To My Child: 12 Commandments for Your Difference in 2014(2)

My dear child, I am glad to be with you again today. The look on your face convinces me you are eager for our discussion. You must have enjoyed the last one we had. Thank you for not just listening. I appreciate you that you hear me.

I will not take much of your time, as you told me you have some school assignments to attend to. I will kick off with the commandments you must trust God to follow if you must make a difference this year and beyond:

  1. Put God first in all things: you are created to give God glory my dear child. You must not live below the mark. Joel Osteen, who we both watch on Trinity Broadcasting Network says, ‘give God first place in your life and He will take you places.’ I have practiced this principle in my life and I have found it to be true and worthy of recommendation to others, especially you my dear child.To put God first is to live for Him; it is to honour Him in all your ways; it is to commit your life and ways into His able hands; it is to seek to know Him through His word; it is to be His representative to everyone you meet. You know how much we value prayers as your parents and we show you the example through our morning devotion and family prayer together before we go to bed in the night. You remember when you were struggling with a particular subject and it appeared your teacher and lesson teacher could not help. I also tried my best to explain it to you. You remember, how you prayed to God in your own words and few days after you rushed to me to say that it was as if someone opened your understanding and I told you it was not someone but it was God. You remember that you became the best student in that same subject at the end of the session. I charge you today my child that if sinners entice you, do not consent. Do not be pressured my child, be the pressure point. Be a reference point of the glory of God at home and in school. Please remember the child of whom you are…You are a child of God. I do not say to you to make me proud…I always say to you, do all to make God proud because if God is proud of you, you can be rest assured that I am already proud.
  1. Live wise: the Holy Writ says, ‘even a child is distinguished, when his conduct is pure and right.’ As I have always told you that being young is not equal to being irresponsible, being young is not equal to being weak and being young does not equal to being stupid. You must embrace wisdom. The Holy Writ says, you are more knowledgeable than your teachers. Do you know why? You are drinking from a higher source. You are from above and so is your source and he that is from above is above all. Do you know what my child, you are not only from above, you are far above. These things are not supposed to puff you up or make you become prideful, my child. This knowledge is to help you place a consistent demand on who you are inside of you. As I have always told you that knowledge puff up but only love edifies. I charge you my dear child, to your wisdom please add love. I will shed light on the love aspect later. I must quickly tell you my child that foolishness is not an option for you. It comes with great cost. It is a cost you cannot afford. It is very huge. It makes you go bankrupt and in most cases recovery is very slow. I can tell you this firsthand because I was once foolish. I do not need you to repeat my mistakes before you can learn my lessons. I am here you to learn from my mistakes and learn, you should. I am glad, I was rescued from my foolishness but I am still dealing with its numerous and countless consequences. It was by God mercies that I was not consumed. Many of my friends, who we practiced foolishness together are nowhere to be found today. It means it is not everyone, who finds himself/herself in the hand of foolishness end up receiving his freedom. I say all this to you to convince you that you must embrace wisdom. Do not have a taste or even a pinch of foolishness. I will like to conclude this point by telling you that there are only two universal languages in the world. Do you know what they are? Simple, they are wisdom and foolishness. My dear child, please note this, when you speak the language of wisdom anywhere in the world, you attract honour and favour but when you speak the language of foolishness anywhere in the world, you attract disgrace and rods. As we journey on in this discussion, I will show you the character of wisdom. You remember the Holy Writ says wisdom is known by its children.

I think I should sign out here. I believe I have said enough for the day. Tomorrow is another day by the grace of God. Please do your home work well. Do have an INSPIRED day.

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