“I need you to understand that if love is sweet, responsibility is the spice. I charge you to live responsibly this season and at all times.

My dear and precious young ones. I am glad to be with you today. I am through with our journey and I just feel I should leave a word with you on this matter of Valentine’s Day.

It is important I discuss it because valentine is a day that is usually abused by young people like you. Young people give themselves to huge immorality in the name of love. Permit me to share with you two major facts about love. The first is that love does not destroy. Love builds. Love does not take away your dignity. Love empowers you. Love does not make you trade the glory of your future for today fleeting pleasure.

Lastly, I need you to understand that if love is sweet, responsibility is the spice. I charge you to live responsibly this season and at all times. Do not be deceived, as I have said before on this page, your body as a child (any one below 18) is not made for sex; your mind cannot handle sex. Therefore do not be distracted. Make the pursuit of your future, your priority today and always.

The word ‘love,’ I must say is one of the most misunderstood and misused words among young people the world over today. As far as many of you are concerned, engaging in premature sexual relationships with the opposite sex is the ‘greatest sacrifice’ that can be made in the name of love.

While accepting that nothing but love should be the only sane reason why a relationship as intimate as sexual should exist between a male and female, it is my deep belief that love as the basis of sexual relationship cannot be properly considered without looking at the purpose(s) for which sex was created by God in the beginning, which equally extends to and explains the parties between whom it (sex) is expected to be practiced.

It must be understood that ‘when the purpose of a thing is not known its abuse is inevitable,’ says Dr. Myles Monroe.

As we have established earlier in other related discussions, one of the reasons sex exists is for procreation. Now, who are the parties entitle to engage in sex for the purpose of procreation? I deeply believe that procreation is strictly a business between a male and a female who are legally married.

I also believe that sex represents a covenant relationship and celebration of genuine devotion between male and female. Under the English family law, sex is considered as the final seal of a marriage contracted under it. The process of an English marriage is incomplete until it is consummated. To consummate a marriage is for the husband and wife to have sex after the wedding.

Having defined the reasons for the existence of sex it becomes clear that the place of love (mutual and intense affection) as the motivation for sex cannot be contested. One fact that is not equally contestable is that such love (mutual and intense affection) that leads to sex is subject to growth, trust and intimacy. Thus affection does not just happen between a male and female. Even when it begins to exist it does not become mutual and intense in a day or short time. It is never a case of two people meeting themselves at a night party or on the street and same day, two or three days later they claim to be crazily in love without knowing anything about one another.

I think I should round up here. I will bring this whole journey to a glorious end tomorrow. Do have an INSPIRED day.

The THINK Factor

What exactly do you think about valentine? What has been your personal experience and that of those around you during Valentine’s Day? Take time to really reflect and share your thoughts in your S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU Personal Journal

Extracts from my book for Teenagers and Young Adults: S.A.F.E™ (Securing A Friendly & Protective Environment) for YOU: 125 Daily Tips, presented to the public on Monday, November 20, 2017.

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