This is Vital Obiter, The Diary of a Roving Public Lawyer and today I open a part of my diary where I penned a word of gratitude to a revealer, Naira Marley…

Please pay attention to the word, ‘revealer.’

A revealer is not an inventor or originator. He/she does not have the ingenuity of an inventor nor the grit and discipline of an originator. A revealer is a miserable dwarf when put side by side the sterling, innovative and trailblazing qualities of an inventor.

Even when the originator or inventor is an ‘Evil Genius,’ who specialises in inventing raw evil, he/she is not a match for a revealer…

A revealer does not invent. He/she emerges from the fringe of society to knowingly or unknowingly exert some pressure on the social, economic or political fabric of the society. Once such pressure is exerted, the contents of the character or lack of it of the society is revealed…

Naira Marley is a revealer in this first order. He did not invent any of the habits or lifestyle we attribute to his fans(not necessarily followers or disciples). He did not invent young people’s addiction to substances, discarding the use of underwear, reckless anti-social behaviour, sagging, consumption of soft and hardcore pornographic materials in the name of entertainment among others .

We do not know the power of petrol to consume anything on its path until it comes in contact with fire.

Fire doesn’t manufacture petrol or create the elements of its combustibility. Petrol only responds to fire. If that same fire goes near water, it’s fate will be radically different. Our precious children are the petrol and Naira Marley is the fire.

He did not create the vices attributed to his fans, he only brought the fire to the fermented petrol of moral and social irresponsibility of our young people and boom! there is thunder and lightening.

All he has done is to put another type of labels and flavor on same old same lifestyle that has now become the second nature of our young people today.

Naira Marley is nothing but a revealer, a strong one for that matter, deliberately packaged by his promoters as a business concern to capitalise on the morally bankrupt state of our young people.

It is a business agenda that is not predicated on any moral bearing but on a type of immortality popular with young people today. The business agenda also reveals the unscrupulous disposition of those behind it. For them the end justifies the means. The end is to raise money, the means is to adumbrate lewdness and anti-social behaviour in the name of serving young people entertainment, playing heavily on the endemic weakness of their perverse and perverted contents of character.

The challenge I have seen is that those who have another business agenda, which exists to promote the best interest of our precious children or inculcate Positive Value System are not as bold and daring as those described above. In fact, we seem to be afraid to name evil for what it is!

Even those in the foregoing business of positive influence often strays into the affairs of those in the business of negative influence to sell their so-called model for those who follow them, claiming there are lessons to learn from them.

I really do not know how to teach the ‘success stories’ or ‘business models’ of mobsters or mafia lords to impressionable minds of young people and any member of society, without drawing their curious attention and fascination to value system and lifestyles of such crude people. I don’t know how I can employ Hitler’s strategy as a case study for aspiring young people, who are interested in global politics, claiming there are some good in him to emulate.

It is important to note that the state of our young people today is directly proportional to the failure of the four institutions responsible for parenting children in Nigeria.

Please note that our precious children today are not victims of Naira Marley and his cohorts. They are victims of our examples and training.

This Naira Marley’s strand of a revealer is the type that is strengthened by the irresponsibility of the State, which does not invest in her young people or support their parents but always want to show that they are disciplinarians of bad behaviour, when the abandoned young people are suspected of engaging in crime.

The question really is, who was Naira Marley before his saga with EFCC and the unnecessary sensationalision of same?

When a society misplaces and misjudges her moral and ethical priorities, it produces the likes of Naira Marley, who is also a victim of the society but a glorified one because of his seemingly envious state in life today.

I will wrap up today by revealing other basic characteristics of a revealer.

On Sunday, Vital Obiter will dovetail into Sober on His Knees On the Lord’s Day.

I will discuss the topic, ‘Marlian, A Movement?’ In that discussion, I will close all the windows I have opened and endeavour to introduce to us short-term and long-term solutions, I think we must embrace in order to change the tide for our precious young people.

Revealers are often like reeds, tossed to and fro by every wind of pleasure and easy virtues.

Revealers are like vapour, grandiose in their emergence but effervescent in their operations and existence.

They are often opportunistic and shallow, yet their glory and relevance is in the debased moral value of the society.

There are many other revealers out there today, Naira Marley is just the one getting our attention today. Many are on their way except we do something and do it very fast about the factory of moral decadence that produces and positions social misfits as role models to our precious children.

This is most serious side of my Vital Obiter Diary. It is called, VITAL. I hope next week, I can pass the baton to OBITER.

Do have an INSPIRED weekend.

Here is your Dearly Beloved Roving Public Lawyer, Taiwo AKINLAMI

(C) 2019 Taiwo AKINLAMI

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