To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(4)

My dear child, sure you are doing well today. It is 2.33AM by my watch and I have not permitted my eyes sleep, though they ache now. I have come to know it as a principle in life that uneasy lies the head that wear the crown. Our people say, if you protect yourself from the rain and the sun, you will surely not be protected from hunger. There are major projects we must conclude this week and we have one working day left. I have trained myself not to give excuses. I know you cannot eat your cake and have it. You cannot make excuses in life and also make a difference. You must choose which of them you want to make. My dear child, I chose to make a difference, according to the grace granted to me by my Father in Heaven, who is rich in glory and grace.

I just finished the project, which kept me awake and I was going to hit the bed when I remember I promise to put this memo in your bag since you are going to spend your weekend with your grandmother. As for me a promise to you is a sacred duty, which I must not make in frivolity and which I must keep when I make. Hence I am keeping this, though it is not too convenient.

I am bit emotional that you will not be around this weekend but I am quick to remind myself that I was falling into the ditch of selfishness. Your granny has requested that you spend time with her almost five times now and I have politely turned it down with wisdom. But, I know, now, I must release you to your caring and loving granny for the next two days, except I want to offend her gentle self, ‘the die is cast'(check the meaning if my last phrase (idiomatic expression) in your dictionary, as we agreed before that to see a new word or phrase and let it go without checking for its meaning in the dictionary is to embrace mental laziness ). I am fine now my child. I beg you to take time to read this memo since this will be the first time since we started this discussion that we are not talking face to face.

I will continue today with the commandments. They are 12 in number and I must earnestly desire to conclude them:

1. Live Curious: my dear child, you were born curious. If I must put it as it is supposed to be, I will say curiosity is one of the most precious and invaluable gifts God gave you. I think one of the errors of your primary and secondary caregivers is that they unconsciously, in most cases snatch the gift from you. I have done my best to preserve your curiosity. I hope, I still have it in you and it will shine forth when life places a demand on it. To be curious is to be at alert. To be curious is to always be in the questioning mode. To be curious is to test things before committing to it.  To be curious is to be calm in the face of adversity and reach to the depth of your spirit and soul before responding.

Curiosity works by observation. You must therefore become an observer of life and its happening. Observers are the real players. They live and make the best of their lives. You cannot afford to take life for granted by looking at things on face value. My child, I need you to understand that all that glitter is not gold and all that is gold does not always glitter.  Do not embrace gullibility. Do not become a victim naivety. It is possible for you to be young and rise above the face-value judgment. Curiosity is also the key to invention. Necessity may be the mother of inventions, but curiosity is the sperm. As you must have been taught in biology, except the sperm of the man fertilizes the eggs of the woman, conception cannot take place. If conception does not take place, delivery of a baby cannot happen and without delivery the mother would not hold a baby in her hands. You see, your curiosity is the sperm and the eggs of invention are in your mind. Your mind is also the womb, which carry the eggs and nurtures them after they are fertilized by the sperm of your curiosity. I will share more on curiosity when we discuss with you human ingenuity later.

Curiosity is an edge; in fact, it is your edge my dear child, do not lose it. Do not negotiate it. Do not let it go, under any circumstance. Bill Gates, who I mentioned in our discussion yesterday, had curiosity from childhood and he is yet to lose it for anything. The other day, I read a tweet by Oprah Winfrey, saying, ‘the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.’ Do you see again, my child that the sisters of curiosity are mentioned here? Without curiosity, you can’t birth a dream (I will discuss dream with you later) and the soul of curiosity is adventure. In my own dictionary, I call it daring. If anybody tells you that ‘curiosity kills the cat,’ tell them, ‘I am not a cat,’ and besides curiosity does not kill. Also meet them at their level and tell them that maybe it is the cat’s curiosity, which bestows on it, nine lives. It means his curiosity gives it the capacity to reinvent itself, nine times in a lifetime. Only few humans are able to achieve that in one lifetime.

My child, curiosity is not being interested in other people’s matter or poking one’s nose when one is not invited or engaging in gossip. Gossip lacks the capacity to give you and future or a hope.  As a dear mentor, Olakunle Soriyan, who you know so well for his unusual wisdom will put it, ‘gossip is information you cannot use.’ Those who have not discerned your wisdom and solicit for same are not fit to receive same, lest you cast your pearls before swine. Be curious within yourself and learn to share the finding of your curiosity in your Life Notes (I will shed more light on your Life Notes later but trust me, you need one. People, normally call it journals. I have been keeping journals for over twenty years of my life), share with like minds, who can help you give expression to them.

I have said so much today my child and I beg you to keep it to heart. You are wise and my prayer for you daily is that you grow in wisdom, in stature, in favour with God and with man. Please take this weekend with your grandmother to meditate on these things and I pray that my God, who gave you to me to nurture will grant you understanding in all these things and many more that I will share. I love you dearly. Help granny with some house chores and please remember the child of who you are…You are God’s child. Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

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