Today, I bring my long treatise to a hopeful end.

I am sorry I couldn’t conclude on Monday as promised. May God always grant us the health to live up to the promise we make to ourselves and others.

Let me begin by saying that while we pump hard skills into our children at the great expense of soft skills, we forget that nature does not allow vacuum.

The space for soft skills seem to have been relinquished to other forces of negative and empty contents as entertainment. We that do not exemplify and teach soft skills, initiate our precious children into these negative contents either by our listening habits or by exposing them to same both at the events we organise in schools and at homes.

We expose them to entertainment contents like songs, musical video, reality shows and the likes that does nothing but to increase their propensity for moral and sexual irresponsibility. As it today, we have not noticed as caregivers that for entertainment to make sense now, it must not make sense.

Besides, we cage our precious children, overload them with activities towards inculcating hard skills that we deny them of childhood, right to play and the likes. We forget that children are born to play and to deny them of same is to truncate a divinely installed developmental milestones.

The curriculum of our schools today are more skewed towards inculcating hard skills than soft skills.

Jack Ma, who predicted that 800 million jobs may be lost to machine in 2020, advised schools to focus more attention on inculcating in their students soft skills. He predicted that soft skills will be the difference maker in the future world of work as those are the skills machine cannot posses.

‘Coming home with straight A’s is fine, I’Il accept that, but what I’d rather have you do is come home and tell me something amazing that you learned in the spirit of doing something good for someone else…,’ submits Seth W. Godin.

Now apart from the fact that we fail to deliberately invest in inculcating soft skills in our precious children, some of us as parents and in connivance with schools engage in shameful practices like facilitating examination malpractices for our children. We kill their sense of morality and dignity in labour and corrupt their conscience before they know what it is.

Besides, we dehumanise them by exposing them to abuses: physical, emotional, sexual and neglect, perpetrated by us or the people we claim to hand them to for care.

Above all we act as if our authority over our children is eternal. Yet our authority is transient. Once we do not engage our authority to inculcate POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM while it lasts, we lose our precious children when they become independent or they become a liability to us as they are not able to stand on their own and handle the affairs of their own lives.

‘We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future,’ says Franklin D. Roosevelt.

While the foregoing statement makes a lot of sense and I have been an advocate of same, I strongly believe that the African Child needs both. We are at a critical point in the development of our precious children where our developmental plan must embrace preparing the future for our precious children and preparing them for the future we have prepared.

We surely cannot continue like this. Someday, somewhere, someone must slap us awake to the reality of our grave individual and collective errors. The nations of the future are the ones who pay attention to the all-round development of their precious children.

To remedy this disturbing reality is the onerous but proud MISSION of the S.A.F.E™VILLE projects, which as at today include:
S.A.F.E™VILLE comic
S.A.F.E™VILLE Conference
S.A.F.E™VILLE One Day Club
S.A.F.E™VILLE Children’s Parliament.

The first point of contact with the S.A.F.E™VILLE projects is by ordering or subscribing to the S.A.F.E™VILLE comic.

We are are available for further conversations on the possibilities of mutually beneficial partnership in the pursuit of the mission of the S.A.F.E™VILLE projects.

I welcome you to be part of an idea, whose time has come.

Do have an INSPIRED day


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