VITAL OBITER The Diary of a Roving Public Lawyer: FROM ABUJA WITH PAIN(OBITER)

My roving this week(December 3-6) takes me to the Federal Capital Territory, popularly known as Abuja.

The Roving Public Lawyer (RPL) was invited by the Rule of Law and Anti-corruption (RoLAC) of the British Council to deliver a paper on Tailoring the services of SARCs to the needs of Boys and Men at the 5th Conference of SARCs, holding at Transcorp Hilton.

‘Which one is SARCs again? Abi, you mean SARS?’

‘Special Anti-Robbery Squad? No o…How shall light hobnob with darkness? It is an ‘imposicant…’ I don’t do SARS, please o…In fact, I am for ‘END SARS’…I said SARCs (Sexual Assault Referral Centres)!

There are 15 SARCs established since 2013, across 11 States of the Federation, namely Adamawa, Akwa-Ibom, Anambra, Borno, Enugu, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, Niger and Yobe States.

In attendance and under the sound of my voice and passionate advocacy were Commissioners for Justice, Health, Gender/Women’s Affairs, Magistrates and Judges of the High Court from the 11 States as well as key officials of NAPTIP, the Nigeria Police Force, Civil Society Organisations. Representatives from SARCs and other Sexual and Gender-Based Violence(SGBV) Response Mechanism.

From when I was handed the ToT(Tool of Talk), which you call microphone till I drop it in the midst of an ovation that was done by all in standing and in clapping, I vibrated hard, according to the POA (Power of Advocacy) that lives in me.

This POA was on another wavelength of delievery in the days of the conference and to God be the glory for all the aftermath accolades and invitations to come to participating states to ignite this unique, vibratory and arresting power of pure advocacy.

You see my dearly beloved people, readers of Vital Obiter, I live to Communicate for Development…I C4A(Communicate for Change)…

For this cause I was born to generate and ignite Public Will, until such becomes an unquenchable conflagration of massive influence, casting down negative and backward imaginations and every act and omissions of the sons and daughters of men, which exalt themselves above the common good of the majority of the people of the universe, particularly of African descent.

I am also called to raise the dead.

‘Raise the dead? I thought you are a Roving Public Lawyer, are you now a miracle worker?’

‘Yes I am. Bigger than a miracle worker is here with you…I raise the living dead; those whose conscience are deadened to hear the cry of fellow humans and whose social consciousness has descended into the bottomless abyss of acute domancy or chaotic inactivity; those whose SoH(Sense of Humanity) are terribly disabled by their SoS(Sense of Selfishness); those who you erroneously deem to be irredeemably lost to their PoC(Pleasure of Comfort)…’

‘I heal the blind and the shortsighted…Those whose sight is blocked by their nose. The man or woman is blind, who for himself or herself alone lives…’

‘I am an architect of hope…By the instalmentality of my SEA(Social Empowerment Advocacy™), I serve hope hot and fresh to the hopeless…’

‘Hmmmm…Oga The Law, Oyinbo po! English too plenty…This one that you are blowing grammar and your trumpet like this, hope we are safe o…’

‘You are safe jare.’ I don’t know about blowing my trumpet o…I have neither trumpet nor the skill to blow one…If I blow anything, I blow myself through my words…’

‘As for grammar, don’t mind me, I have just been looking for the best way to tell you why I returned from Abuja with pain and not pleasure…’

‘And can you imagine? The alloted space for my diary this week is almost full…This also is now another source of pain…Kai!’

‘I wonder o. I thought you would set out your PoP(Particulars of Pain) straight away…’

‘You told us from the beginning that is what you want to discuss…’

‘You should have just gone straight to the point Oga Public Lawyer and save us all these for-this-reason-I-was-born and the ovation that attended you advocacy paparazzi…’

‘Lawyers, they say do it briefly, no be so?’

‘Well, I get your point but that does not make you a judge over me ke…’

‘I invited you here to read and not as a judge…’

‘When it comes to Vital Obiter, what you get it what you get…The name of the diary already put you on notice to take your victim as you find him/her…’

‘If you look very well, you would have seen CAVEAT EMPTOR by the way I headed the diary, ‘FROM ABUJA WITH PAIN(OBITER)…’ The ‘OBITER’ in the bracket is the notice that I will not go straight to the point…You better be careful how you deal with a lawyer…Kinji?’

‘Which one is ‘CAVEAT EMPTOR…?’

‘I got you…It simply means Buyers Beware…In this case, is RB(Readers Beware…)’

‘In this diary, I think in reverse…Obiter must come before the Vital. So the Vital is my Abuja PAIN and the Obiter is all these things you call paparazzi…’

‘Well, this is how we roll. Gba be! We call it the PPP arrangement…’

‘PPP Arrangement?’

‘It simply means in the Vital Obiter diary, Pleasure Precedes Pain…I must talk of my pleasure before I rant about my pain…Right…Deal with it! Get used to it if you choose to read my diary…

‘So hold that thought and release it to Patience(not the former First Lady o…I mean the virtue of Patience)…When you shall read my diary again, then shall you see my PoP(Particulars of PAIN) and be instructed…’

See you again and hope I successfully annoyed you with my OBITER today, doing unjust violence to your curiosity to read of my Abuja PAIN…If I did, be comforted because after the PAIN of annoyance caused by OBITER comes the PLEASURE of VITAL…LOL!!!

Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

Here is your Dearly Beloved Roving Public Lawyer, Taiwo AKINLAMI

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