Child Immunization: Exposing the Many Myths

Bada and Jeje are my next door neigbours. Today I have spent almost two early hours of my Saturday counseling both of them. It was the wife, who called my attention.

She got to know that I am interested in children matters, one day, when I rescued their ten year old first daughter from being maltreated by her. It was not a day I will forget in a hurry, but time will fail me to get into it now.

The issue was that the father claims to have just accepted a new faith that forbids immunization of children. I sat with them to explain that it is God that gave man the wisdom of medicine and immunization. I explained to them in simple terms that immunization is the administration of vaccines against some child hood killer diseases. That it protects children from some diseases that can cause illness and death.


I explained to them that for their child to be protected, she must take and complete all doses before one year. I convinced them that it is safe and given free. After my meeting with them I went back to my apartment to give them the Immunization Schedule Card we received in one of the UNICEF meetings we had attended on Key Household Practices. The card, which is tabulated under two headings (Diseases and Schedule) reads:

–        Tuberculosis- 1 dose at birth.

–        Diphtheria-   3 doses – 6, 10, 14 weeks

–        Whooping cough- 3 doses 6, 10, 14 weeks

–        Tetanus – 3 doses 6, 10, 14 weeks

–        Poliomyelitis-  4 doses at birth 6,10,14 weeks

–        Measles –  1 dose at 9 months

–        Hepatitis B  -3 doses at birth  6, 14 weeks

–        Yellow fever – 1 dose at 9 months

At the end of the meeting Bada apologized to his wife and agreed to follow her to the health centre on Monday.

I am glad this story end well. I wonder why people in the name of religion send children to early graves. Recently, immunization against Poliomyelitis had to be suspended in Pakistan as some religious bigots killed health officers, who were saddled with the responsibility of administering same. Hmmm…I fear for our world. It seems to me there is a gang-up against our children.

Think the Child! Think Today! Think the Future! Have an INSPIRED Weekend. 2348033620843


  1. During my study on this topic as a curios Journalist and also during those times I have been part of several immunization research, I think the real issue militating the spread of immunization is exactly what you have hinted here. However, the fight still has to go on.

  2. Atrocities are committed in the name of religion. It is important that religious houses start preaching that religion does not oppose science. I thank you for this very important write up.

  3. Reading this has confirmed that we have taken a right step in CPN Ogun. The step is that every first 20 minutes of our monthly meetings will be spent on educating practitioners on simple topics like immunization, birth registration, KHHPs as you have highlighted in some of your writeups and encourage them to pass on the message at the slightest opportunity.

    Thanks for doing this! In case you ever think that people could stop visiting, you will always have one visitor in me!!

    • Thank you madam…Your comments are profoundly encouraging. Elated that the write-ups are making impact. I commend your initiative to educate your members on KHHP. It is critical for the survival of our children. As a matter of fact KHHP are key to the survival of children. Survival is foundational to every other right of the child because only the living can enjoy rights. Thank you for giving your best to the Lord and thank you once again for visiting and commenting… Shalom!

  4. I love this piece on Child Immunization.Truly religoius beliefs consistute a larger percent to this problem.But I must share an experience I once had with a neighbour who declines health officials from immunizing her child.It baffled me so much that I had to ask WHY? She and her huband then narrated the story of how they lost three children on three different occasions to immunization.I was actually astound ,I tried explaining that it was mere concidence or probably the children had other health problems,but they turn deaf ears to all my counselling.They even went as far as to tell me that since they stopped the children from taking immunisation,there children doesn’t die at babies anymore.It was really a sensitive issue then,and I was probably young and inexperienced so I really had to becareful because this involves lives. Pls what do we call these kind of Belief?Pschological or what?

  5. Thank you madam for visiting. I do not take your visit for granted. Now, concerning your question. I believe that a lot of times it is difficult for people to rise above their experiences, particularly when they do not have the right information to interpret their experiences. So I understand the situation you were in perfectly. I would be difficult to convince the parents involved. Permit me to state here categorically that immunization is forever in the best and survival interest of the child. It must however be stated that proper prescription must be followed as outlined in my piece. Another problem with the Third World is that we do not take time to investigate the cause of death before we reach conclusions. I believe that our people need a lot of education…This we must do with all dedication in the best interest of the child in our areas of influence: workplaces, social circles , religious groups and all. Do have an INSPIRED week. Thank you.

  6. Bbro dis great job ure doing 2educate nd help our society on child issue may god continue 2 help u 2 do more .AM udoji

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