Child Labour in Africa: It is a Matter of CULTURE


Dateline: Friday, January 22, 2016, Platform: Africa Today on TVC, Focus of Discussion (FOD): Child Labour in Africa. Duration: 30 minutes, The Mood of The Preacher (MOP): Upbeat but yet very sober: State of Affairs of Child Labour in Africa as shared by The Preacher (TP): 40% of all children (5-14) (48 million) labour FOR SURVIVAL; agriculture is the largest employer of Child Labour; Africa has the WORLD’S HIGHEST INCIDENCE RATES OF CHILD LABOUR. Roll Call: Congo: 80,000 precious Children are involved in mining Copper & Cobalt; Ghana: 2.7 million precious children are involved in agriculture; Kenya: 300,000 precious Children are involved in agriculture; Madagascar: 1.2 Million precious children are involved small scale mining; Morocco: 15,000 precious children are involved in agriculture and domestic servants; Nigeria: 15million precious children are involved in agriculture and domestic servants; Rwanda: 400,000 precious children are involved as domestic workers; Tanzania: 3.1million precious children are involved in domestic servants, sometimes by force; Zambia: 595,000 precious children are involved in agriculture and mining. Age Range: 5-14;

What is child labour? Engagement of our precious children in any kind of work, which rob them of their CHILDHOOD (curiosity, peace, joy, innocence, freedom, and fearlessness). Child labour impairs the child’s mental and physical development. Who are the children involved: Precious children of the hewer of woods and drawers of water in the society; the precious children of the neglected masses of our people (the hoi polloi), denied of their existence by the greed of those in the corridors of power, who swore to defend same. Reason for Child Labour: Survival; Underlining Cause: Abject or crass poverty; Immediate Solution, now recognised by ILO: Social Protection: What is Social Protection? Social protection can be understood as a set of public actions which address not only income poverty and economic shocks, but also social vulnerability, thus taking into account the inter-relationship between exclusion and poverty.

Cause of Poverty: Failure of the state to live up to its part of its social contract, which says, the WELFARE and the SECURITY of the people shall be the primary aim of government; Reason for the Failure of the State: Africa has no respect for dignity of human persons and therefore has no respect for the dignity of her precious children; noting that when a continent has no respect for dignity of human person, her precious children are the most hit as  they depend on the primary and secondary caregivers for protection. The Final and Real Diagnosis: Africa does not have a CULTURE of Child Protection; CULTURE here refers to our VALUE System as a people. The African CULTURE is not necessarily anti-children but it is not DELIBERATELY pro-children. Our Solution: Cultural Orientation or Reorientation. Possibility of the Success of our Solution: VERY HIGH…’There are no hopeless situations, but only hopeless people,’ says Claire Boothe. Our Role: The first role is to understand the issue by gaining fresh perspective on the issue. Gaining new perspective will help us to IDENTITY, UNDERSTAND and LEARN HOW TO PLAY OUR ROLES in the renewed and noble cause to give our precious children a hope and a future by PROTECTION and PRESERVING their CHILDHOOD.

Final WORD: you may want to join us on Saturday, February 30, 2016 in Lagos as we help you to gain new perspective on our CULTURE as it affects matter of PROTECTION and PRESERVATION of CHILDHOOD in Africa. #Countdown: It is 20 days to the hour…You may sent an email, titled; ‘Registration’ to or send me a text om 08033620843.
Do have an INSPIRED week.
I Taiwo AKINLAMI and I am Sober on my knees on this LORD’S Day, pleading the noble cause of our precious children.

Do have an INSPIRED day.
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