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Members of the Advocate for Children and Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN) have expressed displeasure over the attack on a mother and her three years old daughter in the Ikotun area of Lagos State on March 22, 2023.

The affected person, who is a widow, had gone to the compound to sweep. While heading to the place, she stopped over at school to pick up her three years old daughter and went to sweep as was her duty. The dogs suddenly charged out of their cage and pounced on the mother and child.

The advocates were not just angry over the recklessness and endangerment of lives by the owners of the dogs but were seething over the fact that the owner of the dogs had given mother and child N5000 for almost being mauled to death.


SENSES (Child Safeguarding and Protection Principle):

It is important to note here that the dog owner was in violation of the provision of Section 19(1) of the Animal Law of Lagos State 2022 which provides as follows:

“A person having custody, charge or control of an animal, even if temporarily, shall not allow that animal to attack any person, domestic animal or fowl, or any species of protected wildlife, or else such person shall be held responsible for the attack by the animal and liable to pay damages to the full amount as awarded by the court, to any person injured, for the property destroyed or to the owner of any animal injured.”

Therefore, the dog owner seem to have failed to fulfil his duty as provided under the law which was promulgated to ensure the safety and protection of both people and domestic animals and if charged to court and convicted may be punished in accordance with the law.

STONE (Call to action):

Owning pets comes with a huge responsibility attached to it. We call on all the relevant stakeholders to ensure the full implementation of animal laws across the country and for all pet owners to adhere to the same strictly.

We demand for justice to be done in this matter beginning from the proper police investigation of the case and ensuring that the matter is properly charged to court if the allegation as reported are substantiated. 

The best interest of the child must be the primary aim of all that is done, considering the fact that a child is involved in this matter. 

As a Child-Focused Institution we are available if the mother and her child injured by these dogs require legal guidance to enable them seek redress for the harm inflicted upon them.

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  1. Fab
    This is such a disturbing incident, and it’s unfortunate that the dog owner failed to fulfill the duty to ensure the safety of those that come around their dogs. However, what measures can be put in place to ensure that pet owners strictly adhere to animal laws, and how can the government enforce such laws more effectively?
    A Walsh

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