12 years ago I became a husband of one wife and proudly and committedly so till today and till death do us part. Our family is complete but not perfect; we are peaceful but not without tribulations; we are committed but not without expression of human foibles; we are closely knitted but not without lonely moments; we are loving, but not without differences; we are purposeful but not without the temptations of distraction; we are selfless but not without facing the possibility of being taken advantage of; we disagree but we do not become disagreeable except once in a very long while.As a family we have established principles, which govern all of our affairs and we submit daily through Christ, who strengths us daily.When we decide a cause, we sit down to determine the course, we define the commitment and give all of overselves to same. In matters of Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for the precious African Children, my beautiful wife @milayo5 has followed fully, same being initially my initiative. But today, that which was the cause of one became the cause of two and has now become the cause of one. I and my wife make up the one. Our union has demonstrated to me that a man’s burden is light when he is blessed with a helper in a million. Heavy is your yoke o man, when you carry it alone. Defending the peace of the home, the unreserved belief in the cause, the fine-tuning of the processes of actualisation, many days of agonising over strategies and deployment of same, many hours that we disagree to agree or agree to disagree, the boldness and emotional challenges of speaking the truth in love have shown me that it will not be out of place to say that my wife is more committed to me than I am committed to myself. Here we are again in the studio, pushing this dream to help the 21st century precious children and young people of African descent to SHOW UP for their PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION; STAND OUT to in taking the ripe advantage of the limitless possibilities and opportunities of the 21 Century and SHOW OFF as the role models of POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM. Together today we desire your own commitment also. That you will sign up your precious young ones for our S.A.F.E ™VILLE Monthly Comic.As a family, we humbly invite you to join hands with us to raise a new generation of African children and young people, who are not only committed to their own PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION but are PREPARED and EMPOWERED to take advantage of the limitless possibilities and opportunities of the 21st century. It is our belief and commitment that Africa will RISE from the ashes of its DYING TODAY to the GLORY of a BRIGHT NEW DAY(paraphrasing Chris Delvan) and this will be done by preparing and empowering our precious children and young people of Africa. It is also our belief and commitment that all must be involved.Place your order today and be part of the movement. We are just a Direct Message away.Do have an INSPIRED day.Yours IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS African children,Oluwafunmilayo and Taiwo AKINLAMI

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