Spreading the Word on Malaria Prevention: A Story You Must READ!

Jamani has been very faithful as our clerk in the office. One day, I engaged him in a discussion and discovered that his family lives back in the village. He has two daughters and a son. He travels frequently to his village to see his family.  He told me how he nearly lost his four year old son to malaria the last time he travelled home.

So when he told me he was travelling, I decided to get him two Insecticide Treated Nets. He was not at his duty post when I brought the nets and I decided to leave them with one of his colleagues.

Jamani ran to my office after he got the nets. With a smile on his face he thanked me almost prostrating. Innocently he said to me, ‘my father’s fishing business will definitely take a new turn. Thank you so much sir, I would not ordinarily have thought I should buy him nets for his fishing.’ Surprised, I took him aside and explained to him that the nets were not fishing nets but Insecticide Treated Nets, meant to prevent mosquito bites and consequently prevent malaria.

I educated him that Malaria causes fever and deaths among children below 5 years of age. I also shared with him the benefits of the net as follows: it reduces contact with mosquitoes; cost less than treatment of malaria; reduces sickness and death in children by reducing occurrence and severity of malaria. I made him to understand that children and pregnant women are to be made to sleep under the nets, which must be treated as recommended by the manufacturer.

Finally, I told him that when he gets to the village, he should lead his household to drain stagnant water and ensure the environment is kept clean always.

He left my office elated and promised to do all we have discussed.

How many of us have used the ITN? I must say that the net is not only for villagers. Folks in the urban areas must also take advantage of it as a viable, affordable and effective strategy against malaria.

Spread the word about Malaria.

Have an INSPIRED Day.

Think the Child! Think Today! Think the Future!

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