4 Locations…One Day…One Message #THESAFEVILLEONEDAYCLUB on the Move

Those who number their days apply their hearts to wisdom.

I think the whole idea that our existence here is timed is God’s infallible way of nudging us that whatever you have to to you must do within the time allotted because night comes when no man can work.

This reality that my life is like a vapour and it appears for a while has become my greatest motivation to make that ‘a while’ count for the benefit of humanity and to the glory of God…

My eyes are set on the legacy of greatness. My gaze is fixed on imparting the present generation of precious youngsters with Positive Value System, which I have come to define as the anchor of their souls in a volatile world.

Our precious youngsters have never witnessed a season of emotional onslaught and mental pressure like this since the world began where so much information is available and yet there is no compass of personal and public censorship.

We invest massively in the intellectual development of our precious youngsters and invest little or nothing in their character formation, we forget the heart is the stability of the head.

Saturday, October 26, our team were in 4 centers, Iyana-Ipaja, Festac, Ojo Barracks and Isolo working with close to 400 hundred youngsters, inculcating the SHOW UP… STAND OUT and SHOW OFF message of #THESAFEVILLEONEDAYCLUB and transforming worldview one young person at a time..

The message of our #THESAFEVILLEONEDAYCLUB is clear: whatever contents (music, message, literature, class lessons etc.) which show our precious youngsters a desired end but fails to reveal to them the process/path sets them up for frustration, despondency and irrelevance in a highly competitive and volatile century.

We are therefore interested in helping our precious youngsters to understand the principle of processes and breaking down the inevitable roles of Positive Value System and the strategies for embracing same in today’s 4th Industrial Revolution for their personal and collective benefits.

Today and next week we are on the move again, working with SOS Children’s Village and other organisations.

At our annual S.A.F.E™ VILLE Conference, holding on November 20, 2019, we are giving out 1,000 copies of our S.A.F.E™ VILLE in pursuit of our commitment to put the comic in the hands of all the precious children in Africa by the year 2025.

It seems a tall order but with God and your partnership, it is a possibility.

We are Just a DM or call away…The precious children in your community and areas of influence really NEED TO BE EXPOSED to these REVOLUTIONARY contents…

The taste of the pudding is in the eating.

Do have an INSPIRED week.

The Preacher

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