When it comes to Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® for our precious children through the instrumentality of a SYSTEM, nothing is as it first appears or nothing is as it appears. Therefore, since nothing is as it first appears or appears, there must be keen attention to details. If there must be keen attention to details, it can only be captured by a SYSTEM designed to capture the same.

A system is a coordinated approach to Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment®, which focuses on prevention. How does it focus on prevention? It anticipates the needs and threats to our precious children and makes adequate preparations to meet the needs and mitigate the threats well before they arise, according to standards put in place by regulatory authorities and the regulatory authorities must be set its standard according to globally accepted best practice.

A system, when backed with policy, broken down into processes and activated with periodical training and renewed through a regular review does not only provide adequate protection for our precious children, it also provides for the institution of learning, which embraces it as a defence from negligence when something goes wrong.

Let us examine this seemingly simple case and see how a System of Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment® expects us to prevent it or at least respond effectively.

There was a fire outbreak in one of the classrooms of the classroom of .an institution of learning. The number of children in the classroom was forty and the children were between ages seven and eight.

As the children tried to escape the fire, which began from one of the electrical sockets in the classroom, one of them was trampled upon. He was rushed to the hospital and placed under intensive care.

The parents of the child have called a meeting of the management of the institution of learning in the company of their legal representative and presented the following Securing A Friendly and Protective Environment®(Child Protection System)-focused questions:

I. What is the size of the classroom in which the children were kept?

II. By the size and design of the class, how many children is it supposed to accommodate?

III. By global standards, what is a normal class size in terms of the population of children that should be accommodated at a time?

IV. Is there an Emergency Exit Door and is the same constantly shown to the children?

V. Are there unexpired fire extinguishers within the premises of the school premises?

VI. Are there established Fire Drill Procedures and are the children exposed to the same and if so, how often?

VII. Where in the classroom are electrical sockets placed, within or outside the reach of the students?

VIII. Are the electrical sockets covered and what kind of safety tips are shared with the children on how to treat electrical sockets and other electrical appliances?

IX. When last were the sockets and other electrical appliances within the school and the classroom serviced?

X. Is there an inspection system for the installation or repairs of appliances?

XI. What are the medical supports available for responding to cases of emergency of this nature?

XII. Is there a Safety, Security and Maintenance Policy for the Children’s Department, which derives its legitimacy from the Child Protection System?

The protection of the affected child or the exoneration of the school or otherwise will be dependent on how they fare with these professional questions, which only a system could have prepared them to respond to.

What system do schools have in place to prevent or effectively respond to cases, which may be inevitable? This is a question schools must have themselves today and other observers must ask and demand an answer by way of personal assessment or playing the noble role of the ombudsman as we push the frontiers of this noble campaign, #NOPROTECTIONNOSCHOOL campaign.

Catch here the broadcast of our launch of the campaign here https://youtu.be/d3SR1ydXoac

Do have an INSPIRED week ahead as you join us to share this piece within your areas of influence.

Thank you.

Do have an INSPIRED day.

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