#SAFE4MEEncounter  Leading A Counter-Culture in the Best Interest of The Precious African Child (2)


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Sure today has been great this LORD’S DAY.

I am here to try to bring closure to the conversation I began yesterday and if for whatever reason I am not able to, tomorrow is another day.

The mission of our NGO, Securing A Friendly and PROTECTIVE Environment™ for Children is to represent and present to Africa a COUNTER CULTURE in the best interest of the precious African child. We are not critics of the present culture of the way we SEE and TREAT our precious evolving glories, our children. We have however recognised the inherent and almost incurable loopholes in our CULTURE (Dominant Value System) that we have decided to ENVISION, and LEAD a COUNTER CULTURE as a mission of a LIFETIME.

‘A way of life and set of ideas that are completely different from those accepted by most of society, or the group of people,’ So explains the English Dictionary and we verily agree. We have chosen not be an echoe of the present popular but unproductive culture, whose strength is not research and development but unverified claims of those it has raised or erased as the case may be. We are proud to be a voice of a COUNTER CULTURE, committed spirit, souls and body to nothing but the best interest of the precious African and the implications of same on emergence of a new Africa, where our precious children become our number one priority in all things.

The creed of this COUNTER CULTURE is what we have tagged, POSITVE VALUE SYSTEM? What is this POSITVE VALUE SYSTEM? It is simply appealing to our basic sense of what is right or wrong, first according to common sense and second according to obvious moral code of human existence and interactions, with a commitment to always carefully consider all of the consequences of our actions and omission to self, immediate family, community and the world at large before embarking or omitting to embark on same.

Considering the consequences of our actions and omissions is not an exercise in wishful thinking. It demands guadiance and such guadiance demands research and fact finding, considering the complexities of the century we have found ourselves. No CULTURE and it’s practices are worth upholding any more because of its age and popular appeal. Whatever we must uphold must be as a result of its FRUITS and how do you know if a practice is FRUITFUL if it is not consistently and deliberately passed through the process of monitoring and evaluation.

So one of the tools of disseminating this POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM is our #SAFE4MEEncounter under our #SAFE4MEMovement. Between IVY Premier College, Mushin and Queen’s College, Yaba we reached over 600 hundred precious young people and also gave out copies of our new monthly comic, #SAFEVille.

We shared with these precious young people the theme of our 2018 #SAFE4MEConference, SHOW UP, STAND OUT, SHOW OFF… What exactly did we tell these precious young people? What does it mean to SHOW UP for their own PERSONAL SAFETY and SELF-PROTECTION? What does it mean for them to STAND OUT and how do they SHOW OFF?

I think we should leave bringing closure to this conversation till tomorrow God’s willing. Do have an INSPIRED week dear STANDARDS BEARERS.



The Preacher

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