She is a woman, whose hitherto her place was said to be in the kitchen but she today assuming the role of the bread winner and lead caregiver of the precious children under care.

She is in the front burner of raising children today both as primary and secondary caregiver to our precious children, yet we seem not to understand and pay attention to her special need for empowerment in all areas of her life.

The man boasts that he is out there working to fend for the family and therefore his wife should be in charge of the home front, yet what happens when what the man brings is not enough and she has to support? She now becomes co-bread winner and yet her responsibilities in the home front does not reduce.

She runs an organisation, working to bring hope to the precious African children and their families and she is achieving outstanding results but her is in turmoil as she deals with Domestic Violence in its mild and rawest forms. Yet the society says she should keep it down to safe her work and image.

She wants to know how to make progress with her integrity intact when hawkish men are on the prowl in her line of duty.

I bring unique perspective as a male, working in a female dominated area of providing care for the precious African child for some years now.

I look forward to seeing you in class exactly 8 day from now at our WOW(Women Working) with Children Program.
This program is FREE but REGISTRATION is Compulsory… Please register here or follow the information on the handbill. See you in class and do have an INSPIRED week.

Thank you and do have an INSPIRED weekend.

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