Whitney’s Life&Times: My ‘Away-from-the-crowd’ Perspectives

I watched intensely the Service of Songs for Whitney on CNN and it is moving…It is interesting that the world stood still for a prodigious music legend.

From the testimonies of those who related with her first hand, she was an incredibly wonderful woman, with a beautiful and golden heart.

One lesson I take away from the Whitney life and times is that she was a wonderful woman, who made serious mistakes. We must separate her person(her beautiful heart) from her mistakes…Let he/she that has not sin cast the first stone. Still we must judge and analyse her mistakes (as we judge and analyse ours) as lessons for ourselves and our children.

In the midst of all these uncensored accolades, as a Christian, who is opportuned to speak to young people from time to time, I must make the distinction and teach myself and young people accordingly lest we think her life was an example we must copy word for word.

As OJ Simpson’s mentor told him, ‘fame is an accident, money do develop wings, only character will last.’ Have an INSPIRED day

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