Mr. Geoffrey Njoku of UNICEF followed my column in Daily Independent newspaper for close to a year before reaching out to me.

When he finally, reached me, he asked 3 questions? I have been reading your column for a while now, are you a member of staff of Daily Independent newspaper? I said ‘no.’ Are you being paid for your column? I said, ‘no.’ Why do you keep the column? I explained. Then, he said, ‘it means you are genuine, we will work with you .’

In 2015 I was engaged in a campaign to create awareness for the enforcement of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003 working with stakeholders of diverse classes, journalists, parents, Child-Focused NGOS, Schools and their leaders, Religious Institutions and their leaders and practitioners from the entertainment industry, including Nollywood, youths, Government and it’s functionaries at all levels. I travesed the length and breadth of this nation by air and by road, facilitating seminars, community dialogues, advocacy meetings to sensitise members of the public on the need to embrace the spirit of the Child’s Rights Act and represent the best interest of the child.

In 2006, I was invited by UNICEF to provide legal support to the team of Communication experts assembled to mainstream Child’s Rights Education into the curriculum of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ).

In 2009 or thereabouts, I was invited to help set up Child Protection Network in the South Western Nigeria.

As enjoyed the relationship, I did not know nor have in mind how to leverage on my relationship with UNICEF to create other related relationships that could advance my work. Then one day, a strategic day, by divine ochestration, I had a meeting with a lady at Fate Foundation, who said to me, ‘ I read in your profile that you work with UNICEF, Mr. AKINLAMI, let me advice you, IF YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR UNICEF, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR ANYONE…: As I heard that my mind opened…It was a revelation…WOW! It was a great day of DISCOVERY and RECOVERY.

I will be sharing at S.A.F.E™ 4 Children Masterclass, the 6 fundamental principles I began to apply to leverage on the UNICEF relationship to create a VALUE CHAIN of RELATIONSHIPS that has made all the difference for my work today locally and Internationally.

It is not a class you can miss if you work with children and seek meaningful progress. Follow the link here to register https://forms.gle/h38BnGzogUXCUmNq8
or follow the information on the handbill.

See you in class and have an INSPIRED weekend.

The Preacher

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