I began to take the stand to sell social and knowledge-nased ideas since late teens and early twenties as a student and later Students Union leader at the Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos. I was a National Mobilization Officer for the National Association of the Nigerian Students (NANS) before I ran for the presidency of the association with my brother Taiwo Adedeji as the General Secretary. I have traversed the length and breadth of this country under self-inflicted inhuman conditions selling and marketing nothing but social ideas and engaging in Social Empowerment Advocacy. The man, who is known as The Preacher today was once know as STAND WELL WELL….

Before becoming a student of Lagos State, I was baptized into the knowledge space by my late uncle, Chief Gani FAWEHINMI, an avid reader and powerful and passionate advocate. For my love for knowledge and activism, I had spent time in 3 detention camps in Lagos at the age of 23.

I have not only interacted with the best of minds within the knowledge space, I have invested heavily in Personal and Social Development and reaped bountifully in cash and kind from my sacrificial investments.

It is almost 30 years for taking the stand to sell ideas through the instrumentality of public speaking. I have also personally and in partnership with others organised many seminars and the likes. One of my most priceless discovery today is that attending/participation in seminars and training (short or long courses), no matter how excellent the brand promises and irrespective of who is running same does not have the power we have all been convinced or made to believe they have.

Whatever change we seek in live, in whatever area and at whatever level is never delivered at any seminar, training and the likes. Seminar and the likes are at best appetizers.

I have found something else which works and produces outstanding results more than all the seminars you can attend in a lifetime and I will be sharing same at the S.A.F.E™ for Children Masterclass slated to hold on 22 and 29, June, 2019 in Lagos and Abuja respectively.

It is not a class you can miss if you work with children and seek meaningful progress. Follow the link here to register
or follow the information on the handbill.

Do have an INSPIRED day

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