Yesterday was my day. Yes it was my day. It was the day dedicated to the matters affecting the core of the distinguished members of my constituency, the precious Nigerian Child. It was our national Children’s Day.

I was both in the trenches WITH and FOR these precious souls.

My day began at 8.00AM speaking for the precious Nigerian Child on TVC NEWS, addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on them. UNICEF has said and I agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has become a Child’s Rights crisis, stating that 6,000 children may be lost daily in the next 6 months of preventable causes, the pandemic having weakened and disrupted medical services My intervention was purely advocacy in nature. You can view same here

I proceed to the City of ZOOM to meet WITH over 200 precious children, distinguished teachers and parents of Emerald High School at 9.00AM. l left at 10.15AM, having shown to youngsters how to SHOW UP… STAND OUT and SHOW OFF in life. It was a conversation that was MEANINGFUL, HEALTHY, HELPFUL, EMPATHETIC and INSPIRATIONAL. I guess that is why the precious children would not want me to leave. Please grab on AMAZON and OKADA books the 5th Edition of our S.A.F.E®VILLE Family Comics, where the story was around the discussion I had yesterday with the precious youngsters. It was an empowerment intervention.

At 11.00AM, I was physically on the premises of Radio Lagos to advocate for the rights of the Nigerian children in the Yoruba language. It was great. It was an intervention aimed at empowerment and advocacy.

At 12.00, I was back to the City of ZOOM to disseminate to the exclusive pleasure of members of APEN, our program, which now has an E-MANUAL, E-S.A.F.E®-20. Same was well received and you can download your copy here
It was an intervention focused on empowerment.

At 1.20PM I was on Traffic Radio to advocate for the rights of the Nigerian child in pigin English. It was more of advocacy, sliced with a touch of empowerment.

At 4.00PM I was to advocate for the rights of the precious Nigerian child on Channels TV, but the network of Nigeria successfully but irresponsibily thwarted us to the shame of the operators, whose services are mostly suffering from epilepsy these days.

From 4.00PM-5.30PM we had our Children’s Day Hangout(Day 1) with the precious children resolving, ‘Every Part is Private.’ We had the hangout in the City of ZOOM and live on our Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy Facebook Group. We hosted close to 300 precious souls. We also shared with them our Every Part is Private to Me’ song, magnimously mixed for us by the one and only ID Cabasa. Wow! The children love the song and it would soon be available. Day 2 holds today and you can register your children from age 13 for today’s session here
Our focus was empowerment.

At 7.00PM I was discussing Children’s Affairs at the #IMNIGERIANCONFERENCE. Then the spirit aluta came upon and my social consciousness side was fully activated. I spoke and I sang. I concluded that it is impossible to change the state of the Nigerian children until we change the state of the nation. I was the most powerful of my advocacy for the day.

That was my day. It was my day and I shall be my day till my day here comes to an end.

Do have an INSPIRED day as I invite to Think the CHILD…Think TODAY… Think the FUTURE® because Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement®.

The Preacher

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