My sexuality was stolen and redirected at the age of 6. It was stolen as it was not in control of it to use for my benefits and that of those around me. It was redirected as the purpose for which God blessed me with my sexuality was perverted. If childhood was synonymous with innocence, I, never knew INNOCENCE.

From the PURITY of my childhood, I was introduced to IMPURITY at the tender age of 6 and it became a prison of almost a lifetime. I became an agent and merchant of sexual pervertion. As a child, I had been sexually active with other children during our evening hide-and-seek game. As a teenager, anal sex was already actively in the works. I had also molested my father’s neighbor’s daughter and warned her not to tell any soul and the warning worked. By the time I was admitted into the four walls of the university, my sexual perversion was already more advanced than my educational level; think of masturbation, addiction to pornographic materials, initiating and participation in orgy. I knew all the prostitutes joints, in-house and on-the-street in Lagos and when I visited a city or even village, the first place I looked for was a prostitute joint. Lewd and lascivious jokes were the lubricants of the life I recklessly lived. I believed I had HIV and I never could be persuaded to take the test. I make bold to say that think about most sexual perversion in the world today(Besides incest and sleeping with animals), I think I have given it a trial.

Yet in my seemingly insurmountable state I began my Journey to PURITY in 1997, 9 years before I got married and 13 years since I have been married and I have a new story to share. A story of FIDELITY first to myself for 9 years and second to the wife of my youth for 13 years…It is a story of PURSUIT of PURITY and it is repeatable.

Join me TODAY, Friday, June 7, 2019 at 8.00PM by joining our group on Facebook through this link to be part of the conversation we began last week, YOU, YOUR CHILD and THEIR SEXUALITY. See you in class dear STANDARDS BEARER..


  1. God bless you please. I need you to speak with my son who is suppose to be in School (Unilag). Right now he has crashed out without my knowledge. He told me he uses his school fees to do Forex. Though I have your phone number. Right now he has no phone.

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