I was called to the Nigerian Bar 21 years ago and I have dedicated the entirety of my practice life to Social Development and Public Interest…

My flagship project is Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for the precious African child.

I have had the privilege of working with the best of Organisations as Social Development Lawyer, Thought Leader, Contents/Curriculum Development. UNICEF, UNFPA, the British Council, USAID, SOS Children’s Viilage International, APEN, NAPPS, AISEN are some of the organisations that found my contents worth their investment consistently…

One of the greatest gains of my association with these international bodies and my 21 years of practice in the field of Social Development Legal Practice is their commitment to CARE through STANDARDS…I have come to accept except through STANDARDS, CARE cannot be provided for our precious children…. STANDARDS involves ENVISIONING, DESIGNING, PLANNING and PROVIDING CARE and embracing SYSTEMS, codified into a working POLICY…

I have acquinted myself with humanitarian principles like Do no harm/Do less harm, Humanity, Neutrality and Impartiality and I have found the these principles cannot be respected in our claim to provide CARE as primary and secondary caregivers without a deliberate commitment to learning what STANDARDS of CARE is…

I have also found that the challenge with us in Nigeria is that we neither know what STANDARDS are nor how to embrace same…It is interesting to note that everyone destroying the child today claims to be providing CARE…In fact they may be sincere in their claim…But does their sincerity cancel their errors or the impact of same on our precious children? CAPITAL NO!

2019 is our year of CARE by ALL STANDARDS Necessary and on February 23, 2019 I will be speaking at the S.A.F.E™ School of STANDARS…Don’t miss it…Follow the information on the handbill…It is FREE but registration is compulsory. Do have an INSPIRED week.

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