Dateline was Saturday, January 30, 2016 at our LEAD Haven, Magodo GRA, Lagos, Nigeria. The event was the Taiwo AKINLAMI Academy Appreciation Seminar. It was our noble but humble attempt to reward our believers and clients, who gave us unfettered access to their lives, private and public institutions in 2015.

It is our character to cherish our believers and clients…They have provided the priceless platforms for us to give unfettered expression to the divine commission of Legal Enlightenment and Social Development(LEAD) with its divinely-INSPIRED central theme: ‘Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement.’

When we picked the gauntlet 19 years ago and began to make entry into public schools and 16 years ago when God opened the doors of the private schools to us through Atlantic Hall, Lagos, it was as if we had embarked on a huge joke both as social enterprise and public interest legal practitioners…

Looking back today, what seemed like a ludicrous joke has become a huge reference point of profound and priceless succor to many individuals, families, private and public institutions, both within and outside Nigeria, who have gladly benefited from our social solutions and interventions in their thousands.  Our message has been received with enthusiasm in over 120 countries of the world; close to 300 hundred primary and secondary caregivers are registered in our Child Protection Culture Academy; today we have 32 highly informative and interactive audio and video programs and numerous e-books and still very much counting. About to burst forth are still great works; international organizations like UNICEF, British Council, SOS Children Villages,  USAID, Child Frontiers and leading groups within and outside the school systems have found our contents not only useful but also COMMENDABLE, COMPELLING  PRACTICAL and ORIGINAL.

To the glory of God and the unalloyed support of our believers and clients, we are becoming an emerging force to reckon with in our field, setting the standards for others to follow both in Nigeria and Africa. God has not only blessed us with CONTENTS that are ORIGINAL straight from His throne of GRACE, He has also loaded us with unique CONCEPTS.

The foregoing, which we still refer to as our very humble beginnings, would have been utterly impossible without the support of our believers and clients, who have shown tremendously encouraging interest in investing sacrificially in our home-grown and original social solutions and interventions in the last 19 years. Many of our believers and clients, by the blessings of God have become the unashamed ambassadors of our message of Legal Enlightenment and Social Development.

We understand, that the best of ideas or solutions will become the sure source of acute frustration and misery to the owners, if there are no channels of fruitful expression. Therefore we celebrate in most profound manner our believers and clients both within and outside Nigeria.

We chose to give our believers and clients our latest findings in our field in the New Year because it is the best in our hands as a Social and Public Interest Knowledge Service Provider. We tried as much as possible to invite all of the believers and clients we worked with in 2015. We want to specially thank those received our gift and blessed us with their priceless presence, namely: SOS Children Villages, LEARN, NINO Foundation, Irede Foundation, RCCG, Promised Land Parish, Child Protection Network, Alimosho, Association of Private Educators of Nigeria(APEN), Oxbridge Tutorial College(OTC), Chrisland Schools, Saint Bernadette Education Services, Vivian Fowler Memorial College, Apata Memorial School, Oko-Oba, Elias International School, TLS, Adorable Treasures Crèche, Treasure House School, Master’s Mark, Taqwa Private Schools, Winsmart Schools and Will & Grace International Schools.

Some of our believers and clients were unavoidably absent and we still celebrate them in no lesser way.

To all our believers and clients, permit us to soberly declare today that we profoundly appreciate your priceless support and we will for no reason or intentionally take you for granted. As the popular saying, Without YOU, there can be no US.’ We earnestly look forward to an enduring relationship with you, knowing that with God on our side and believers like you, we are set to lead a successful PUBLIC INTEREST REVOLUTION through LEGAL ENLIGHTENMENT and SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, pushing the many frontiers of our divinely-INSPIRED central message: ENLIGHTENMENT is SUPERIOR to ENFORCEMENT.’
Do have an INSPIRED week.
I Taiwo AKINLAMI and I am Sober on my knees on this LORD’S Day, thanking God and celebrating our believers and clients.
(C) 2016 by Taiwo AKINLAMI..All Rights Reserved
T: 2348033620843, 08056979605 W: B: T: @taiwoakinlami E:

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