Sat. 180518, I was live at CIS to be one of the speakers at their distinguished Parents Forum.

I listened to a parent, genuinely concerned about the media contents her daughter is exposed.

In responding to her concern, I began to speak about the POWER OF CREATING POSITIVE ALTERNATIVES.

Many years ago while in the university, I began to think about the fact that in Africa, we complain more than we provide solutions. I was tempted to conclude that Africa is a continent of complainers. I then thought that there is no faster expressway to social and financial poverty and irrelevance than to major in complaining. I think it is upon this discovery that I founded the commitment to focus more on solutions than the problems. I decided that I will only focus on a problem for the purpose of diagnosing same and from then on, I focus the rest and all of my energy on finding and executing solutions.

This is the ideology, which today christen the weekPOWER OF CREATING POSITIVE ALTERNATIVES.

It is in this spirit of this ideology that we created the S.A.F.E™VILLE comic. Our aim is to provide for our precious children a VALUE-BASED ALTERNATIVE to the predominantly morally bankrupt entertainment contents to which they are exposed with little or no private and public censorship.

We cannot continue to complain of losing the souls of our precious children to negative entertainment. We must do something. We must try and try very hard, even starting small. According to Jim Rohn, ‘evil is no march for good, but good must be ACTIVE.’

This is therefore an invitation to GREAT SPIRITED YOU: help us MAKE GOOD ACTIVE in the BEST INTEREST of the PRECIOUS AFRICAN CHILD:
1. Subscribe
2. Partner with us to put the comic in hands of the precious children in underserved communities
3. Be part of our S.A.F.E™VILLE BOOK READING TOUR by bringing us to the PRECIOUS AFRICAN CHILDREN under your network.
4. Spread the word about the comic, beginning with sharing this broadcast.

Thank you and have an INSPIRED day.

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