On Saturday, June 8, 2019, our WOW with Children will hold…It is strictly for Women Working with our precious children… There is never been a time more critical than this to address the issues of Women Working with Children.

We want to ask and answer some fundamental questions concerning our society:

How do we really view women, their roles and contributions, particularly in the lives of our precious children?

How does a career woman deal with the insecurity of her husband vis a vis the best interest of their precious children?

How easy or difficult is it to be a single female parents in Nigeria in the face of culture and Social Protection Policy of our Nigeria?

How does a women with children respond in the face of the untimely demise of the husband and the war, often waged by her husband’s family to take away everything her husband has worked for, forgetting that the woman has children to raise?

What does a woman do when the husband leaves her with children, clear their joint accounts, drive away their cars and leaves home and leaving the with nothing?

How does a woman working with children as a secondary caregiver handle Sexual Harassment or Abuse in her place of work?

How does a woman, who work with children as an activists or social development professional handle Domestic & Sexual Violence in her own home, which extends to her precious children?

How does a woman, who is being vilified by her husband’s family for having a child with special need respond and find her balance and peace?

How does a woman handle pregnancy or raise a child resulting from rape or sexual violence?

There are many more fundamental questions we shall be addressing and they shall be unfolded in the days to come?

This program is FREE…Register TODAY by sending you details, name, phone number and email address and participation details, venue and seat number will be sent to you or register here using this link

Kindly help us spread the word also to all the Women Working with children within your network.

Do have an INSPIRED day and see you in class.

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