Many years ago Mr. Olakunle SORIYAN began to say that Africa does not need as much successful people as it needs great people.

Successful people in this regard means those who built their lives and strategies to seek personal success, building their personal kingdoms for their own benefits and that of their immediate family members.

Great people here refers to those who through their personal engagements and success seek to build an EGALITARIAN SOCIETY. A society, ‘believing in or based on the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities…’

For those who argue that it is individual succeses that will lead to national prosperity, I demand for a pattern and I daresay that by the design of this world, it is only what is built that is built.

If this argument is true, we have seen Africans(Nigerian) pursue individual succeses in the last 60 years, why has it not led to national prosperity for the majority of our people.

Some have argued that Africa is a young continent and it took the United States of America 122 years from her independence in 1776 to become a First World country. Yes, but now that they have paid the price, must we start our journey from the scratch or learn from them? This exactly was what Singapore did. Got her independence in 1965 and ‘evolved from a dying nation to first world status towards the end of the 20th century.’ What took the USA 122 years took Singapore less than 30 years.

The men, who built American, for example, used their inventions, innovations and enterprises as nation building tools, practicing what is today known as ‘creative capitalism,’ according to Bill Gates.

If the greatest innovations, inventions, financial and human resources come from the First World countries, that should mean that social, political and economic climate of a nation has an inevitable roles to play in the dividends they gain on their labour.

Human beings are not designed to reach the peak of giving expression to their God-endowed potentials only by their PERSONAL GENIUS but by the democratised support system, rooted in an egalitarian society.

I stand today to declare as inspired by Olakunle SORIYAN that what we need today are egalitarians, who combine their ideology with strategically positioning and pivoting their body of works for national and global relevance and attention.

That is the mindset and skill set, we honestly impart at the Masterclass holding this weekend. We sharing ideologies and strategies and not motivational jingos or quick fix and exoteric solutions.

It is therefore only for the big minds.

You can still join us by registering here… and benefit from our unbelievable scholarship package today.

See you in this revolutionary class on Saturday and Sunday. Thank you.


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