We live in a world of FEW, yes very FEW,

This I’ve come to accept as ever true from my experiences,

If you are in doubt, here is a SNAPSHOT of the WORLD of FEW…Very FEW…Yet FEW…

Only FEW, whose heart are touch of God concerning you, use your efforts to judge your errors when things do not go as planned and do not go in their favour…Most people use your errors to judge your efforts and you are ever judged…Yes! Only FEW.

Only FEW of the people you will come across in life will be matured and faithful enough to be loyal to you in your absence and defend your cause like their very own…Yes! Only FEW.

Only FEW can be a judge in their own cause and be just to you, rising above their personal pains and interests. Many will interpret a situation by their pain and interest…Yes! Only FEW.

Only a minutest FEW will LOVE you enough to look at you straight in the eye and tell you the truth of their conscience about you and a situation, particularly when the situation is considered sensitive and their opinions unpopular…Yes! Only FEW.

Only FEW are tomorrow people in your life, who have the third eye and the sixth sense to know you beyond the flesh…Who have insight into your future and will relate to you from what they see of your future and be SECURED in themselves enough to keep pushing and encouraging you to attain same, even at the price of personal discomfort and the risk of being misunderstood…Yes! Only FEW.

Only FEW relate with an OPEN AGENDA…Without a HIDDEN AGENDA…Putting all their cards on the table for you to see…Yes! Only FEW.

GREAT TRAGEDY is, many never find the FEW…

GREATER TRAGEDY: More even find FAKES as the FEW…

GREATEST TRAGEDY: Many who are not part of the FEW, also seek to find the FEW…

Why? Simple! They are very FEW…

May God order our steps this week and teach us not to know any man according to the flesh but according to the SPIRIT…

Above all, May God help us to be part of the FEW…I mean the SANE FEW…

Have an INSPIRED week.

Taiwo Akinlami Sober on his knees on the LORD’s Day.

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