Child Protection and Preparation for Marriage Fundamental Issues Couples MUST Consider before marriage to achieve raising PROTECTED children

The stories of triumphs or defeat, the joy or sorrows of today’s adult is a glorious or inglorious summation of the MANAGEMENT or MISMANAGEMENT of his/her CHILDHOOD in the hands of his/her INFORMED or IGNORANT primary and secondary caregivers.
It is important to note that the family/marriage presents the most viable platform for CHILDHOOD MANAGEMENT or MISMANAGEMENT. Gary Chapman submits in his book, The Four Seasons of Marriage: ‘all RESEARCH indicates that an INTIMATE MARRIAGE provides the SAFEST and MOST PRODUCTIVE CLIMATE for raising children.’

Our society today seems to pay little or no attention to the foregoing reality and in most cases when we pay attention to same we begin to do so after couples have joined themselves together in holy matrimony.

We think matters, relating to CHILDHOOD PROTECTION must be one of the matters to be carefully considered to lay proper foundation for the effective MANAGEMENT of CHILDHOOD before parties decide the dotted lines of the marriage contract.
As there are fundamental personal and collective issues for couples to consider before they take the decision to marry, so also are issues fundamental issues relating to having, raising and PROTECTING children, which couples must take time to carefully identify, painstakingly address and find credible answers to before they get married. We believe that the decision to get married should not be taken without the foregoing exercise. It is important to note that except about-to-marry couples engage in the foregoing exercise, they are not  in anyway ready to raise and PROTECT children. And if they are not ready, they are bound to abuse the children under their care and MISMANAGE CHILDHOOD.
Therefore, this program, which holds on Saturday, June 13, 2015 seeks to help intending couples to carefully identify, painstakingly address and find credible answers to the issues of CHILDHOOD PROTECTION before they get married. The foregoing is demanded by the best interest of the child, understanding that the number one responsibility of every caregiver is to protect the child.

As I remain sober on my knee today, I humbly invite intending, young  and old couples,  with children, who are advance in age, pre-marriage and marriage counselors, singles ministers and other people to register for this all-important program and also attend same.  It is also important to note that we are available to share these program as an in-house arrangement to your singles and intending couples in your religious places of worship and other related places.

I look forward to your registration and ultimate participation as we collectively seek watertight Protection for the CHILDHOOD of our precious African Children. Do have an INSPIRED week.

Taiwo Akinlami

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