I was attending a program where Mrs. Jaja shared a story. She runs a private school in Ogun State, South Western part of Nigeria.

One day one of the teachers in the nursery classes called her attention to the fact that one of the children in the class was not responding to sound. The teacher suspected that the 1 year old might be deaf after all. Mrs. Jaja decided to find the truth for herself. She went to sit in the class for more than two hours to observe the child. She found the report of the teacher to be true. Immediately she got in touch with the parents, who are busy career people. Their first response was denial. You want to guess their second response? They withdrew their child from the school. Their third response, which is almost predictable from their first two responses, is to do little or nothing about the state of the child.

Mrs. Jaja further taught us that parents have a responsibility to monitor the growth of their children. She spoke about the need to weigh the child at the clinic every month, to check or see how the child is growing. She concluded that caring for the child at the tender age begins with proper nutrition and prevention of childhood diseases.

This is short, yet instructive. I beg to ask you this question as a custodian, are you monitoring your child’s growth enough to seek help if you notice anything abnormal? In this age and time, where survival has become the name of existence, particularly in Africa, do we really have the time to monitor the growth of our children? It is a question I believe we must labour to answer to our conscience.

Have an INSPIRED Day.

Think the Child! Think Today! Think the Future! 2348033620843


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