How I Lost My Virginity At Age 6: Lesson For Custodians

I documented this some years back in my diary. It is a sad story that messed me up for a long time. My mum would go to the market and leave me with a female neighbour. I also stayed with this lady when I was on holidays from school or when I returned from school. I remember her features almost vividly, more saddening,

I remember the unholy liaison she initiated one fateful day. On this day she took me to a secluded spot within her own apartment. She stripped off my clothes and hers as well and proceeded to touch me everywhere. This became a regular practice. Thus began my first sexual experience at an early age; an experience which led me into years of perversion. Before I knew it, my sexuality was awakened and I began to desire sexual relationships with the opposite sex. One or two years after, I attempted to molest a girl that was almost my age. And as my perversion grew, I sexually molested a younger girl in my teenage years.

This is my last story in this series of Key Household Practices and I have very personal attachment to it. I think for custodians to learn in details how to deal with the issue of protecting their precious children from sexual abuse, I advice to read to my handbook: 20 Tips on How to Safeguard Your Girl Child From Sexual Abuse. 

I must quickly add here that it is a different story today as God has helped me immensely in healing my sexuality since 1997 when I surrendered my life to Jesus as my Lord and savior. It has been an interesting journey of how I have moved from sexual abuse to sexual purity. Someone asked me about how to counsel sexually  abused boys on issues like this. I will devote some days next week to sharing the nuggets, which helped me in my journey from abused childhood to transformed adulthood.

Do have have an INSPIRED Day.

Think the Child! Think Today! Think the Future!

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    • Hello ma’am: Thank you for your comments and I do not take your followership of my blog for granted at all. I do counsel boys with sexuality issues. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to receiving you again here again and when you are returning do not come alone. Come along with a friend.

  1. This is a serious issue and all parents or custodians needs to read things like this and take action. You and praisefowowe are really inspiring me to start something in my local church. Will definitely be following this blog and who knows we may have to invite you for talks in my local church

    • Dear Ma: Thank you for your comment…May God grant us wisdom to protect God’s precious gift to us, our children. Do have an INSPIRED Day. Compliment of the season to you and your dear family.

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