Research has shown that one of the most misunderstood concepts or practice when it comes to raising children is discipline.

Yet, discipline is not only critical but inevitable in providing effective parenting for our precious children from time immemorial.

Parenting is not a gift of nature, it requires knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do) and attitude (the fortitude to do); discipline, which has been identified as a major component of parenting also require the foregoing.

In this webinar we will do contemporary justice to the following questions:
-What exactly is discipline?
-What are the aims/goals of discipline?
-How do you discipline?
-When do you discipline?
-Discipline: which comes first, example or instruction?
-Which is superior: purpose of discipline or method of discipline?
-Which is superior: the culture of discipline or the act of discipline?
-Is there a link between discipline and abuse, noting that an abused child and a spoilt child share common destiny of dysfunctional adulthood?

This is a big and priceless conversation, we implore you not to miss by all means necessary.

To participate, kindly register here: https://bit.ly/powerdiscipline

We look forward to having an interesting time with you.

Thank you.

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