How to Handle a Bully (2)


Taiwo Akinlami

Hello dear children I am happy to be with you this day. Today, I want to continue the topic I began last week, how to handle a bully. You know, I said it was not good for you to be a bully and I said I will show you how stop being a bully.

Let me quickly show you three reasons why I believe children bully other children. I think the first is when a child is being bullied from home, a child, who sees the parents bully one another or who sees his parents bully his/her siblings.

Since a child is produces after his/her environment, he/she may end up bulling others as a result of his experience from home. The story was told of a child, who was asked for the name of the parents in school. She responded by saying, ‘my dad’s name is ‘stupid’ and my mum’s name is ‘foolish’.’ Who is that brilliant child, who can tell me the reason for the child’s response? Good, you got it. The parents (dad and mum) were in the habit of calling each other abusive names when they disagree in the presence of their children.

The second reason why a child becomes a bully is when the child does not feel secure about himself or herself. What do I mean? If a child is not loved at home by parents and siblings, he/she does not love himself/ herself or believe in himself. He/she in turn does not love others and would not see the reason to settle issues with friends or school mates in peace. He/she does not have confidence in himself/herself to discuss issues with his/her friends or classmates and solve problems in peace. He/she does not believe he will get justice, so he takes the law into his/her hands.

Oh, my space is up. Join me next week as I share with the third reason why children bully other children, my own story of being a bully and how you can stop being a bully. See you next week.

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