By These Three I Daily Live

These 3 I do daily as I rise from my sleep and begin to pursue my destiny:

1. I believe God for the WISDOM to maximize the day and to know what to do when I face a situation.

2. Many times I have found that the WISDOM for what to do is to know who to call. God has humbled me to know and accept the life principle that the solutions to all of my situations WILL not always be in my hand and that the fact that it is not in my hand does not mean, it is out of my reach. In these cases, I have never lacked who to call, who I know care genuinely about matters that concern me. These are men and women, whom my love is shed abroad on their hearts. I call them my Destiny Human Angels (DHA). Though, they are very few, yet they are a mighty army. I consider their presence in my life an unusual blessing from God.

3. I do not cease to always make conscious efforts to let those who I call know how much I treasure the invaluable support, favour and kindness, God has empowered them to show towards me.

This third is called, affirmation or deliberate acknowledgement of God’s goodness demonstrated through the hands of men and women…It strengthens the cords of relationships and keeps the door of favour perpetually open…If affirmation(praise) works with God, It will work with man He created in His image. NOTE this as Very Important key to greatness this New Year.

Have an INSPIRED New Year.

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