I was born Tuesday, March 24, 1970. I was not born with any spoon, silver, gold, bronze, aluminium, plastic or paper.

I was born to parents, who sacrificed all they had for us and I mean all.

They were however, grappling with the silent realities of their own broken childhood.

They were typical African parents, whose only claim and qualification for raising children was that they were old enough to marry and start bearing children.

My parents raised me according to the dominant value system of the society.

They couldn’t have deliberately committed to KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and ATTITUDE as inevitable tools of RAISING and bringing the best out of the precious child in the best interest of the child. They just couldn’t give what they did not have.

If the African society is yet to fully come to terms with the reality of the PERSONHOOD OF THE PRECIOUS CHILD today, you can imagine how it was 50 years ago.

So I was a victim of the conspiracy between custom (my parents’ struggle with what parenting was all about) and culture.

The impact of that conspiracy was that instead of being RAISED, I was ERASED. 

I arrived at adulthood (18) naked and empty, bereft of the pillars of maturity, which is POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM. I had advanced in physical age, which I love to refer to as chronological arrangement of numbers but as to my mental age, I was a miserable dwarf.

The society had high expectations from me, which they did not train me for. Yet they were not aware that they did not prepare me neither were sober nor patient with me.

I was a dysfunctional adult, a miserable  product of dysfunctional childhood, installed by neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuses; a big bundle of contradictions, conflicted and trying hard with no success to officiate in my ministry of disrupted internal affairs.

As far as the reckoning of my upbringing was concerned, my fate was sealed; I would not amount to too much.  Death, prison or mental home was the sure and fair dividend of my truncated childhood and was speedily headed in the direction.

On Sunday February 16, 1997, there was a divine and definite disruption: I surrendered the scattered pieces of my life to God through Jesus Christ. I could not have given my life to Him. I had no life to give but brokenness and shame.

23 years down the line: I testify that he has not only given me his life, he has made something exceptionally beautiful of my existence. He is my meaning and all that I have.

To Him I am unreservedly grateful. I have experienced His goodness and mercy beyond all I can ever imagine and ask.

I am glad and grateful that he has committed into my hand a ministry to bring to the very front burner of the conscience and consciousness of private and public institutions, the rights and the responsibilities of the African child for due respect in the best interest of the child.

As I mark my 50th birthday today, permit me to declare that while I am grateful to God unreservedly, I AM NOT IMPRESSED with the way our African society handles her precious children.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that many of our precious children are out of school, exposed to diseases and plagues, homeless, lack access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that Africa sheds the blood of her future on the abominable altar of greed and selfishness.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that there no plan for SOCIAL PROTECTION for our precious children and their families.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that we count our blessings by our personal prosperity, the food we eat, the cloth we wear, the house we live in, the car we drive, the places we travel to, the spouse we marry, the children we give birth to, the school we send our children to, the medical attention we get, the people we know, the returns we get on investment, the wealth we wield the peace we enjoy.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that most of us are not aware that while our charity is designed by God to begin from home, we are too blessed and loaded to live for ourselves and immediate families alone. In fact I see it as a waste of divine resources

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that Africa claims to be well when her precious children are not well.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that Africa is not aware that she cannot continue to throw lavish parties for birthdays, weddings, chieftaincy, burial and the likes when our precious children are held captive in the throes of hunger and die in droves from preventable childhood diseases.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that wealth is not defined by unfettered disbursement to meet the pressing needs of humanity (social wealth) in the spirit of stewardship but by voracious acquisition.

I AM NOT IMPRESSED that what gets attention and accolades of our world today is TOKENISM, a claim to give to a cause or person something that costs us nothing but we present it as giving our all.

HERE IS MY THINKING AT 50 as a person of faith. Christ did not die for me that I may gain the whole world. He died for me that through me He may gain the whole world.

As Jesus was a seed, so I am. He is the first seed, who by his death admitted me into the ‘SEEDHOOD’ agenda of God the Father.

I agree with Him that ‘еxcept a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.’ I share His sobering admonition that ‘he who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.’

Today, I publicly denounce any EXISTENTIAL pursuit and SERVICE DELIVERY Approach to faith in God, as I have done in the privacy of my heart and knees few years ago now.

He is an example of the life he called me to. Like he laid his life down, I am to lay mine down in that order, in the service to His Kingdom and His dearly beloved humanity, serving the precious children of Africa, preaching the Glorious Gospel According to Securing A FRIENDLY and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for the precious African child with this inscription, ‘Enlightment is Superior to Enforcement™ and on the fulcrum of SOCIAL PROTECTION.

N.B: MISSION 50-50
I wrap up this piece today, inviting you to be part of our MISSION 50-50.

One significant event today in celebrating my 50th birthday is the launch the MISSION 50-50, which goal is to give 50,000 copies of our S.A.F.E™VILLE Family Comics to 50,000  precious children and establish our League of Greatness Africa™(S.A.F.E™VILLE Children’s Parliament) in underserved communities in Africa in the next 365 days.

Therefore, the best birthday gift you can give me today is to share this burden with me and support and give towards the MISSION 50-50.

Kindly contact me or members of my team if you will join us to be part of this laudable mission.

Thank you and do have an INSPIRED day.


(C) 2020 Taiwo AKINLAMI

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