Two weeks ago the Kano State Government  directed the immediate closure of Hassan Gwarzo Boarding Secondary School, a private school, over allegations of sexual abuse on the male students. Apart from the fact that It was alleged that some boys were sexually abused by some unknown men, the case of sodomy was reported at the boys’ hostel in Sallari Quaters, Kano.

The state government thereafter set up a 14-man committee to immediately investigate the situation and report back to the government for appropriate actions.

This sad story brings to the fore again the issue of protection of our precious children, particularly within the school environment. This story is an index to many other cases of bizarre abuses within and outside the school system, which come to our table in seemingly  ceaseless torrents as Child Protection experts. I daresay that never in the history of mankind are our precious children subjected to the kind of siege of abuse they are subjected to today, particularly in places, which are supposed to the havens of succour and protection for them.

Yet to many of our primary and secondary caregivers, it is business as usual. Needless to say that the response of the Kano State government, though may be considered commendable is the typical and predictable  responses of the persons and individuals saddled with the all-important responsibility of protecting our precious children from abuse. We seem to have embraced, as permanent and sole solution, the culture of response over the better culture of prevention.

Again permit me to submit for the umpteenth time that any child protection mechanism, which is built on response through the fire-brigade and sporadic machinery of enforcement like we see in Kano State is NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE INTEREST.

Prevention through establishing the CULTURE of Child Protection through the instrumentalities of Intelligence, Strategy/System, Implementation and enlightenment is the globally compliant and BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD-focused approach to Child Protection. It is our expert opinion and professional optimism that abuses of all kinds are PREVENTABLE as outlined above.

The truth is that abuse of any kind does PERMANENT and VIOLENT damage to the the spirit, soul and body of the child, except there is divine intervention. Therefore it is better for children not to be abused than for us to begin to run the costly race of response after the child has been abused. Thus I agree with Fredrick Douglas that it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults. It is also important to note that it is more costly to respond to abuse than to prevent same. UNICEF submits that it is 4(four) times costlier to respond to any form of child abuse than to prevent same.

Today’ caregivers either persons or institutions are inexcusable in this matter. Does your family, workplace, religious places of worship, community and schools have Child Protection Policies, which creates a PROTECTIVE ENVIRONMENT for our precious children.

It constitutes nothing but contributing out destructive quota to the irreparable damage of the present and the future of our precious children to read this piece and still remain passive and unconcerned and stand aloof concerning this critical matter concerning the collective destiny of our precious children.

This is again a clarion call from a burdened soul to our collective conscience to again stand up for the BEST INTEREST OF OUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN. Make it your top priority this new week to develop Child Protection Policies for your FAMILY, WORKPLACE, COMMUNITY, RELIGIOUS PLACES OF WORSHIP and YOUR SCHOOLS. Our organisation, Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy is available to provide IDEOLOGICAL and TECHNICAL support if you contact us by either sending us a mail @ or send a text to 08033620843.
Do have an INSPIRED week.
I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I remain Sober on My Knees on this LORD’S Day.

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