How shall we, Created and Blessed to Live, Die Acting?

How shall we, created and blessed to live, die acting?

Acting is cheap, no matter how much efforts it demands (and it does really demands much efforts) and how much it earns.


Living is the real deal, even when it comes with a price, it pays much higher.

Unfortunately out of the 7 billion people on the face of the earth, only 3 percent live; 97 die acting.

Living brings personal fulfillment & an enviable example of lasting legacy.

Acting brings misery as it is an injustice to the infinite capacity placed inside of you by the ONE in whose image and likeness you were made.

It is time to be real!

It is time to be free!

It is time to live!

Living, I conclude is an ever-present Possibility under God and the grace of His dear Son.

Have an INSPIRED Day.

Taiwo Akinlami Sober on his knees on the Lord’s Day. 2348033620843

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