The S.A.F.E™ for Children Masterclass

Globally, Accountability, Professionalism, Viability/Sustainability, Social and Legal Framework are core to all results-oriented Social Development Interventions, either as personal or corporate endeavour.

How do I mean? Accountability speaks to measurable RESPONSIBILITY; Professionalism speaks to CAPACITY for ORDER, PROCESSES, PROCEDURES and STANDARDS; Viability/Sustainability speaks to measurable PROGRESS and Consistent RESULTS; Social and Legal Framework speak to ADAPTABILITY of globally relevant solutions to fit into our specific environment and the laws that uphold same.

If our Social Development Interventions do not have clear direction in the foregoing areas, they are nothing but costly waste of time and resources.

We cannot also claim that we know how these things work except we can show the CREDIBLE ASSOCIATIONS that validate our understanding and expertise in helping people and organisations to embrace and be grounded in these core components of their existence.

I have in the last 22 years worked with and retained the almost impeccable confidence of leading local and international Child-Focused and Child-Interested organizations, whose unflinching commitment to Accountability, Professionalism, Viability/Sustainability, Social and Legal Framework are globally acclaimed. APEN, AISEN, ACSI, UNICEF, British Council/PREMIER LEAGUE, SOS Children’s Village International, UNFPA, USAID, just to mention a few.

Permit me to declare that I was the GUINEA PIG in my own LABORATORY OF CHANGE. It was the undeniable difference and palpable results of my experiments in my personal life that culminated in my meaningful and rewarding associations today.

I am therefore your man concerning these subject matters and more.

I invite you to join me in class. Follow the details on the handbill or send me a DM.

Don’t ever miss this as a primary and secondary caregivers.

Do have an INSPIRED day.

The Preacher


    • It holding in Lagos sir…Sure you are good…It is holding in Lagos. Please send us your details, name, phone number and email and we will send you the Registration details….Thank you

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