‘Children are not disabled because they cannot walk, hear or see.They are disabled by the society that EXCLUDES them’ – UNICEF

The 6th edition out of your favourite and widely-read S.A.F.E™VILLE Family comic is our next week and teaches our distinguished families and the precious children they love dearly about differences in abilities and the blessings of diversities…

It is called it #THISABILITY…This hidden and uncommon ABILITY only possessed and visible to the geniuses in men and women of high order of intelligence…

We are grateful to bold and tenacious @tobilobaajayi
for giving us the opportunity to share a part of her INSPIRING story.

She is also our guest on our ‘Keeping It S.A.F.E™’ on S.A.F.E™VILLE TV. It is a powerful piece of world-class interview on how to respond positively to the sensitive issue of ‘disability’ in our precious children in a Third World Nigerian society that seems to be often unprepared and overwhelmed by this reality of human existence.

This edition is packed with value- based lessons of FRIENDSHIP, INCLUSION and of course a whole LOT OF FUN.

HERE IS THE BIGGER NEWS: we do this every month and we earnestly invite you to be part of it as conscious primary and secondary caregivers, pursuing the BEST INTEREST OF THE PRECIOUS CHILDREN under your care.

What to do? Simple: Subscribe to the S.A.F.E™VILLE comic for 6 months or 1 years or get copies for precious children within your network

Take this SIMPLE but SIGNIFICANT step and you will be contributing greatly to deliberately inculcating POSITIVE VALUE SYSTEM in our precious children and expand their worldview in annexing the priceless opportunities and awesome possibilities, which the 21st Century bring in abundance…

Sign up today. Call us at 08188273490 08186830275

Do have an INSPIRED day.


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