Dateline was Wednesday, November 25, 2015. I think it was a strategic day…

First it was our wedding anniversary…

Second, it was the day that my whole life flashed before me as if the end had come for me…It was as if my chest jammed and was  commanding my whole system to pack up without delay or issuing any reasonable ultimatum…

In a twinkle of an eye, I was losing grip and control of all my sensibilities and my space…I couldn’t just help the dictate of my body and the system thereof…Everything seems to be shutting down in very quick succession…

At that point I saw the futility of life and human pursuits…Alas nothing mattered, to-do, weekly report, queries, progressive discipline, deadlines, speaking engagements preparation for same, promises, obligations, successes, failures and matters, irrationality of regulatory bodies like the Corporate Affairs Commission, whose  nuisance of its operations impugn on your integrity and professional standing as a Solicitor, the state of the nation, the Third World mentality and the African tragedy of wasting its best minds, and many more of my many concerns…it dawned on me like never before that breath is an anchor to all human pursuits and my life is like a vapour, which appears for a while.

Suddenly, there was pandemonium…Chaos was abundant in the air…I saw the wife of my youth of nine years, my darling Oluwafunmilayo (my friend and my sister and the mother of our children, who have chosen to pitch their tents in my loins in the last nine years of our marriage, until the time appointed by the father), running upstairs…
She was earlier getting ready for a time at the spa and wedding anniversary dinner…

She returned with a small bottle and began to fill my mouth with many tablets, which I later understood to be baby aspirin, when the battle for my life was over and won…’Love, what is the matter,’ she yelled helplessly…Tears rolled down my wide-opened eyes as I couldn’t muster the strength to say a word…This expressive and boisterous fellow that I am, was for once in a long time without available energy and spirit for expression…

‘Call his brother,’ Oluwafunmilayo instructed one of my staff. Pronto my twin brother was on the phone. ‘Please brother Kenny come quickly, your brother is not talking anymore,’ she cried out.

I was carried into the car by two of my staff, Damilola and Damilola.Our Graphics Artist, Williams, who I gave an instruction just before the drama began, watched me in deep shock as I was being moved into the car. My wife was behind the steering…I mustered all of my strength to say just two things, ‘Grace Springs Hospital,’ This is the hospital established by The Fountain of Life Church, where I have worshipped in the last 18 years, since I came to Christ…Grace Springs Hospital is more than a hospital to me…It was a place of contact and connect with the anointing and grace upon my father in the Lord, Pastor Taiwo ODUKOYA.

As we drove as our Magodo GRA(Phase II), I muttered the second word, ‘Call PK.’ PK is Pastor Olakunle SORIYAN. He is a mentor and covenant brother. He is a pastor in the Fountain of Life Church. In fact he took me by his hand to the church and helped me to find my feet in Christ…We have being through a lot together, fought and won many battles together…I felt his voice will reach my spirit quickest in this strategic day of adversity…’Friends are born for adversity,’ says the Holy Writ.

I believe that in the battle for life, chances author irreparable loss…’Two cannot work together except they agree.’ Pronto, PK was on the phone and he began to call me back to life…I heard him…He spoke of my glorious destiny…He spoke of unfinished assignments…Wow…He was not just praying… He spoke with the voice with which my inner man was trained to respond to the instructions of heaven in undiluted obedience…By the time we was making the third or fourth declaration, grace was supplied in torrential flow, hallelujah, I heard him clearly, normalcy returned to by spirit, soul and body, I shouted, ‘amen’ from the depth of my soul and I became very calm.

My brother has taken over the car from my Oluwafunmilayo, having joined us at Magodo Gate…We arrived at the hospital and I was attended to immediately…I was placed on temporary medication and series of tests were recommended…ECG and all, five tests in all. The doctor on duty, a doctor in deed, observed me for another thirty minutes and released me to go home…The doctor said the results of the test will determine if I will be referred to a cardiologist the next day…First thing in the morning, Thursday, November 26, 2015, we went to run the tests…In the evening, my wife and I were face to face with the doctor for interpretations…Everything was fine, says the doctor…What happened to me could have been the contraction of the muscles in my esophagus…I wish what I felt that day was as simple as the doctor finally explained it…

My cholesterol level was said to be high…I was advised on diet and exercises, I have abstained from in the name of being busy with work…My work schedule received some knocks and advise was given for a realignment of my work life with the reality of the mechanism of the human body and the necessary attention it deserves.

Case closed…I returned home…And my phone, on which I write this piece which my wife confiscated from me since Wednesday was released to me on Friday, November 27, 2015.

But I am not done yet…I have picked some fundamental lessons from this humbling experience, particularly on my work and lifestyle, which I must share with you next week…

I don’t want to keep you longer than I have kept you today…And remember, I am writing from my knees on this LORD’S Day and they are beginning to ache…My wife also have been wondering what I am beginning to do on the phone again…I guess I should wrap up now for peace’s sake.

I am Taiwo AKINLAMI and I am Sober on My Knees on this LORD’S Day, saying, My LIFE is like a VAPOUR

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