of all souls, my God and my Father. The truth is that we are set for breaking new and higher grounds in the work He has magnanimously committed into our hands to be the hope and conscience of the African child. Our ultimate mandate is to become an independent regulatory body for institutions, who work with children and where custodians of the children work.  We are so confident that we are getting there faster than we have ever imagined or ask because the One, who mandated us is in the business of doing exceedingly, abundantly above, what we can ever imagine or ask according to the power He has mercifully deposited to dwell inside of us.

Permit me today to share with you the 6th fact to consider before you register your child in a School: Are they professional consciousness? Education is not for all comers. As far as I am concerned, it is the most delicate profession in the world. I think it is a responsibility you must be trained for if you must make positive and enduring impact in the lives of the children, except in very few cases, where one is gifted by nature to work in the educational sector without formal training. In such cases, such individual must have invested heavily in personal development in response to the call of God to teach.

Today, the whole idea that a teacher needs formal training to help the pupils is fading away. This is to the detriment of the child as it affects the quality of dissemination and the quality of dissemination affects the quality of assimilation and the quality of assimilation determines the quality of impartation and without impartation there will be no transformation, which should be the goal of education.

From crèche, pre-school, nursery, primary to secondary schools, you must be interested in the qualification of the hands, being deployed to give cares to your children. A care giver is not one because a school crowns him/her so. The school in which you want to register your child is not certified to train care givers. It is supposed to look for those, who have been trained and put them in care of your children. Please, also note that a person does not receive the capacity to give care because the school employs him or her to give care. Human beings and organisations alike cannot give what they do not have. A crèche was recently shut down in Belgium because it was not working with professional hands. Does the school in which you want to register your child work with professionals in teaching, child development, child psychology, child protection, child public health, child counselling and all. Beyond that does the school work with non-academic professionals in the area of administration, human resource, curriculum development, finance, security, school run management, including the employment of qualified automobile assistant, otherwise known as drivers and other critical areas.

Please note that the size of a school is not an excuse for not working with professionals. The truth is that when a school is committed to excellence, it will find the wise and cost effective ways to engage the services of professional and competent hands. The school may consider doing so on consultancy or part time basis, but it will not settle for less in the best interest of the child. I beg to take my leave. See you tomorrow. Have an INSPIRED Day.

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