“Love brings passionate patience to create a wonderful world of beauty and magnificence.” Debasish MRIDHA.

My dear and precious young ones. Hurray! We have arrived at the Promised Land, called Secured, Friendly and Protective Environment for YOU. I promise you it is a land flowing with milk and honey of protection. In this land you are free from all threats to your Personal Safety because you have in your hands the commandments of Self-Protection.

I rejoice with you. I charge you to enjoy all that this glorious land has to offer because, though it is a good land, it is yet a temporary land. There still two hundred and forty day’s journey to make. We will also make that in two instalments, but it is not until we have milked all the benefits of this present land before we move. So if I were you, I will enjoy this land hard. Yet I will be expectant because I know that one day, not too far from now, we will be going to a better land.

With this in mind, please allow me to conclude this discussion on Valentine, Love and All That. Still taking about love, I will like to say that the relationship that leads to a healthy marriage where sex is expected to be practiced as of right normally starts with acquaintanceship, then friendship. From there to deep affection and then marriage and then sex.

I have come to understand that love is first a devotion and attraction to value. So the more you know a person and his/her value, the more you love them. It is therefore difficult, if not impossible to love someone, whose value you do not know. Please note that you do not know a person except by his/her values and you do not love fully except as a devotion to value.

This analysis shows clearly that love (mutual and intense affection) cannot be the driving force behind indecent sexual involvement among young people before, during and post Valentine’s Day. What many young people mistake for love by the reason of their simplicity and ignorance is youthful lust, blind infatuation, lack of self-control, lack of respect for personal integrity, virtues, societal values and social priorities.

The dire and fatal consequences that attend the premature sexual involvement between two unmarried youths remove it (premature sexual relationship) from the purpose(s) for which sex was created. Thus one is not surprised that consequences like psychological guilt and damage, loss of personal integrity and glory of virginity, unwanted pregnancies and babies, death and permanent damage of female reproductive system as result of abortion, V.V.F. abrupt termination of education, life career and future, indiscriminate spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDS) etc. trail the path of indecent sexual relationship among young people (particularly teenagers). It is an enduring fact of life that pain is always sure evidence of disorder.

The word, love is not negative. It has uncommon attributes. It is definitely not the force behind the immorality we see among young people today. Its misuse is what gives young people the confidence to sell ourselves cheap to the slavery of sexual immorality. The question is, how can good be the reason for evil?

But you see, you are different. You have wisdom and understanding of these things, which are hidden from many of your peers. You know the difference between love and youthful lust and you are free from being a victim of the latter. I rejoice with because before, during and post Valentine’s Day, you will conduct your affairs with dignity, honouring your own body and encouraging others around you to do same.

I think I have said enough. I charge you to have fun but do not lose yourself and the meaning, God deposited in your life in the process. I leave you in love and I will surely miss you. Do have an INSPIRED day.

The THINK Factor

Think about these things and I will want to read from you, keep kicking and don’t do what your conscience will not do. Take time to really reflect and share your thoughts in your S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU Personal Journal.

Culled from S.A.F.E™ 4 YOU 125 Days Daily Tips

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