Child Protection CREED 23: The Child must be taught to know the difference between MISTAKE and FOOLISHNESS and how to RELATE to both.

Mistake is a proof of the child’s HUMANITY. Mistake here refers to error of judgement. It must be met with encouragement and not embarrassment or harassment. When a child’s mistake is met with embarrassment or harassment, the child is robbed of his humanity. Once a child is robbed of his humanity, he is dehumanised and except by divine intervention, he may never get his humanity back. 

Custodians must understand when a child has made a mistake and when he is displaying foolishness. The ability of custodians to differentiate between both and help the child to do same makes a lot of positive difference in the life of the child.

We must help the child to understand that foolishness is a SCOURGE to the child’s DESTINY. It must be flushed out. To be foolish is to show lack of sense, lacking forethought or caution. It is to be weak-minded and simple. As I have stated before, these are not attributes of childhood. The child must be helped to gain mastery over foolishness through the instrumentality of discipline.

According to Dr. James Dobson, when a child is deliberately disobedient and rebellious, its results in an important contest the parents cannot afford to lose in the best interest of the child. Mistake is when a child is involved in an accident like spilling water or milk or dropping something on the floor or breaking the plates or related matters. No child should be subjected to any disciplinary measures for the foregoing.

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